Christmas gifts ideas - diy the photo card


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Selecting ideal Christmas gifts for relatives and friends is stressful in this festive season, so we come to make sending Christmas gift easier for you this year. The top idea is Christmas Photo Card.

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Christmas gifts ideas - diy the photo card

  1. 1. When Christmas comes to town around the corner, it is exciting for us to guess what we can get onthe very special day and also prepare for the gifts which will present to our dear family and friends.The feeling of receiving as well as sending presents is exciting, but preparing for them is not; sinceit’s not so easy to conceive an excellent idea on what to send and how to make them different yearby year. The most common but a little outdated way is sending a heartwarming message with apostcard. Or some people may bring best wishes along with some useful things. Selecting idealgifts for relatives and friends is stressful in this festive season, so we come to make sendingChristmas gift easier for you this year. And the top idea is Christmas Photo Card!Whats a top Christmas photo card?Among the wide range of Christmas gift ideas, a Christmas photo card is the perfect gift for who iswaiting for a surprise. Amazing Christmas photo card is definitely a fantastic way to delivery warmholiday greetings! Referring the e-photo-card, most people will search cards among the extensiveselections on internet, but the receivers often think that a good Christmas photo card should be thepersonalized and sincere, an excellent Christmas e-photo-card should be designed by receiverswith true emotions. No matter sending gifts for your special woman, lovely kid, or intimate friends, aflash flipping photo card designed by true love will never disappoint their expectations. Because themost cherished gifts always connect with emotion and love. So why not check the followinformation to get tutorials of creating ultimate Christmas gift?How to create a stunning Christmas e-photo-card by your creativity?
  2. 2. Good things always come with several steps.Step 1: choose photos and music, or write messages that you prepare to display on Christmasphoto card. Without limits, you can choose as many photos as you can. Funny or interestingpersonal photos, Christmas themed pictures and others, it is okay if they can delivery your thoughts.Select a song as the background music which can be embedded to photo card.Step 2: put your messages, photos on a pdf file. A good layout is the basic of a good-lookinge-card.Step 3: use a kind of flipping book maker to convert pdf formatted e-card to a flash flippingChristmas photo card. Of course therere many free tools of making flipping photo cards, such asthe free pdf to swf converter, but most of the functions of these freeware are limited, its impossibleto design an amazing flash flipping Christmas photo card. Some best e-card maker such Kvisoft flipbook maker allow you to design a card of shimmering flashes and nice-looking background. Thebiggest advantage is that it offers countless sparkling templates for designing e-photo-cards. Importyour pdf card, choose a fascinating template, set the card size, and export your card as SWFformat, and then a beautiful Christmas photo card is made in few minutes.While kids are waiting Santa Claus to fulfill their Christmas stockings with gifts, your friends still arewaiting for a visual-shocking Christmas Photo Card appearing in their e-mail box. Go to surprisethem with a page flipping Christmas Photo Card!