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Final logo designs


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Final logo designs

  1. 1. Final LogoDesignsFor Lynn Cordell – Owner of IntuitiveMarketing
  2. 2. • After your feedback I was able to try to the best of my potential to give you results that you were 100% satisfied with. As for colour you asked to have colours that were bright like the colours you have on your official website. All logo’s I have designed are colourful. I have also tweaked some of the positioning of the logo’s to make them more improved. As for issues you had none other than the colours you wanted to see.Your feedback!
  3. 3. This is my favourite design out of them all. I have changed a few things about this logo since the first version you saw. I have used a light pink, purple, green and yellow to block colour in the paper cut men globe. I love the effect this is giving off, a soft but vibrant look. I have changed the positing off the logo, putting the globe in the middle and the text ‘iGroup’ over the middle of the globe. I also changed the text ‘We Engage’ to give it a more classy finished look.First Design;
  4. 4. This is my second updated design. This is one of the logo’s that Ipreviously mentioned looked quite simple and plain but with colour Ithink it looks very attention-grabbing. I gave the text ‘iGroup’ a darkblue colour. The ring that is the centre of the logo I gave a lightfresh green colour, and the text ‘We Engage’ didn’t change colour. Ithink the dark blue and the zingy green go well together. I amhappy with the end result of this particular logo design.Second Design;
  5. 5. This is my third design, the updated version. Ihavent changed much when it came to improvingthis logo because there wasn’t much to change.The cube part of this logo I have coloured, the toppart being a deep purple, the bottom part being abright light green and the left hand side being alight grey colour. I really like how the cube lookscolourful even when 1/3 of it is grey. I kept thetext in the same font but instead of the colour ofthe font being black I changed it to a grey colourbecause I though the black text looked to harsh. Iam happy with the final outcome of this logo. Third Design
  6. 6. My fourth design out of the six. When looking at the black and whiteversion of this design I knew that it would work even better in colour. Ihavent changed the font at all but changed the colour of the text to agrey colour instead of a black. For the spiral circle design I have useda different colour for each part of the spiral to give it a burst of colour.The colours I have used starting from the top are yellow, orange, lightblue, dark blue, deep purple, red, fuchsia pink, grey and green. I amvery contented with this design! Fourth Design
  7. 7. This design is very different from the rest –I have only used two block colours – abright yellow and a deep purple. I colouredthe larger arrow which is the bottom arrowyellow, and the top arrow purple. I did thesame colour scheme to the text below thearrow design. The text ‘iGroup’ wascoloured a purple, and the text ‘WeEngage’ is a yellow. The only change tothis design was colour. Fifth Design
  8. 8. Sixth Design