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Disruptive language


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Disruptive language

  1. 1. Disruptive language Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  2. 2. What is disruptive language?•  Language that grabs attention•  Messages with cut-through•  A way of reframing an issue•  Jarring, unusual and unique•  The remembered phrases Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  3. 3. “No one predicted this, becauseno one thought Alan Joyce was completely mad.” —Captain Richard WoodheadVice President of the Australian and International Pilots Association Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  4. 4. “In the past we have seenmilitant unionism, now we areseeing militant management.” - Independent Senator Nick Xenophon Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  5. 5. Why is disruptive language important?•  Were flooded with information and looking for simple ways to encapsulate ideas•  It’s remembered•  This is particularly important in the shared world of social media•  Simple ideas can reframe context and turn opinion•  Shoehorning your way into public discourse Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  6. 6. To paraphrase a colleague:A line will always beat a paragraph. Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  7. 7. “In response to the unions’ industrial action, I announce that under the provisions of the Fair Work Act Qantas will lock out all those employees who will be covered by the agreementscurrently being negotiated with theALAEA, the TWU and AIPA. I have informed the Government of this.” - Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  8. 8. How is it used in practice?•  Quotes for the media•  Presentations and speeches•  Opinion pieces•  All communications•  Twitter is a medium made for disruptive language Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  9. 9. “Andrew Bolt has just lost his spot as most hated man in Australia #AlanJoyce #Qantas” @CatherineDeveny“Your wife’s turn to do the dishes. She says it’s your turn. You say it’s hers. She burns down the house. #Qantas domestic.” @GeoffLemon“Tiger Airways is now offering all stranded #Qantaspassengers the chance to have their flights delayed on Tiger instead.” @TheChaser Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶
  10. 10. Methods to encourage disruptive language•  Avoid clichés and well worn phrases or technical language•  Alliteration•  Reworking commonly used phrases•  Original metaphors•  Other rhetorical devices•  Short paragraphs Leith Thomas—Communications Consultant ¶