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Album Cover and Magazine Adverts for Album Release Analysis


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Album Cover and Magazine Adverts for Album Release Analysis

  1. 1. The background image of the albumcover is a close up on her face, this The artist for this album cover isbetrays that all attention is wanted on Rihanna, Her eye contact is lookingher. The colour of Rihanna’s hair and down from the camera, giving her thatlips in a bold red attracts even more needed edge and mysterious feel thatattention. matches her music genre. Because the design of her album cover is so simple, it allows her fans to use their inspiration about her music. Her album in general you could say isThe font of the album is goes very un- quite fashion orientated because ofnoticed in the colour white against the the beauty.tones of her skin, hair and makeup. There is no actual name of who’s album this is, by Rihannas face being the main concentration we are lead to think that we should just know by the picture that this is her album.
  2. 2. The artist for this cover is NickiA soft pink is used as it is a Minaj, her eye contact is looking upfeminine color. The lighting is also towards the camera, which againsoft to correspond with this theme portrays that Barbie fixed type look.of pink. The flowy like material in the background makes her as a person look smaller, which is n fashion these days to look thin. Her shoesNicki, is on the front of the cover is match the colour of her hair, andportraying the idea that she is background image colour.Barbie like, the word ‘Pink’ isactually in the branded Barbie font,nothing is natural about this imageof Nicki, it is very fake based. The background image is all pink and white very feminine and attention seeking like, her legs look ten times longer than her body and out of proportion with her body being Barbie like.
  3. 3. The background image is The bands name is in ashowing a round shape, the bigger font than theSame shape as an old record album name showingThe main background image the importance of theIs coloured yellow and beige but band in general.theyhave used in the middle of Digipacks sell the bandsthe cover a lot of colours such or artist as a wholeas green, purple, yellow, orange, rather than just a singleRed and blue and many more to and is far more effectiveattract potential buyers of the and has better outcomealbums attention. values for the band in advertisement.
  4. 4. The contrast of theHere the bands name is in a background image alllarger font than the album name natural of grass andto show that the band is themost important part of this CD trees against a harshcover, the name most be will red modern piece ofknown and that is a main part of furniture is confusing,why people buy the album, we almost expectbecause paramore are a well someone to be sittingknown popular successful band. on the piece of furniture. The red amongst the natural colours is bold which will attract attention.
  5. 5. The name of the band is in thebiggest font that features of The background of thethe album cover. This makes it album cover is a pale,the first thing the buyer sees. creamy beige. ThisIt is also the most important allows everything elsepart of the cover because its of the design of thewhat identifies who’s album it album to stand outis. The lettering is all in capitals and also so theto attempt to be bold and eye background is notcatching. distracting. The background image of this album cover hasThe other piece of text is the no relevance to thename of the album, this is in a name to the albumsmaller font and a different color name or the band name.than the band name. This is to This image is part of themake the band name stand out design to make thethe most but the name of the album look morealbum is still important and is interesting to potentialstill recognizable on this buyers. The placementparticular album cover. of the image is central which makes it the middle of attention.
  6. 6. The background ofThis is the album of a this album colour isband called The Black a plain black, this isEyed Peas. Their albumcover as you can see is so the hologramvery modern and is a design stands outhologram of the main the most. Thesinger in the band. Thecolours used are different hologram is thetones of black, white, main attraction ofgreen and grey. The font this particularof the band name is album cover and itbigger than the name ofthe album so that the represent how themajority of the attention band are a modernis on the band name as band.that is what identifieswhos album it is.
  7. 7. The information inThis particular advert is text is very easy tovery bold and attracts understand, it is boldattention in many ways. and simple but stillThe main image of this stands out among theadvertisement is the rest of the bold designartist herself, this lets of the advert. Apeople know what she strange thing I noticedlooks like which is an is that the recordinterest of fans. The labels name is notfont of the album name present on thisand the name of the particular advert,artist is very bold and in which is normallya unique font. This will included in typicalhelp it stand out from album adverts. Notthe rest of the adverts many colours are usedin the magazine. in this advert but the boldness of the design lets it stand out on its own without much colour.
  8. 8. The main image on this The layout is quite simple,advert is a picture of a cat with all the text beingwith wide eyes and a centered but has a slightcrown on its head. This is slant to it to give it ana strange image, which edgy feel. The only coloursdoes attract the eye. The used in this advert areband name is the in the black, grey, white and alargest, most bold font ting of light green which isalong side the name of the cats eyes. Even thoughthe album in a smaller all the colours are quitetext. The rest of the text dull the whole design ison the advert is smaller quite unique and eyethan the band name and catching.the album name and thecontext is the dates andlocations that Two DoorCinema Club are touring.
  9. 9. The colours of this albumadvert make it very eye The text ‘The Band of Thecatching. The image of the Summer’ is a quote fromband members sitting on the Observer newspaper.the beach give the It also says the album isadvertisement a relaxed out for sale now but notfeeling. The down point much other informationabout this advert is that it that that. The recordmay be too relaxed, there is label for this band hasa lack of text information. not been mentioned inThe text that is present on the advertisement. Thethis advertisement of the layout is very simple butband album is bond and every aspect of thisdoes stand out from the advert works togetherrest of the design. and is a bold and eye catching design.
  10. 10. This is an advertisement for A HMV logo is in the corner asJamie.T Kings & Queens. This an example of where to buyadvertisement is simple with the album from, HMV wouldthe main image taking up the of probably of paid money tomajority of the album cover. have their institutionThis gets the album across advertised as first choice tovisually straight away to the buy the album. The onlyaudience so if they see the other text is a website andalbum in a shop they will MySpace page for Jamie T sorecognize the cover image that if audiences arestraight away. It is also useful to interested they can researchattract the audiences attention him and his music further.with the bright coloured text Overall I think this is a verystanding out on the black effective advertisement as itbackground. The smaller text is successfully persuadesa five star review which gives audiences to take notice ofthe album creditability to the the album without using tooaudience and will persuade much text and informationthem to buy it. which may put the audience off.
  11. 11. The text of this The design aroundadvertisement is very the band name andsimple and there is not album name is verymuch information artistic andother than that the represents the bandsalbum it out now and name, thethe three hit singles background colour ofthat the album this advert is a blandincludes. The off white colour butinformation also says this allows the designthe album is available around the bandfor download or CD. name to stand outThe Album name is the more with thein the biggest font of contrasts of greens. Ithe design with the think this advert isalbum name ‘The Best very eye catching andof’ being smaller. the design around the band name is very interesting.
  12. 12. The title of the band The background of‘Basement Jaxx’ is the text this a blackin the largest font. It is also background with athe most colorful part of star in the skiesthe album advertisement. design. There is also aThe name of the album is scribble of pinkin a slightly smaller font creeping over theand is just a simple white advert from the leftcolour. There is not much hand side. Thistext information on this advertisement is veryparticular album advert the bold and the boldonly information provided colours pink, yellowis the release of the album green blue and blackdate, tour dates and the make the advert veryrecord label. The main eye catching whichimage of this album is a will attract potentialpicture of a gorilla buyers for the album.munching on a piece ofplant. This is quite strange.