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Geotourism Developments in Ulladulla by Phil Smart


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Presentation by Phil Smart to the Geotourism Workshop of SEGRA 2015 about the Gondwana Fossil Walk and other geotourism developments at Ulladulla, New South Wales

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Geotourism Developments in Ulladulla by Phil Smart

  1. 1. Utilising Ulladulla’s many Natural Resources to Develop Geotourism What the Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk Volunteers have achieved since 2012?
  2. 2. Where’s Ulladulla? Bathurst Ulladulla Ulladulla At the centre of Shoalhaven Shire
  3. 3. Sydney Basin 1: 500K Geology Sheet What features make Shoalhaven • Coastal location • Spectacular Landscape • Ease of access • Geology • World class Fossils
  4. 4. View across Ulladulla Harbour North Head to Warden Head
  5. 5. Ulladulla’s Backdrop Escarpment and rugged wilderness carved by Rivers
  6. 6. Access - Harbour is on Princes Highway
  7. 7. Deposited in cold water on Gondwana’s coast from ~295Ma to 265Ma ago Sedimentary rock sequence in the Shoalhaven Berry Siltstone Siltstone with [<550m thick] minor sandstone Richly fossiliferous Sea flooded eroded basement
  8. 8. Rock hardness has controlled Landscape
  9. 9. Ulladulla rock platforms Guided Fossil Walk Geological Time Walk Fossil Centre
  10. 10. Extent of Shoalhaven Group hosting abundant marine fossils Features:-  Many National Parks  2 Marine Parks  Clyde & Shoalhaven Rivers Coastal lakes/esturaries Ulladulla Harbour Fossil Walk Needed catchy name Ulladulla Gerroa Durras The Gondwana Coast
  11. 11. Our Logo The logo’s elements:-  Circular shape defines the Gondwana Coast  Green symbolises many & varied National Parks  Red symbolises route of Princes Highway  Blue shell symbolises marine fossils on the
  12. 12. Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk Inc Current Projects to expand Geotourism • Brodie Park Time Walk – Showcases geological history of South Coast • Fossil Centre – FREE display of museum quality local and Australian fossils • Fossil Discovery Trail for 1o and 2o school groups
  13. 13. How many Time Walks are there in the World? Many one-off special event Time Walks - offered only one day per year Guided Walk through Time Hallett Cove SA
  14. 14. Permanent set ups - RARE • Britain has one • USA has 3 • Australia has 2; Ulladulla will become the 3rd
  15. 15. British Geological Survey Time Walk in Keyworth, Nottingham (Est. 2012) • Britain’s 3.3Bn history in 130m path • Not to scale • Uses large boulders – one from Outer Hebrides • Generous quarry and tile sponsorship Glossy leaflet
  16. 16. Boulder and Tile descriptions in Leaflet
  17. 17. Briscoe Geology Park in Elementary School – Ashland OR • Geology Park has 3 different Time Walks – Earth Walk covers 4.6Bn yrs in 20m – Life Walk covers 541Ma in 60m – Human Walk covers last 50K yrs in 8m Established in 2009
  18. 18. Mt Diablo, CALIFORNIA - Geological Time Trail Officially opened 2008 • Trail has 20 descriptive signs • Trail is > 10kms long • Trail rises ~900m • Trail goes from youngest to oldest Journeys through 180Ma of geological time
  19. 19. Grand Canyon Trail of Time – est. 2012
  20. 20. Grand Canyon Time Trail Covers 4.6Bn in 4.6km
  21. 21. Grand Canyon Time Trail
  22. 22. Grand Canyon Time Trail Descends ~1.3km and trail is >5km long
  23. 23. Age of Fishes Museum - Time Walk (est. 2006) Focus is on Evolution of Life
  24. 24. Dr Alex Ritchie’s Geological Period Signs
  25. 25. Boulders from all over Australia Geoscience Australia - Australian Geological Time Walk
  26. 26. Covers Earth’s 4.6Bn history in 1.15km Geoscience Australia’s Building
  27. 27. The Ulladulla Time Walk • Theme is 510Ma history of South Coast – Uses >30 boulders placed chronologically and to scale along 255m path • Scale 1 metre = 2Ma; or (Primary student’s pace = 1Ma) • 50 words on cast bronze plaques describe each boulder • Parallel theme - evolution of life on Earth – A3 size laser etched signs for each geological period with images of animals and plants – Bronze strips across path record the 5 major mass extinction events
  28. 28. First Boulders placed to Scale Work commenced in Oct 2013
  29. 29. Small gardens - flexible edge strips Mulch was organic – pine chips
  30. 30. Planting has begun Changed to matching rock mulches
  31. 31. Ferricrete; Limestone; Silcrete in garden bed with quality edging
  32. 32. Earth’s 5 Major Mass Extinctions Inlaid 2 metre long Bronze strips record each event
  33. 33. Will seek sponsors for funding shortfall
  34. 34. Our Fossil Centre – Heritage Cottage (c1850)
  35. 35. Former Tenant - “The Tea House”
  36. 36. That concludes my presentation Thank you There’ll be plenty of time to answer your questions in the panel discussion