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Geoparks Initiatives in Western Australia - Alan Briggs


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Report on geopark developments by Alan Briggs, Chair, Geoparks WA to the Second International Workshop on the Business of Geotourism and Geoparks, 14th May 2018, Perth WA

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Geoparks Initiatives in Western Australia - Alan Briggs

  1. 1. Presentation to FACET/Geoparks WA Workshop on Geotourism and Geoparks • Alan Briggs • PhD Candidate – Murdoch University • Inaugural President, Geotourism WA
  2. 2. Experience our Story 4 Billion Years in the Making Ancient geology, flora and fauna; Oldest living culture in the World; 200 years of early explorers and pioneering; and contemporary rural life styles Geoparks – best kept secret in Australia since Rotary!
  3. 3. Professor Ross Dowling leading the way Of Geoparks and International Achievements in the World of Global Geoparks. In Australia and Western Australia: • We have Geotrails • Much talk in Regions and Metro about Geoparks • Geoparks included in some Development Commission plans • Increasing community interest
  4. 4. Currently we are alone in the Geopark wilderness … Geoparks to the north … Geoparks to the South (NZ soonish?) … And nothing in Australia
  5. 5. Proposed (Aspiring) Geoparks/ Georegions in Western Australia Murchison Gunduwa Wheatbelt – Westralia Granite Way Port Kennedy-Rottnest Margaret River/Capes Porongurup
  6. 6. Western Australia – A Vast Landscape with ample geology and cultural experiences Augusta to Kununurra - 37 hrs (3,513.0 km) via National Highway 95 and National Highway 1
  7. 7. Murchison Aspiring Geopark Walga Rock Walga Rock – 1.8km length
  8. 8. Porongurup Proposed Geopark
  9. 9. Margaret River/Capes Proposed Geopark
  10. 10. Pre- Aspiring Westralia Granite Way Geopark
  11. 11. 50 Years ago Yorkrakine Rock Toapin Weir
  12. 12. Kennedy Rottnest Propose d Geopark
  13. 13. Gunduwa Proposed Geopark
  15. 15. So, there is a lot of potential from an environmental perspective and the community• Murchison is likely to pursue a Geotrail approach • Wheatbelt and Gunduwa will likely each be an amalgamation of shires • Porongurup is to be developed • Port Kennedy – Rottnest is being explored • Margaret River-Augusta likely to be initiated soon • Geoparks are on the scene in Western Australia
  16. 16. Finally, Geoparks WA • Geoparks WA is an incorporated community organisation • Annual General Meeting to be held soon. • Register now, no fee, just your interest. • Record your email address. • Thank you. •