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Leks&co company profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILEOur Profile
  2. 2. Our Firm www.lekslawyer.com
  3. 3. Who Are We?Leks&Co is a multi-services law firm, filled byyoung, energetic, creative lawyers, providinghigh-quality legal services with qualitymanagement and delivering our services based ondefinite core values. www.lekslawyer.com
  4. 4. What Makes Us Unique?• We are young, energetic, and creative lawyers, so that we can provide and deliver a fast and reliable legal service;• We emphasize the use of technology in delivering our service;• We are internationally certified of ISO 9001:2008 on Quality Management; www.lekslawyer.com
  5. 5. What - Cont’d• We emphasize our core values in providing and delivering our service;• Our office is strategically located at CBD area;• We have received numerous award from Global Law Expert, Corporate INTL and Finance Monthly;• We provide services to store clients legal document in the online server, accessible by our client password protected; www.lekslawyer.com
  6. 6. What - Cont’d• We provide useful legal update knowledge through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Slide Shares, and other resources;• We provide pro bono service to international organizations through Trust Law Connect, run by Thomson Reuters Foundation and through Mitra Klinik, providers at Hukumonline;• And many more. www.lekslawyer.com
  7. 7. VisionTo become a leading law firm inIndonesia, well known locally andglobally by providing high-quality legalservice with information technologyprominence, personal compassion, qualitymanagement and wide networks. www.lekslawyer.com
  8. 8. Mission• To meet the needs of corporate as its clients who want swift, energetic, high quality and premium legal services;• To continuously improved, add values, innovate and achieve sustainable development on the delivery of legal service;• To have a high tech environment to work efficiently and effectively in all aspect of legal services. www.lekslawyer.com
  9. 9. Core Values• Love, we love our clients and we love ourselves. Love is the main foundation and principle law of our life.• Gratitude, we thank you to all of our clients that have been working together with us, and who put their trust in us.• Share, we continually share our knowledge and expertise to those who need them particularly to those who cannot afford the paid legal services, through various channels. www.lekslawyer.com
  10. 10. Core Values - Cont’d• Integrity, we are honest to ourselves and to our clients. Strong morals principles are our code of life.• Excellence, we strive for excellence in everything we do particularly to provide and deliver excellent legal services to our clients.• Persistence, we will never give up. Even though problems will always be there, we strive to solve it persistently. www.lekslawyer.com
  11. 11. Awards and Accolades• The winner of the Corporate INTL Magazine 2010 and 2011 Legal Award for “Real Estate Law Firm of the Year in Indonesia”;• The winner of Finance Monthly Law Award 2011 in the category of “Real Estate Law Firm of the Year Indonesia”,• Recommended by the Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2012 and 2013 in the practice area of “Real Estate” and one of its lawyers, who is our Managing Partner Eddy Leks, is recommended as leading lawyer; www.lekslawyer.com
  12. 12. Awards - Cont’d• Recommended firm by Corporate INTL and Global Law Experts;• Highly recommended by Asialaw Profile in 2013 on Construction and Real Estate and also recommended by Chambers and Partners in 2013 on Real Estate;• Awarded as “M&A Law Firm of the Year 2013″ in Indonesia by Finance Monthly Global Awards.
  13. 13. CertificationLeks&Co is certified of ISO9001:2008 on Quality Management,certificate number QSJ1369 www.lekslawyer.com
  14. 14. Areas of Practice• Real Estate • Civil Rights• General Corporate • Debtor and /Commercial Creditor• Banking and • Employment and Finance Labor • Environmental www.lekslawyer.com
  15. 15. Areas– Cont’d• Government • Commercial• Criminal Dispute Resolution• Insurance and • Foundation/Non Reinsurance Profit Organization • Bankruptcy • Mining www.lekslawyer.com
  16. 16. Our Clients• PT Perdana Gapuraprima, Tbk (part of Gapuraprima Group, one of the largest real estate developers in Indonesia);• PT Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional, Tbk (one of the largest real estate developers in Indonesia);• PT Lippo Karawaci, Tbk (part of Lippo Group);• PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (one of the largest banks in Indonesia); www.lekslawyer.com
  17. 17. Our Clients - Cont’d• PT Kapuk Naga Indah (part of Agung Sedayu Group, one of the largest real estate developers in Indonesia);• PT Pasific Indopalm Industries (part of Indomas Group, top five largest company in Middle East);• PT Tokyu Land Indonesia (part of Tokyu Land Corporation, top five real estate group in Japan); www.lekslawyer.com
