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Safwany Portfolio


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Safwany Portfolio

  1. 1. Lenna Safwany Portfolio of Select Projects: Immersive Events & Digital Strategy Cell: 408.835.4995 178 Bluxome ST. #505 Email: San Francisco, CA 94107
  2. 2. LENNA SAFWANY 1980-PRESENT Hello World! This portfolio is a reflection of me, my passion and work. It is a representation of my pur- pose, values and mission. First and foremost it is my testament to the time, energy, spirit, creativity and grit that I, alongside my outstanding teams, contributed to each and every one of these projects, clients and communities. I hope you glean from these pages an idea of the scale of the projects I previously worked on and the many skills I can bring to the table at MKTG: determining my clients’ true purpose with my unique perspective, building and implementing relevant business strate- gies, and tapping into my creativity to make sure everyone is engaged. I have built solid relationships that I continue to maintain with core players in the ecosystem during the execution of these projects. At my core, I am an advisor - here to help, not sell. I want to work with clients to guide and develop an experiential strategy that represents their brand through and through, builds trust in their community and answers a need the community has long been seeking. I be- lieve in giving our clients the power to galvanize change and alter the core of our culture and world. In order to accomplish this, I work to understand the DNA of communities and create experiences that speak to them while building my clients’ brand. There is nothing more valuable than the gift of knowledge. Industry growth depends on it. I want to surround myself with a team that not only succeeds in the day to day wins, but also pursues business with the altruistic intent to spread knowledge, purpose and mission to clients, their customers and the world as a whole. In the words of Mother Theresa, “Alone, I can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Let’s create waves and change the world. I want to make many ripples with MKTG and our clients! Enjoy, Lenna Safwany
  3. 3. ALCATEL-LUCENT 2010 - 2012 MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS is the most prominent stage for mobile tech and offers unprecedented exposure to mobile developers. We curated a series of on-stage opportunities for our executives, built content for the WAC sub-conference, held an exclusive VIP dinner with airline carrier C-level execs (aptly titled the “Flight Club”) and built a fully-immersive 15 stage walk-through demo zone on the conference floor. Our “help, don’t sell” mentality successful- ly guided the design and execution of a number of in-person initiatives to galvanize the developer community around Al- catel-Lucent’s Open API Program. WINS: • Coverage in nationally recognized news outlets, including ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat • 5-year deal to develop a leading airline’s dev program • 500 developer signups on API platform • Company recognition on the success of demo booth The goal was simple: build and brand the Open API Developer Network and garner 5,000 signups in 3 months so as to qualify ALU as more than a “dumb pipe” in the developer community. Through creation of a series of in-per- son and digital events and guerilla marketing campaigns, we acquired 10,000+ developers in less than 3 months.
  4. 4. ALCATEL-LUCENT 2010 - 2012 WINS: • 200 signups • 160 total submissions • Winners announced at Mobile World Congress 2011 and SXSW Interactive 2011 • Winning apps were pitched to leading telco-companies and their partners • All winners were successfully placed in incubators • Over 50 international media outlets covered the event and winners THE 100 APPS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE was a collaborative effort with Program- mable Web, in which developers were given 3 days and all the resources necessary to build an app, which used an API from ALU’s Open API Platform. The winner of the competition created an app that notifies your meeting-mates of your location when you’re running late.
  5. 5. ALCATEL-LUCENT 2010 - 2012 SXSWi (also known as “Spring Break for Developers”) of- fers corporations of all sizes the opportunity to develop a recognizable brand presence among the tech community and earn the attention and loyalty of thousands of develop- ers. I spearheaded the Alcatel-Lucent ELEVEN API Lounge 3 years in a row. This “ultra-lounge” was considered a haven by SXSW’s rockstar developers. It was a much needed oasis where they could relax, eat, drink, get online and learn with Alcatel-Lucent’s Open API Platform team and partners. We engaged the masses with music, libations, exclusive panels and meetups, and prizes.
