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what have you learnt from your feedback?


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what have you learnt from your feedback?

  1. 1. What have you learnt from youraudience feedback? - Film’s Cool Feedback Leslie-Anne Orlans
  2. 2. Film’s Cool JudgesPart of our feedback had come from an extra project we were doing outside of class – Film’s Cool, a 10 week programme, incorporating our Advanced Portfolio into a brief for this. At the end, there was a showcasing at Channel 4 with a variety of judges. Here is there response and my reflection upon them.
  3. 3. Ade Rawcliffe - Diversity and Talent Manager at Channel 4Ade’s response shows how she found our trailer excellent through many different aspects involving shooting material, editing and sound. I find this response really interesting, as she is in charge of diversity and talent at Channel 4, and our campaign does revolve around aspects such as diverse cultures, which then could suggest that this is exemplified well too. She also commented that our trailer was ‘well edited’ and that it had a ‘ great horror theme’. I am happy that she saw the potential of the ‘Big Brother’ theme of our film, as it is quite original in aspects as it being produced as a film.
  4. 4. Christine Blundell – Professional Make Up ArtistChristine’s marks are lower than Ade’s, but looking back I do understand to an extent why this could be.For example, the sound where it has been marked as ‘minimal’ could be due to the fact that does face copyrighting problems. However, to justify this as a ‘big budget company’ we would be able to come to an agreement with costs/royalties. Also, the lyrics of the song relate to the context of the film which might not be as effective if just a soundscape was used. In addition, the song is ‘acapella’, with an eerie soundtrack being played in the background which could add some original, unique edge to the song.On the other hand, Christine also marked the editing the highest. I believe that one of the most important factors of the trailer would be its’ editing, as this could potentially make the trailer seem exciting, or instead it would lose its appeal.
  5. 5. Mat Wakeham – Producer/WriterMat’s insight to our film is similar to Christine’s in the context of shooting material and editing – one aspect that was marked down in both was the ‘attention to framing’ as basic – this is understandable as in the final cut the trailer did seem to be disproportionate in some scenes – this is partly due to some errors in post production that was unable to be fixed so we tried to make it work as well as possible – maybe the different proportions could reflect a ‘change’ – something ‘out of place’.On the other hand, in contrast to Christine’s ‘minimal’ mark for our soundtrack, Mat marked this as ‘wow factor’. This could show a difference in how people have interpreted our soundtrack – one has found it irrelevant to the film and genre, whereas another may find that it adds a unique perspective to it, and gives extra context to what the movie is about.
  6. 6. Anna Higgs - Head of Film4.0 at Film4Although Anna only appeared to mark the ‘sound section’ it appears she too, found this to be a strong factor in our trailer. This is good to see as during the process of picking a suitable soundtrack, we were worried if our song wouldn’t depict the story well, when in fact, many have seen it as effective.On a scale, she has put around 55% to how much she gets what is going on. So, to improve it may be useful to make the movie and narrative even more understandable, by including something to indicate that the film is based around reality TV.
  7. 7. Georgia Kaufman – Head of Marketing of Lionsgate FilmsGeorgia’s response, although only based around editing and sound, show that she found that it was the ‘Wow factor’. This is great to see, as being the head of marketing, a trailer is something useful towards marketing a film and as she found it effective could mean that we would be able to distribute the film with ease and with a strong chance of it being appealing.
  8. 8. My ReflectionAltogether, the feedback from these people allowed me to reflect upon my work from their marks. Although I wasn’t given much depth and detail with their opinions, this allowed me to have a look at my own work and see it from their perspective.