  18. 18. Our Clients - Cont’d• PT Hatmohadji & Kawan (part of Tokyu Land Corporation);• PT Cempaka Maharani Indah Realty (part of Agung Sedayu Group);• PT Siloam Hospital International (part of Lippo Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia);• And many more. www.lekslawyer.com
  19. 19. Our Lawyers www.lekslawyer.com
  20. 20. Eddy M. Leks, SH., ACIArb (Managing Partner)Email: eddy.leks@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,General Corporate/Commercial,Mining, Construction, Foreign Investment,Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation and Arbitration.Past Legal Experience:PT Lippo Karawaci TbkHadiputranto, Hadinoto & PartnersEducation:University of Atmajaya (Cum-laude predicate). Currently Mr. Eddy Leks is aMaster of Law candidate from University Gadjah Mada, Jakarta, Indonesia. www.lekslawyer.com
  21. 21. AchievementMr. Eddy Leks is a recommended attorney by Legal 500Asia Pacific and Global Law Expert in the field of realestate law in Indonesia. Moreover, Eddy is also highlyrecommended by Asialaw Profile in 2013 andrecommended of Chambers&Partners in 2013 on RealEstate. He has also achieved a “Certificate of Introductionto International Commercial Dispute conducted by theChartered Institute of Arbitrators and Robert GordonUniversity” which gained him Associate membership inthe Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. www.lekslawyer.com
  22. 22. Professional Qualification• Admitted to bar, 2009;• Licensed as Receiver and Administrator, 2011;• Licensed as Capital Market Legal Consultant, 2012. www.lekslawyer.com
  23. 23. Affiliation• International Bar Association;• LAWASIA (The Law Association for Asia and The Pacific);• Indonesian Advocate Association (Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia);• Indonesian Bar Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia – PERADI); www.lekslawyer.com
  24. 24. Affiliation• Chartered Institute of Arbitrators;• Capital Market Legal Consultant Association;• Indonesian Receiver and Administrators Association. www.lekslawyer.com
  25. 25. Credentials• Representing PT Tokyu Land Indonesia on drafting an agreement in relation to the land purchase in a strategic location in Jakarta;• Representing PT China Harbour Indonesia in performing preliminary legal due diligence on the plan to purchase land that is strategically located in Jakarta;• Representing PT Hatmohadji dan Kawan on drafting and reviewing its lease agreement and preparing the Memorandum of Understanding for a plan to purchase a land in Jakarta; www.lekslawyer.com
  26. 26. Credentials Cont’d• Representing Gapura Prima Group of company on the corporate operational practices on standardization of construction agreement, conditional sale and purchase agreements, reviewing contracts with third party, and various litigation cases;• Representing Lippo Group on real estate investment trust transaction;• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  27. 27. Recommendations"Eddy Leks is smart and sharp lawyer. He has the passion on continuouslearning. He can manage his work well, even when it is under pressure. He isable to cooperate and coordinate with companys team nicely, and the mostimportant thing is, he gets the job done.“- Stephen Purwanto, Legal Director PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk"Eddy is a great guy to work with. A combination of his previous careers aspracticing lawyer and in-house counsel should benefit others in obtainingadvice that contains the "sense" of theory as well as commercial point ofview."- Riza Buditomo, Legal Consultant, Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners amember of Baker & McKenzie International, a Swiss Verein, worked directlywith Eddy at Leks&Co www.lekslawyer.com
  28. 28. Ivan Ari (Partner)Email: ivan.ari@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,General Litigation Practice,Civil and Criminal Law,Employment Law,State Administration Law,Past Legal Experience:MH Ara Sitindjak & PartnersHermanus Winarto & RekanAtma Nagara & PartnersEducation:University of Atmajaya (Cum-laude predicate) www.lekslawyer.com
  29. 29. Credentials• Representing PT Elite Prima Hutama and PT Artisan Wahyu, part of Pakuwon Group, on providing a legal memorandum in relation to the dispute between its tenants and legal dispute with one of its tenants.• Representing PT Pendopo Niaga on criminal case investigation in relation to the kiosks at Malang Town Square (Matos).• Representing PT Pacific Indopalm Industries as the defendant in relation to the civil claim on the ground of unlawful act on land ownership dispute; www.lekslawyer.com
  30. 30. Credentials - Cont’d• Representing PT Sendico Wiguna Lestari in relation to the civil claim on the ground of unlawful act at District Court of South Jakarta.• Representing PT Pacific Indopalm Industries in relation to proposed Contra Memory of Appeal as the respondent at High Court of Pekanbaru.• Representing PT Prasmanindo Boga Utama in mediating Labor Dispute at Libo and Petapahan, Riau region.• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  31. 31. Yosef Mado Witin (Of Counsel)Email: yosef.witin@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Commercial Dispute Resolution,Employment Law,Criminal Law.Past Legal Experience:Sudjono & Rekan Law FirmEducation:University of Pelita Harapan, Master Degree; GPA 3,65University of Atmajaya, Bachelor of Law www.lekslawyer.com
