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Extended project presentation

  2. 2. BRIEF – AIM OF OUR PROJECTBrief:For our extended project we could pick from four different types• Produce an Artefact• Write a dissertation• Develop and showcase a performance• Conduct a field study or investigationFinial Decision:Question - “PHOTOGRAPHY & BEAUTY, what Photoshop has done to our generation’?My artefact will include – Photographs that I will take myself and digitally enhance them on Photoshop toshow how much you can actually change using editing software.Things to research- The effect that airbrushing has on young woman and teens – low self-esteem – eating disorders- What editing on Photoshop can actually achieve- What people are doing to stop the use of over airbrushed images in the mediaProductionArtefact on Photoshop, beauty and photography.
  3. 3. MY QUESTION! Question“Photography & Beauty, WhatPhotoshop Has Done To Our Generation?”
  4. 4. RESEARCHBritney Spears, aged 29 hasrecently released before and afterpictures of her natural and theothers being airbrushed. Britneymade this move to release theairbrushed and original pictures ofherself because she feels thatwoman have to much pressure tofeel perfect nowadays so she hasreleased these pictures to showthe world for all her un-airbrushedglory. I personally think this was abrave step for Britney, and theimages are a great message foryoung girls to show how muchairbrushing can really perfect.As you can see, on the left is theoriginal image and the one on theright is the airbrushed one, herwaist has been considerlyshrunk,her thighs have been made a lotthinner and calves smoothed, herskin completion has beenperfected to be glowy and silkylooking.
  5. 5. The first thing you recognize on thisimage is the dramatic work that has beendone to her bum, it has been so editedthat you would never be able to tell thatthis is the same persons bottom! Alltraces of her cellulite have been removed,and have been replaced with entirelyblemish-free skin, that looks glowy andperfected.I think that this was a great thing forBritney to do, it is a great message toyoung girls about how much airbrushingis capable of and shows that people whowe think are perfect are not as perfect aswe think!
  6. 6. HOW AIRBRUSHED IMAGES ARE HAVING A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON WOMAN’S SELF ESTEEMThe majority of teenage girls could look at themselves and find something that they would want to tweak,smooth, tone or just completely change about themselves. Airbrushing in magazines is damaging teenage girlsself-esteem, instead of magazines showing inspiring and aspirational images they are using images of famouscelebrity’s who have so much money to look amazing and on top of that airbrush them. Failing to achieve thisperfected self, that we are shown by many publications can lead to serious issues, such as eating disordersthat can lead to death, self-harming and plastic surgery addiction. This utter hopelessness of people feeling thisway has opened a huge door for the advertisement industry. Make-up and other beauty product adverts prettymuch all use digital technology to make their product look like it does wonders, when it quite frankly can’t. Thisleads to miserable young woman spending hundreds of pounds on products that only lead to moredisappointment when they see that the product does not look the same as it did on the stunning girl in theadvert.The UK magazine Heat has run campaigns where stars come forward to publish pictures of themselves in themagazine wearing no makeup. I personally think this was a great campaign and that things like this need to bedone more regularly as a reminder that celebrities are not as perfect as we think. No one yet has successfullycarried through an argument against the use of negative air brushing, but throughout the years there havebeen arguments and campaigns against the use. Even expects and the some celebs themselves agree thatthe airbrushing that goes on today portrays the image of a unrealistic body, and how it is seriously damagingour generations health.
  7. 7. Lorraine: NakedThe well known show Lorrainewhich features on itv hosted byLorraine Kelly herself, is searchingall over the UK for the mostnaturally beautiful woman, no makeup, no Botox and definitely nocosmetic surgery. She is running acampaign to show that you dontneed make up to be beautiful, andwill pick one lucky girl to be the faceof a new upcoming Superdrugcampaign. I think this is such aninspiring idea and morecompetitions and things like this assuch should take place more often,it sends out a great message to allwoman of Britain that you dontneed expensive make-up, surgeryand Botox to keep looking fresh andbeautiful. Not only is the luckywinner lucky enough to appear inSuperdrug stores, and its ownmagazine they also get to a freemodeling shoot in London. I cantwait to see the end results of thiscompetition. Below is a picturebefore and after of Loraine with andwithout makeup and hair.
  9. 9. EVALUATIONI’m very happy with the outcome of my work and understanda lot more about the negative impact that over-airbrushedimages are having in the media today, and the negativeeffects that it is having on young woman such as self-confidence issues which is leading to bigger issues likeeating disorders.What I would like to improve….THANKYOU FOR WATCHING 