Digipack reserch


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Digipack reserch

  1. 1. RIHIANNA - LOUD<br />The background image of the album cover is a close up on her face, this betrays that all attention is wanted on her. The colour of Rihanna’s hair and lips in a bold red attracts even more attention.<br />The artist for this album cover is Rihanna, Her eye contact is looking down from the camera, giving her that needed edge and mysterious feel that matches her music genre. Because the design of her album cover is so simple, it allows her fans to use their inspiration about her music. Her album in general you could say is quite fashion orientated because of the beauty. <br />The font of the album is goes very un-noticed in the colour white against the tones of her skin, hair and makeup. <br />There is no actual name of who’s album this is, by Rihanna's face being the main concentration we are lead to think that we should just know by the picture that this is her album. <br />
  2. 2. NICKI MINAJ - PINK FRIDAY <br />The artist for this cover is Nicki Minaj, her eye contact is looking up towards the camera, which again portrays that Barbie fixed type look. The flowy like material in the background makes her as a person look smaller, which is n fashion these days to look thin. Her shoes match the colour of her hair, and background image colour. <br />A soft pink is used as it is a feminine color. The lighting is also soft to correspond with this theme of pink.<br />Nicki, is on the front of the cover is portraying the idea that she is Barbie like, the word ‘Pink’ is actually in the branded Barbie font, nothing is natural about this image of Nicki, it is very fake based. <br />The background image is all pink and white very feminine and attention seeking like, her legs look ten times longer than her body and out of proportion with her body being Barbie like.<br />
  3. 3. YOU ME AT SIX –<br /> TAKE OFF YOUR COLOURS<br />The bands name is in a bigger font than the album showing the importance of the band in general. Digipacks sell the bands or artist as a whole rather than just a single and is far more effective and has better outcome values for the band in advertisment. <br />The background image is<br />Showing a round shape, the<br />Same shape as an old record<br />The main background image <br />Is yellowy – beige but they<br />Have used in the middle of the<br />Cover alot of colours such as <br />Green, purple, yellow, orange, <br />Red and blue and many more.<br />
  4. 4. PARAMORE –<br /> ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING<br />The contrast of the background image all natrual of grass and trees against a harsh red modern piece of furniture is confusing, we almost expect someone to be sitting on the piece of funriture. <br />Here the bands name is in a larger font than the album name to show that the band is the most important part of this cd cover, the name most be will known and that is a main part of why people buy the album, because paramore are a well known popular successful band. <br />