Comic books


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Comic books

  1. 1. Comic BooksA comic book is a magazine made up ofcomicstrips, narrative artwork in the form of separatepanels that represent individual scenes, often accompanied by dialog, normally presented inspeech bubbles. Even though the name is ‘comic’ not all comics are actually humorous butcan tell alldifferent stories indifferent genres.Graphic NovelsThere are many types of novels, but a Graphic Novel is one that is set in the form of comicstrips. A novel that is narrative combines the use of text and art which makes it fun to readas the story is in pictures along the text.
  2. 2. Magazine ComicsA magazine comic is a comic in the form of a magazine. A book of comics strips or cartoons,often relating a story narrative. Magazine comics are popular all over the world with all ages!And is known to be famous for people to collect them and can be very valuable.