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Article in Logic and Ethics


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Article in Logic and Ethics

  1. 1. LEIZEL A. DESPI BSED 2C ADVANTAGES OF LOGIC AND ETHICS FOR ME AS TEACHER TO BE One of the subjects taken by the education students is the Logic and Ethics. As an education student I know that there are lots of reasons why we are required to take this subject. It may serve as a big help for me, as a teacher to be. It may bring lots of advantages as I go on the teaching profession. As what I have learned, that Ethics is the science of what is moral and immoral. The ethics refers to how the human made his actions in dealing with the society. These actions either are moral or immoral. Through studying ethics, as a teacher to be, I may be able to determine the right living and good moral characters. Such in dealing with my future students, I may be able to teach and discuss with them the so called right living. Right living is how an individual able to live in the respective society wherein he may serve as one of the components of these and can contributes in it. Morality has been the foundation of every human society. As a teacher to be, I may able to determine the actions of my students whether it is a human act or acts of man. I have learned that when you say human act, it is the actions perform knowingly, freely and voluntarily. And the acts of man refer to the involuntary actions happen in men which are not within the control of the will of man. Not all actions are human acts, an act of man become human act by knowledge and consent of the doer or the one who performs acts. So I may be able to determine, if the actions of my students maybe an acts of man or human acts. Ethics also concerned in moral obligations, that focus on what behavior is right or wrong. Ethics also enrich the moral insights and it teaches the value of religion. I may also share to my students the Christian morality which base on the Christian perspective.
  2. 2. Ethics also gives importance to human motivation. It gives motivation in a sense that, as I teacher I may act as a role model to my students whenever they observe that I am aware of my actions and these are an actions based on morality, my students may be able to follow and motivated to do also such moral actions. Ethics also covers the classification of law such as the eternal or divine law, natural law and human positive laws. I may also share with my students the divine laws that they must know in order to follow such laws indicated by the Almighty God. If I may determine and know such laws, I may handle myself to perform actions inside the classroom with regard to certain laws in order for me to be vigilant if I ever step on the right of my students. As ethics, point outs morality it also talks about conscience. Conscience is the legal voice wherein my students have this in order for them to do what is a good action and avoid the evil one. As a teacher, through ethics I may be able contributes to the moral development of my students. Along with the ethics is the logic which refers to the science of correct thinking. It is a body of certain and proven knowledge which is obtained arranged in systematic manner. The knowledge and principles of correct thinking one can think and reason easily, spontaneously and correctly. Logic may help in classroom discussion in order for me as a teacher to evaluate whether the certain arguments or reasons in dealing with my students are true or not. Logic is a big help in constructing arguments especially when there is an interactive discussion between me, as a teacher and to my students. I may be able to determine whether the statements in the discussion are formally and materially valid, which shows a correct structures and patterns of a statement or propositions and whether this statement is true. Logic also helps in understanding the universal scope and the specificity of a thing with the use of the deductive and inductive
  3. 3. approach. It also helps to evaluate a persuasion or mere propaganda. Determine statements if it’s purpose are to persuade. It recognizes bad reasoning led from the validity of the reason. It also helps to develop critical attitudes of the students with the others. It gives awareness of the ambiguity of the certain information or arguments presented. It helps to know which reasons are presented not accordance to the realness of the thing. It may arouse doubts whether it is true or not. It also motivate to value systematic approach in understanding certain issue. Understanding a certain issue through several steps or in systematic way to solve it. Logic and ethics points out that right thinking prepossess right living. So, it is essential in the classroom setting.