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Published in: Education, Business, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Film’s Cool event –Make-Up effects talk with Christine Blundell and Cliff Wallace BY LESLIE-ANNE ORLANS
  2. 2. On Tuesday 3rd November Year 13 were introduced to two Make-Up artists, Christine Blundell and Cliff Wallace. They gave us an insight into their roles to the film, such as their routine and how they entered the business and also how companies work alongside them via aspects such as the budget, time spent and how they may research for the best possible outcome for their final ‘product’/look.
  3. 3. Christine also gave us a short demonstration on how scabs/wounds could be created and how the make-up would be applied to enhance the effect. We also got to see the work of theirs:
  4. 4. Finally we had a great opportunity to speak with Christine and Cliff about our own campaigns, and as we were working on a very limited budget they gave us some advice on how to create a ‘horror’ look using simple, cheap products to create blood with a texture, to maximise its’ overall, more authentic look which could heighten it’s chances of looking more realistic and grabbing the audiences attention even further.