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Marketing campaign skyfall 007

  1. 1. Marketing Campaign A New ‘James Bond’ Film By Alexandra Cordell
  2. 2. Press JunketsLocationThe Langham Hotel – This hotel is in the heart of London and is known to be one of the best five star hotels in the city centre. The beauty andclass of the hotel fits in perfectly with the film as the film is very classy itself. The Hotel is also suited well because it has the right rooms for thepress junket to be held such as the Grand Ballroom.The Grand Ball room - This room is regularly used for big meetings and would be perfect for the James Bond press junket as it is spacey and haslots of seating arrangements. Even though it has the practicality of space, it is also a very sophisticated room. The flexible space of the GrandBallroom measures 360 m2 comfortably accommodating up to 300 for business/theatre style events with access of a stage, for the cast to beplaced on and computer technology available to show clips.Newspapers and TV Channels invited:The Times, Daily Telegraph, BBC NEWS -(Target audience upper-middle class conservatives)Empire Magazine, Box-office Magazine – (Target Audience Males 17-30 years)MTV, Sky NEWS – ( Target Audience 12-24 unisex)I have decided to invite all of the above Newspapers, magazines and TV channels to the press junketFor the new upcoming James Bond film ‘Sky fall’. The people that I have invited I personally think fitswell with the target audience and that these particular publications will write up the best reviews for the new movie and will examine the pros and cons, and the cast. These publications will create theBest buzz for the movie aiming right at the films target audience. This has worked for the previousBond Movies.Eon productions are the official production company for the James Bond series. They have held a fewPress junkets for the Bond series before, most recently the official ‘Skyfall’ junket in the UK, London, November2011.The director Sam Mendes and the cast attended this event for ‘Skyfall’. This press junket the cast andDirector released small secrets about the new upcoming film which helped create a big buzz in the media andAllowed the publications that were invited to go write up the information that was said at the press junket to beReleased online and in their publications for the fans and public to read. Even though ‘Skyfall’ is due to bereleased in the UK on 26 October 2012, it has started the exciting wait.
  3. 3. TrailerThe new upcoming James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ due to be released in October 2012, will be a 15certificate. The trailer for this movie will be shown in ad breaks of movies that are suitable for childrenof the age 15 plus. The target audience for this film is 15-60 years of age, male and female. The bestway to market this film would be to show the ‘Skyfall’ trailer in breaks of TV programmes that thetarget audience already view. By doing this, it is already attracting the correct target audience for theBond film, hopefully attracting them to view the new film at the cinema once it has been released.Movie Advertising Slots for the Trailer -The Bourne Legacy (2012) - As this film shares the same genre and ‘spy’ plot as the new Bond film,by playing the trailer at the start of the viewing at the cinema it will attract the target audience instantlyas ‘The Bourne Legacy’ has been said to be ‘the new James Bond’. This movie will attract the slightlyyounger target audience as this is like a ‘modern James Bond’.21 Jump Street (2012) – Showing the Skyfall trailer at the start of this film at the cinema is a wise ideabecause it will be attracting the middle aged target audience, as the viewers of ‘21 Jump Street’ aremiddle aged the trailer will be attracting the middle aged target audience to go view the new Bond filmas they both share the action genre.The Hunger Games (2012) – The Hunger games is an action/drama film, and has been a huge hit withthe box office itself, by showing the Skyfall trailer at the start of this film at cinemas it will be attractingan audience who already like action/drama and a large audience because of how successful the filmhas been therefore attracting a large audience of people who are already fans of the drama/actiongenre.
  4. 4. PosterI have decided after research that the best place for Posters for the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ to be advertised is onvarious billboards around the centre of London, on billboards in tube stations and on busses all over London. The keypoint is to place the posters in busy places that various different age ranges can see which will hopefully attract as muchattention for the new awaiting movie that will be released in October 2012.Example of Billboard Advertisement Example of Bus Advertisement Example of Tube AdvertisementTransport Media have said that “Rail and Tram advertising offers an opportunity to target a hard to reach audience at a time when they aremost receptive to consumer messages” 1.2 millions train journeys occur each year and this figure is on the rise, and fast. Advertising Skyfalls posters on the tube is a good idea because tube users are always travelling which makes them very busy, which mean they don’t watchmuch TV but they have a high disposable income which means they are potential buyers of the movie on DVD.T-side bus advertisement is a great way for Skyfall to be advertised as it’s the best bus advertisement for space. Placing an ad on a side of thebus is a great advertising technique as it attracts the busy people of our towns and cities and is instantly recognizable. Transport Media saidabout the T-side bus advertisement ‘Their ability to feature a strong visual as well as a tactical headline provides an eye-catching platform thatdelivers high cover and frequency within our towns and cities’.Using Billboard advertisement to place posters of the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ will also help attract attention towards the film, if peopleare not using the underground transport then they are driving, using buses or walking! This is aiming a huge target audience. Clear Channelare the leading advertisers in outdoor advertisement. They own the famous billboards than run up and down Cromwell road in London, Thesebillboards are known to affect the box office dramatically with the advertisement of new movies on the billboards.
  5. 5. Viral CampaignViral campaigns for any new movies these days is essential, and you don’t see many upcoming movies in 2012that don’t have some sort of campaign on the internet. The Teen internet use today is extremely high93% of teens ages 12-17 go online, 63% of teen internet users go online every day, 27% of teens use their phoneto get online. By having an online campaign for Skyfall, it will be attracting a huge target audience of the youngergeneration. Part of having a virtual campaign would be setting up an Facebook fan page and twitter account forthe new film, where updated news and pictures could be posted about the film for fans to follow, this will allow ahype to occur about the film as the countdown continues to the release date. Another thing I would include inthe viral campaign would be creating poster banners on social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook,where if you click on the banner it would open a new internet tab and direct you to the official ‘Skyfall’ websitethat is powered by SONY, where you can have access to all the news of the film and the official trailer.Even though a viral campaign is a good idea for advertising the movie, it won’t be as successful with Skyfall as itwould be with other modern movies being released in 2012 because the main target audience for this film is theolder generation. The older generation does not use the internet so much for pleasure but more for work relatedthings such as email, while the younger generation tend to spent their internet time on social networking sitesand watching movies, and listening to music. The older generation will find out about the Skyfall viral campaignthrough the posters that are placed on buses, billboards and tube stations.On the official Skyfall website you will be able to find out what cinemas areShowing the film, what times and how to book tickets, the premiere information,News and pictures of the film and the official trailer.Here on the right is a picture of the official website for SKYFALL 007.
  6. 6. MerchandisingMerchandising is an important part of advertising, even though there has beenJames Bond merchandise made before, it would not be such a great successwith the new bond film, Skyfall. As the majority of the target audience is older,they will not be very interested in toys or video games linked with the JamesBond film. Merchandise with the younger generation is a different story asthese are the people who tend to spend money on the toys and video gamesavailable. The younger fans would buy posters to hang in their bedrooms toshow their dedication as a James Bond fan and this is a common way forchildren to express their personalities. Another popular merchandise thatJames Bond have created in the past is video games, this is targeted at themale younger generation. This is a good way to allow fans of the film series toget a better connection with the storylines and ‘become’ bond themselves in afantasy world inside the game.The producers of films very rarely produce merchandising products for theirfilms themselves , it is common for them to sell on the right for companies tocreate merchandise and sell it themselves.If James Bond merchandise was released before, during and after the filmwas available for viewing I think it would help ‘Skyfall’ the new James bondmovie to attract as much attention as it possibly can.