  6. 6. ALCATEL-LUCENT 2010 - 2012 KEY EVENTS: • Daily live-action games of Angry Birds and exclusive fire- side chat with Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Angry Birds • App Factor happy hour, where developers pitched their next big idea in song, dance, or raps. • The eBay hangover party and speed hack • RCR Wireless live broadcasting of SXSW and lounge activities • Live idea wall artist mapping news and ideas at SXSW • VIP previews of SXSW Film releases • Flurry launch party and VIP panel • Meetups, including WIP, Women 2.0 Awards Ceremony, TechZulu, Verizon Developer Community
  7. 7. FLURRY 2012 - 2014 How do you get developers to buy something they once got for free? Good question. Flurry, once solely a free app analytics service, was branching into the world of advertising and needed to let developers know there’s more to Flurry than free an- alytics. I was brought on to develop the developer marketing and event strategy behind this move, build a loyal community of thousands of developers and get them to learn about and use our new suite of offerings and services. A series of strategically planned events and partnerships helped to galvanize the developer community. These efforts alone brought over 190,000 developers to the Flurry plat- form. Special events included: • Source by Flurry – a bicoastal developer conference, branded and curated by Flurry • Flurry product launch parties and awards ceremonies • TechHub Meetups - international developer meetups, curated & branded by Flurry • VIP customer dinners and educational forums in Napa, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto and LA
  8. 8. FLURRY 2012 - 2014 THE FLURRY APPSPOT LAUNCH PARTY AND SPOTLIGHT AWARDS CEREMONY drew international me- dia recognition. The awards were created to bring attention to up-and-coming apps and unify the developer community around the powerful Flurry platform. The contest received over 700 submissions. Applicants were evaluated based on innovation, market potential, product polish and business scalability. Winners were announced at the official SXSW AppSpot Launch party and a special VIP event at Mighty, San Francisco.
  9. 9. TECHHUB MEETUPS BY FLURRYTECHHUB MEETUPS BY FLURRY are monthly, free-to-attend developer events that bring together high-caliber developers, founders, entrepreneurs and investors in the technology community. Content is careful- ly curated to address the most recent challenges facing the developer community. TechHub Meetups are held across the world’s top tech centers includ- ing San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Los Ange- les, Seattle, and London. In this forum, developers have the chance to meet the smartest, most inno- vative tech entrepreneurs in the community, build strategic relationships and share ideas in a relaxed setting over free drinks. MEETUPS INCLUDED: • World-class content with fireside chats, presen- tations and panels featuring super-star founders, developers, and investors • Sponsored giveaways and contests • Demo showcases • Job fair and recruiting opportunities • Complimentary refreshments FLURRY 2012 - 2014
  10. 10. THE FLURRY MARKETPLACE LAUNCH was one of sev- eral exclusive VIP networking events during which Flurry un- veiled the first-ever mobile app RTB solution. Held in major cities across the US, including San Francisco, Los Ange- les, Chicago and New York, attendees enjoyed the trendiest lounges with complimentary top-shelf libations and appetiz- ers, live music, high-end gifts from Barney’s New York, a Flurry photo booth, and the opportunity to mingle with indus- try leaders. FLURRY 2012 - 2014
  11. 11. SOURCE BY FLURRY is a thought leadership event and user conference designed to help developers and businesses nav- igate the opportunities and risks in mobile app development. This bi-yearly and bi-coastal conference featured: • Highly interactive sessions led by top journalists • Technical workshops and informative breakout sessions • The latest in event design and immersive spaces • Top-shelf libations and fully catered luncheons from leading local restaurants • Awards ceremonies • Live broadcasting and exclusive interviews with industry leaders with on-site media partners FLURRY 2012 - 2014
  12. 12. SOURCE BY FLURRY WINS: • International media coverage from leading outlets, includ- ing WSJ, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, ReadWriteWeb, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and LA Times • 100+ B2B partnership follow-on deals • 5,000+ new developer signups to the Flurry Platform • 1,000+ submissions to Flurry Hackathon • The ultimate acquisition of Flurry by Yahoo! and confer- ence rebranded to the Yahoo! Developer Conference FLURRY 2012 - 2014
  13. 13. Wearable World (heralded as the world’s first accelerator dedicated to IoT and wearables) not only had the challenge of defining a new company, but a also new market. Through interactive educational events, roadshows, and conferences, we created a name brand and brought together an otherwise fragmented community of tech partners, platforms, and distribu- tion outlets, We ultimately established Wearable World as the go-to resource for Wearable and IoT innovation. WEARABLE WEDNESDAYS are international community events focused on the blending of tech, art and humanity in the Wearable and Internet of Things ecosystem. These com- munity events generated thousands in online signups, in- vestments from leading VC firms, and lucrative partnerships with tech leaders across the industry. Wearable Wednesday is held in 10 countries and 21 cities globally. EVENTS INCLUDED: • Technical and market-oriented sessions • Sponsored demo zone • Sponsored giveaways and contests • Hackathons • Job fair and recruiting opportunities WEARABLE WORLD 2013 - 2014
