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Tourism for Tomorrow Spotlight Session, SEGRA 2017


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Insights from the Greater China Region - Angus M Robinson

* Taiwan’s VZ Smart Tourism Platform
* Review of a Mobile Tour Application Pilot, also from Taiwan (2009)
* Chinese Tourism and Alipay

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Tourism for Tomorrow Spotlight Session, SEGRA 2017

  1. 1. Tourism of Tomorrow Digital Transformation: Market Insights 1 Angus M Robinson, Managing Partner, Leisure Solutions® SEGRA 2017, 26 October 2017 Yehliu Geopark
  2. 2. Preamble  This session will look at a number of key issues relating to attraction promotions, interpretive information for visitors, and the opportunities that might arise of industry co-ordination and collaboration particularly as they relate particularly to Local Tourism Organisations and Visitor Information Centres, but also more broadly to marketing, digital technology and the visitor experience.  This session will also discuss a regional case study and share the learnings for other regions.  But first, some insights based on a very recent visit to China and Taiwan.
  3. 3. Insights from the Greater China Region  Taiwan’s VZ Smart Tourism Platform  Review of a Mobile Tour Application Pilot, also from Taiwan (2009)  Take Aways
  4. 4. 4 「智慧觀光」或「 VZ TAIWAN」 VZ Taiwan:Front-end Systems Source: VZ TAWAN, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
  5. 5. Before During After VZ TAIWAN’s Comprehensive Services Easy Access to Information Profound Travel Experiences Recording Mechanism • Trip Planning • Multilingual Presentation • Ticket Booking and Pre-ordering Cross Industry Collaboration • O2O&IOT Business • Hands-Free Shopping (Payment & Logistic Integration) Personal Mobile Guide • Travel Route Optimization • Real-time Navigation • Blogs and AR Stories SMB News and Information • Analyze Social Network Trends • Analyze Joint Marketing Results Crowd sourcing • Content Generation & Sharing on Social Networks Travel Information Collection 【Collect, Manage & Analyze Data】【Establish SMB Value Chain】【Match Business Channels】 Offering solutions for travelers and businesses which cater to travel needs BEFORE, DURING and AFTER trips. Source: VZ TAWAN, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
  6. 6. On- boarding VZ TAIWAN Platform Architecture 6 Featured Services Info Inte- gration Smart Analytics 1 2 3 Cross- platform Support 5 4 Social Network Weather, traffic, arts events, culture, facilitiesSpots, activities, food, hotel, shopping Collect social sharing record VZ TAIWAN Platform Recommendation Customer segmentation, Preference analytics Planning & Scheduling Simulation , decision and execution of conditions Story Telling Media-analytic, social analytics, text mining Key Aspects: BEFORE, DURING and AFTER trip • Real-time, interactive, heterogeneous tourism information integration • Thematic tourism information introduction with multi-lingual support • Smart Matching & O2O personalized SoLoMo-Based Services • Social media connectivity & Story-Telling” Services Multi-travelling Purposes support Multi-device support Backpackers.Individuals.Business travelers… Web, APP, Kiosk, Electronic billboards… Government & Open Data Private business onboarding Source: VZ TAWAN, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
  7. 7. Queen’s Head, Yehliu Geopark Pilot Project Overview - 2009
  8. 8. SuperGIS Mobile Tour Pilot - 2009 With GIS and GPS technologies integrated, the tour guide information services will be provided promptly.
  9. 9. Introduction to Functions Creation of the tour routes Selection of tour route Auto-narrating service Tour guide tools Scenic spot query tools Map browsing tools GPS orientation and navigation
  10. 10. Fig.4: Applying Multi Media in Electronic Tour Guide System
  11. 11. Query the Scenic Spot etc, but not what visitors really wanted! Tapping the icons of the scenic spots will reveal the pictures and descriptive texts.
  12. 12. Take Aways Primary functionalities of available smart phone technologies for tourists are certainly  Offering solutions for travelers & businesses which cater to travel needs BEFORE, DURING and AFTER trips - the implemented VZ Taiwan Platform.  Taking photos of highlights of scenic areas and sites, AND NOT necessarily  High level, natural/cultural feature interpretation!
  13. 13. Take Aways (continued)  Outdoor scenic areas are not museums and interpretation technologies used in museums may not always work in an outdoor setting.  Pilot projects need to be carefully undertaken to determine how digital technologies can best work for functionalities beyond sophisticated tour planning.  The Australian tourism industry needs to understand that visiting tourists from North Asia are now accustomed to a digital platform which is currently unavailable in Australia.
  14. 14. And From Mainland China  The country’s online payment system, Alipay and the universal use of QR Codes has provided Chinese consumers with a payments functionality which has leap- frogged payment card based systems and positions China as a technology leader in consumer e-commerce.  Chinese tourists will be looking to access information and services through their smartphones using the QR code system.
  15. 15. Contact Details Tel: + 61 418 488 3400 Information about Australian Geotourism and Geopark Development Activities: