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Drawing Value From Big Data


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Ready or not, big data is here and it's influencing each and every one of our lives, especially marketers. We connected with 5 CMOs from the fastest growing companies to uncover how they are seizing the opportunity of big data. Read quotes from Mike Volpe, Grant Johnson, Greg Ott, Peter Mahoney and Julie Norquist Roy to learn how CMOs are tapping into big data to improve their B2B marketing efforts.

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Drawing Value From Big Data

  1. 1. Drawing Value From Big DataQuotes from 5 CMOs of today’s fastest growing companies
  2. 2. We recently partnered with Beagle Research Group to uncover the impact of big data , especially in marketing. Everyone seems to be talking about it these days, so what gives? How can B2B sales and marketing organizations leverage big data to its best advantage? We connected with 5 CMOs from the fastest growing companies to uncover how they are seizing the opportunity. We hope you’ll find some new insight from these quotes whether you are just getting started or a seasoned vet. Enjoy! The Lattice team
  3. 3. Confidential & Proprietary 4 Big data is only valuable if it can tell you something you didn’t already know about your business, your customers or your finances. Before big data can do any of that, business leaders have to determine what they want to know or what problem they want to solve. Denis Pombriant Beagle Research Group @denispombriant
  4. 4. What big data really represents for businesses today is the opportunity to make better decisions faster. A data-driven organization is actually open to what they can know with the data. Greg Ott
  5. 5. Confidential & Proprietary 6 I’ve just completed a yearlong project to bring it all together and it’s yielding new customer insights that will enable us to identify new opportunities and increase customer traction and loyalty. Grant Johnson, Former CMO, Pegasystems @grantejohnson1
  6. 6. Confidential & Proprietary 7 I think of big data as more of an opportunity or maybe something that we try to take a lot of advantage of. One of the benefits that we have as a younger company is that we were able to build a very analytical culture from the ground up and to really think about how we can leverage all the data in our business to make better decisions and to be more profitable and agile. Mike Volpe
  7. 7. Confidential & Proprietary 8
  8. 8. Confidential & Proprietary 9 opportunities
  9. 9. Confidential & Proprietary 10 To read more about how these CMOs are capturing value from big data, read the full report. Get the insights now. Image Credits: Aaron Harmon, Yuya Tamai, Steven Jones, Emran Kissam, Laura Bittner, Leonid Mamchenkov, Andreas Levers