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Determining the Potential for Geotrails by Alan Briggs


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The Gunduwa Conservation Region (GCR) is situated over a convergence of biological, cultural and geological attributes that are of international significance. Located in the Midwest region of Western Australia the GCR also straddles the agricultural industries of cropping and grazing, and pastoral lands. Gunduwa is the Aboriginal name given to the prominent rocky outcrop now known as Mt Singleton which lies on Ningham Station, between Dalwallinu and Paynes Find on the Great Northern Highway. There are many other geological features within the region, some with interesting early explorer connections. During 2016 the potential for establishing geotrails in the region was investigated. This paper relates the concepts developed in considering what makes good geotrails, the overlaying structure for deriving heritage touristic information and also looks at preliminary findings of research into the community’s perceptions of establishing a Geopark in the region.

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Determining the Potential for Geotrails by Alan Briggs

  1. 1. 2016 Global Eco Asia - Pacific Tourism Conference 21 - 23 November 2016, Hobart, Tasmania Determining the Potential for Geotrails Alan Briggs – PhD Candidate, Murdoch University and Gunduwa Conservation Region Western Australia
  3. 3. BASIS FOR DETERMINING THE POTENTIAL FOR GEOTRAILS IN GUNDUWA • Geological History • – billions of years in development • Fauna and Flora development • – evolving with time and to places • Aboriginal Culture • – 40,000 to 60,000 years of living culture • Early European Exploration • – 250 years of exploration, pastoral and land use • Contemporary land use • – cropping, grazing, sandalwood, mining, tourism
  4. 4. John Forrest Hill And cairn
  5. 5. POTENTIAL GEO-TRAIL KEY AREAS WITHIN THE GUNDUWA CONSERVATION REGION Wubin – 3.5hrs n of Perth (270km) Perth to Paynes Find – 6 hours, 450km) Mullewa - 5hrs, 470km
  7. 7. Two local examples Charles Darwin Reserve
  8. 8. Discussions with Community Leaders • Key elements: • Create more awareness of the potential – community, government and business • Engage with the locals • Tourism is important • Geoparks, Geotourism add to the opportuities
  9. 9. Thank You • This project is supported by the following: • Gunduwa Conservation Region Association • Bush Heritage Australia • Shires of Perenjori, Morawa, Yalgoo and Bencubbin • Murdoch University