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Murchison Region, Western Australia by Karen Morrissey


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Major geotrail development in the Murchison Region of WA

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Murchison Region, Western Australia by Karen Morrissey

  4. 4. MURCHISON REGION Existing types of tourism  Heritage  Prospecting  Station Stays  Indigenous  Ancestry  Wildflowers  Geo/Astro  Outback, Goo, Q & Astro Rocks Festivals
  5. 5. Geotourism attractions of MURCHISON REGION London Bridge
  6. 6. Geotourism attractions of MURCHISON REGION Walga Rock
  7. 7. Geotourism attractions of MURCHISON REGION The Granites
  8. 8. Geotourism attractions of MURCHISON REGION Errabiddy Bluff
  9. 9. MURCHISON REGION Embracing geotourism development  Self Drive Outback Miners Pathway (& book)  Geotourism sites on town tourist trails and town heritage walks  Monsignor Hawes Heritage Trail  Overlay of current public access sites for proposed Murchison Geo Trail  Promoted in Australias Golden Outback Holiday Planner (Gascoyne Murchison), Gascoyne Murchison Holiday Planner, town brochures
  10. 10. MURCHISON REGION Embracing geotourism development  Mount Magnet at centre – Geo Hub of the Murchison “ a natural Geo Park”  Indigenous Aboriginal engagement with sites - Badimia Land Aboriginal Corporation – developing The Granites  Mount Magnet Mining and Pastoral Museum &  “Treasures of the Earth Rock Collection”  Oldest rock and Ron’s Rocks shed displays  Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest  Mount Magnet Geo Hub of the Murchison
  11. 11. MURCHISON REGION Geo Sites
  12. 12. MURCHISON GEO REGION Geotourism assets  Oldest rocks on the planet – Jack Hills 4.374 billion year old zircons  Gold formed during collision of neutron stars  Historic gold rush towns – Mt Magnet longest continuous goldmining since 1891  Pioneering Settlement and outback stations  Largest gallery of Aboriginal rock art in Western Australia  Oldest mine in the world [ochre]  Ancient Aboriginal story lines in country  Location of Square Kilometre Array, developing as largest radio telescope  Meteorite craters  Largest magma chamber – volcanic circle  Rare orbicular granite [displayed in Australia’s National Rock Garden and Berlin Tiergarten, Global Peace Park]  Unique flora and fauna  Vast ancient and picturesque, unpopulated semi arid landscapes
  13. 13. MURCHISON GEO REGION The journey so far and forwards ....  FACET Regional Conference Mount Magnet 2009  MWDC Tourism Blueprint 2014  Murchison Shires Geo Tourism Workshops 2017, 2018  Proposed Geo Tourism Workshop July 2018  Integration of priority sites, pooling resources, identifying linkages with existing products through region, options, marketing and rebranding  Investigating possibility of collaborative approach with leaseholders to access significant geo sites on pastoral leases
  14. 14. MURCHISON REGION Time for a Geopark  Large and diverse natural geotourism asset  Accessible outback  Time for a new economic driver in region  Time for more jobs for local people  Time for more local business development  Time for a reconnecting of especially Aboriginal people to country in a positive, meaningful way – including planned for ranger programs  Time for a Murchison Geopark