  14. 14. GLAZED CONFERENCE qualified Wearable World as the leader in wearable technology conferences. GlazedCon draws 2,000+ attendees in San Francisco and 400+ in Lon- don. Conferences include: • Highly interactive educational sessions and onstage inter- views led by top journalists • Technical workshops and informative breakout sessions • The latest in event design and immersive spaces • Demo presentations with revolutionary startups • The Wearable World Challenge - a 24-hour Hackathon • Wearable Alley demo zone • A pre-event hackathon with American Airlines at SFO • VIP after-parties and dinners WEARABLE WORLD 2013 - 2014
  15. 15. Jump Associates, a growth-consulting firm known for its ability to usher corporations through the pains of strategic inno- vation, had challenges acquiring new business and industry qualification in the age of digital. Jump needed a marketing department that understood the needs of clients and could communicate complex Jump’s offerings both in-person and online. In order to qualify Jump as a strategic partner, we restructured our online presence, embraced the power of the person-to-person network, and promoted our deep bench of thought leaders at curated events. In-person engagement proved to be the most effective out- reach initiative. Jump’s culture is hyper focused on learning, passion, play, intention and creativity, and requires hands-on interaction. And so, we launched JumpTalks, an opportuni- ty for clients and Jumpsters to learn in real world situations via roadshow events customized to address the company’s particular challenge in an innovative, hands on learning en- vironment. Many attendees successfully left the room armed with their “ah ha” moment. EVENTS & WORKSHOPS INCLUDED: • Fireside chats with C-Level Jump execs and superstar thinkers, including Tim Leberecht, Malcolm Gladwell, etc. • Visual recording of the presentation (for client keeps) • Exploratory Workshops with focused learning on needs and solutions and how to use needs and solutions more effectively to get beyond incremental innovation to ideas that are bigger and more impactful WINS: • Realized between 5-50 leads, of which appx 75% were qualified • Introduced key relationships with press and conference organizers and opportunities to co-host or build follow-on conferences • Rekindled prospective client relationships and ushered them into the next phase of the BD Funnel JUMP ASSOCIATES 2014 - PRESENT
  16. 16. The redesigned site included a warm executive blue. The content strategy required us to re-engage past clients and ask for a testimonial. We curated the testimonials and included those that made clear the type and quality of work we do, and utilized key phrases to indicate the culture we work within. The goal was to replace 40 pages of numbing services detail with a single auto-scrolling page offering customer testimonials to pique interest ...and our phone number. An enticing invitation, but not “full kimono”. Jump needed a new website to reflect our strategic migration. The initial site allows Jump to manage content and update the site in house with a plethora of data, but it confuses clients and doesn’t help our qualification challenge. A significant step to building brand qualification was to reduce the amount of data on the website and curate the thoughts in a clean, organic, easily understood fashion so as to quickly educate executives who inherently have very little time. The goal is to offer just enough of a peek under the kimono that strategic leaders would be interested to see what more we have in store for them. JUMP ASSOCIATES 2014 - PRESENT WINS: • A 200% increase in traffic to the site within 1 week • Less than 1% bounce rate on syndicated blogs • 6 offers to keynote at international conferences • Multiple meetings set with legacy clients to discuss new opportunities
  17. 17. Trash Fence is an imagination incubator based in San Francisco that is focused on the creation, appreciation, and ex- perience of art. As founder, my challenge is to unify the creative community that has fled San Francisco and bring back the culture that once made our city the hub of innovative art, design, music, entertainment, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship. From ideation to build, we help create spaces that astound and engage. We provide design, marketing, transportation and promotion services for artists, festivals, non-profit fund- raisers, and gatherings across the nation, including Euphoria, Lightening in a Bottle, What the Festival, Northern Nights, Ghost Ship, and Symbiosis. We propose, design, transport, and build large scale event infastructure for immersive spac- es, stages and lounges. WINS: • Designed and launched Octopus Garden Quarterly events and built community to 1000+ • Increased Octopus Garden online community by 300% • Media coverage at Euphoria, LIB and What the Festival • In collaboration with Octopus Garden, designed transport, and built large scale event infastructure and stages TRASH FENCE PRODUCTIONS 2013 - PRESENT