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403FS2013 YE

  1. 1. The Death of Osama bin LadenLei YeEngl 403 (01)Spring 2013
  2. 2. Osama bin Laden• March 10, 1957 – May 2,2011• Osama bin Laden was thefounder of al-Qaeda• The director of"September 11th“• The most wanted terroristin the world
  3. 3. “September 11th”• 4 attacks launchedby al-Qaeda• Osama bin Ladenwas the director• 2998 people deadand 7 buildingswere destroyed• The world tradecenter
  4. 4. U.S. Seals• The mostpowerful specialforce in the world• Killed Osama binLaden• Ordered byPresident ofUnited State –Barack Obama
  5. 5. Osama bin Laden Dead• shot and killed insidehis secret hiding placein Abbottabad,Pakistan, by the U.Snavy special force• The Navy Seals usedless than 20 minutesto break in his secrethiding place and shothim in the room hewas hiding.
  6. 6. Celebration• America were celebrate Osama’s Death• New York City celebrated harder
  7. 7. My Research• Used keywords to find newspapers• Time period (The week after Osama bin Ladendead)• Found 2 newspapers (The Los Angeles Timesand The Jerusalem Post)• Website (ProQuest Newsstand)• Total 12 newspapers resources
  8. 8. List of Keywords• The death of Osama bin Laden• Week after• Celebrate• U.S Seals
  9. 9. Basic information about twonewspapers• The Jerusalem Post – Israeli daily Englishlanguage newspaper. Founded on December1st 1932.• The Los Angeles Times – daily news paper inLos Angeles, California. Founded on December4th, 1881.
  10. 10. My investigation• Focused on Celebration• People from different culture background actdifferently for a major terrorist’s death• The Los Angeles Times – celebrate• The Jerusalem Post – Do not celebrate• Two newspapers focused on different parts
  11. 11. The Los Angeles times• People were celebrate for Osama bin Laden’sdeath at America, major city – New York City• Everyone was cheer his death• There were 5 out of 7 newspapers talkedabout people celebrate his death• The rest were focus on U.S. Seals
  12. 12. The Jerusalem Post• In one article, the author has Islamic culturebackground, he dissuaded them fromcelebrating a death• There was only one newspaper talked aboutpeople celebrate Osama bin Laden’s death• More focused on how the U.S. Seals foundhim
  13. 13. Conclusion• Overall my investigation shows that theJerusalem Post focused more on how theAmericans found and killed Osama bin Ladenwhile the Los Angeles Times was more focusedon how the Americans celebrated the death ofOsama bin Laden.• America newspapers reported more on thecelebration• The Jerusalem Post reported more on how theU.S. Seals found Osama bin Laden