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  1. 1. One English History Laila Abjil, Aura Bohórquez, Sarah Bono, Natalia Polunina and Judit Port
  2. 2. We Halloween History There was a girl named Laila who had to stay up late to high school because the teacher was punished. When he came out of his class to go to the staff room, the hallway was different. He was running and running but faded. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from class, was arming and entar value there.
  3. 3. When he entered the piano melody tocaba but there was nobody touched it. Laila: What's this? How often is that the piano plays the melody? Trucaré the Aura to come. (Laila call to the Aura) Laila: Aura, you can come a time instant? Aura: Why?
  4. 4. Laila:'ll get to that when you come. Aura: Ok, now com e, the kind you are? Laila: In the music room (After a quarter hour, the Aura reaches the classroom.) Aura: What? Laila: I do not see, the piano plays alone. Aura: How can it be?
  5. 5. Sarah: Hey girls, what do here? Laila and Aura: And you do that here? Sarah: Do you looking for Aura: us? Sarah: Yes Laila: Oh, you are very pale. (The Aura)             Right? Aura: Yes Sarah: Well, no preoucupeu, soon you too will be well.
  6. 6. Laila and Aura: What do you mean? Sarah: Judith? Judith: Yes?    (A girl appears very pale and almost    transparent) Laila: Who is this? Sarah: I do not see a spirit, a ghost and I'm sold I am told, ha ha ha, now you
  7. 7. (Listening to the screaming Aura) Sarah: ha ha ha too late, has become one of us. Aura: Hi, Laila. Join us it is very funny, ha ha ha.    (The speech Laila weeping)
  8. 8. Laila: Aura, fell it. If it had not said you how came, had not happened you this. Sarah And Judit: Now touches you to tou! (Listens a cry of the Laila) Laila: ha ha ha Sarah and judit: At last no longer will be only. hahaha