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Powerpoint presentation


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Powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. I firstly drew pictures of what I thought would look good and would work effectively in my magazine. <br />
  3. 3. This is a low angle mid shot. the lighting is coming from behind and to our left. I think this creates an unusual pattern of shadows on her coat and using the macro setting on the camera you concentrate more on the instrument. This works because I am creating a music press magazine it fits into it's style and purpose.<br />The name of the band i was interviewing was called 'Bean and the Boy' so after changing the shutter speed i moved the camera in the shape of a B and also got a double of each person. an image like this could be used in advertising for a band or and album cover. An 'unusual' image like this would be found in an indie magazine as even though it seems to be individual alot of other images are like this out there. it is also a mid shot from eye level<br />i used the macro setting to focus on the instrument which is what a music press magazine should do. The lighting is also to our right hitting the bass guitar so there is some shine and reflection which again brings your attention to the instrument. it is a close up of the instrument<br />
  4. 4. this is the picture I have chosen to use as my front over as it shows both the band members and there is lighting coming from our left and strikes through the whole picture. because the lighting is behind the male in the picture you just get a silhouette of his face<br />This picture will appear on my contents page because it concentrates on the style of the band and their instruments. the light is coming form the top right corner of the image this creates a spot light effect.<br />
  5. 5. This is the second image that i will use for the article page however i will turn in 90 degrees anti-clockwise and fill in the background so when the two pictures are together it will look like they are facing each other. i used the flash on the camera for this lighting and it is a close up.<br />Along with another image of the girl I will use photoshop to fill in the backgrounds black and pus the two images together and use them as the article page. I used the flash on the camera for this lighting to there is more detailing on the face. it is also a close up shot.<br />