  32. 32. Affiliation• Indonesia Advocate Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia - PERADI)• Indonesia Receiver and Administrator Association (Ikatan Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia - IKAPI) www.lekslawyer.com
  33. 33. Credentials• Civil Litigation: PT. Maskapai Pelayaran Pulau Laut PT. Gajah Perkasa Indah• Corporate Matters: PT. Pacific Petroleum & Trading Co., Ltd. PT. Pertamit Processing• Bankruptcy Litigation: PT. Langgeng Indah Lines• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  34. 34. Ivor Ignasio Pasaribu (Associate)Email: ivor.pasaribu@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,Commercial Dispute Resolution,Intellectual Property,Criminal Law,Bankruptcy Law,General Corporate/CommercialPast Legal Experience:Trisaka Law Firm InternationalEducation:University of Atma Jaya, Bachelor of Law www.lekslawyer.com
  35. 35. Credentials• Representing PT Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk on state administrative claim in relation to the labor accident of one of its employees;• Representing PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk on preparing a legal opinion in relation to the utilization of its assets;• Representing PT Elite Prima Hutama and PT Artisan Wahyu, part of Pakuwon Group, on providing a legal memorandum in relation to the dispute between its tenants and legal dispute with one of its tenants;• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  36. 36. Publications• The Guidance of Interlocking Directorate;• Principle Provisions of Agrarian Law in Indonesia;• Illegal Occupancy of Land from the Criminal Perspective;• Transfer of Rights of Land as a Result of Auction;• Building Construction Permit in Jakarta. www.lekslawyer.com
  37. 37. Rama Mahendra, S.H. (Associate)Email:rama.mahendra@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,General Corporate/Commercial,Construction, Foreign InvestmentPast Legal Experience:Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners, as a Legal Intern.Syahrir Yudaningrum Miranti Law Office,as a Junior Associate.Education:Bachelor of Law (Business Law) from Universitas PelitaHarapan www.lekslawyer.com
  38. 38. AchievementWinner of “UPH AWARD 2008”in the category of DistinguishedService and Leaning (May 2008) www.lekslawyer.com
  39. 39. Credentials• Representing PT Almaron Perkasa in reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and Interim Advisory Services Agreement (IASA);• Representing PT Bliss Properti Indonesia in reviewing the lease agreement and drafting the Conditional Sale and Purchase Agreements (CSPA);• Representing PT Blacksteel Properties in drafting corporate documents and agreements;• Representing PT Bali Sunrise Beach in a general legal advice, reviewing agreements, and drafting corporate documents;• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  40. 40. Jennyke Ludy Setiono, SH., LLM (Associate)Email: jennyke.setiono@lekslawyer.comAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,General Corporate/Commercial,Mining, Construction, Foreign Investment.Past Legal Experience:Romer and Co Lawyers, Australia as a Legal InternEducation:Master of Commercial Law from Deakin University, AustraliaBachelor of Law from Atmajaya Jakarta University, IndonesiaAchievement:Graduated in Law with GPA 3,66 Cum Laude Predicatein bachelor degree. www.lekslawyer.com
  41. 41. Credentials• Drafting the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of PT Saranausaha Jaya, Indonesia;• Drafting the Legal Memorandum of CYTI Alliance partnership, Indonesia;• Representing PT Alam Bali International on the management agreement between the Client and JW Marriot;• Representing China Harbour Indonesia in reviewing corporate documents and agreements on the acquisition legal due diligence project;• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  42. 42. Inez Karina Worotikan, S.H (Associate)Email: inez.worotikan@lekslawyer.comEducation:University of Atma Jaya, Bachelor of LawAreas of Practice:Property and Real Estate Law,General Corporate/Commercial,Construction, Foreign Investment, Mining,Mergers and Acquitions. www.lekslawyer.com
  43. 43. Credentials• Representing PT Bliss Properti Indonesia in drafting and reviewing various drafts of lease agreements with third party.• Representing Gapura Prima Group in reviewing contracts and giving legal advices on its corporate operational legal issues;• Representing Bajaj Hindhustan Private Limited in reviewing documents and agreements on the legal due diligence project;• Representing PT China Harbour Indonesia in reviewing corporate documents and agreements on the preliminary legal due diligence project on the plan to purchase land in Jakarta;• And many more… www.lekslawyer.com
  44. 44. Contact UsLeks&CoMenara Palma 17th Floor, Suite 1702BJl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X2 Kav. 6Jakarta Selatan 12950, Indonesiae. query@lekslawyer.comt. (+6221) 57957550f. (+6221) 57957551 www.lekslawyer.com