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Occupational rehabilitation in the adf hayter


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Occupational rehabilitation in the adf hayter

  1. 1. OCCUPATIONAL REHABILITATION IN THE ADF JOINT HEALTH COMMAND “Vini, Vidi, Vici” Jane Hayter Directorate ADF Rehabilitation Services
  2. 2. AIM •“Vini” – Establishment of DRS and ADFRP •“Vidi” – An incredible journey - developments since 2006 •“Vici” – Moving Forward – “Opportunity Knocks” – what will happen in 2011 JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  3. 3. ADFRP Mission Assists ADF members to return to a state of readiness as soon as practicable after injury or illness, through the provision of occupational rehab services. Maximises potential for restoration of pre-injury physical, occupational, social, psychological & educational status. Achieve a seamless transition to civilian environment if required. JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  4. 4. What is the ADF Rehabilitation Program? JOINT HEALTH COMMAND Occupational rehabilitation: ‘multidisciplinary strategy drawing together clinicians, command and other key stakeholders in the support of a member’ Focuses on the restoration of productive work functioning or maximum independence Misconception: It is not clinical rehabilitation
  5. 5. ADF Rehabilitation Program Process Map
  6. 6. The DRS Journey •Integration of services – Increase in stakeholder contact – Improvements & refining of policy & process •Compensation Support •ADF Paralympic Sports Program JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  7. 7. ADF Compensation Support •Provide compensation claims & determinations to the Services & JHC staff •Monitor & report on DVA performance & the quality of determinations JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  8. 8. ADF Paralympic Sports Program Assist ADF members to regain functional independence, physical fitness & an active & healthy lifestyle through adaptive sport •Improve amputee care •Advance personal fitness goals •Coaching & mentoring •Equity & empowerment JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  9. 9. Additional Projects •ADF Support to Injured or Ill Project (SIIP) Review •Simpson Assistance Project (SAP) JOINT HEALTH COMMAND
  10. 10. Future ADFRP Innovations & Improvements JOINT HEALTH COMMAND “Opportunity Knocks” ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP) Transformation Savings under SRP Internal Workforce Improved Teamwork with Health Staff Improved Communication within Defence
  11. 11. New Workforce & Transition Process JOINT HEALTH COMMAND Acknowledge current RC’s & External Service Providers Allied Health Professionals – Regional Rehabilitation Manager and Rehabilitation Consultants Current RC’s may transfer into new positions Recruitment will start soon with anticipated start dates • RRM March 2011 • RC April 2011
  12. 12. Challenges JOINT HEALTH COMMAND The transition will be a “staged” process DRS maintains the Technical Authority & Governance Role – National Consistency, Regional Flexibility
  13. 13. Member Management&Coordination Command RehabilitationConsultant Case Transition Health&Fitness eransAffairsSocial •Personnel & C areer M anagem ent •OH&S •Work Conditioning •Deploy- ability •W elfare •R etention •R edeploy- m ent •R etraining • Physical C onditioning •Prim ary H ealthcare • Tertiary & Specialist Healthcare • Clinical & Occupational Rehabilitation • Fam ily / dependents •Housing •Rehabil- itation •Healthcare •Compen- sation •Reserve Service •Separation Adm inistration •Education & Training •Em ploym ent •Compensation •Pensions •Super- annuation •Legal •Finance •Housing& Relocation •Additional Support+ Family Vet key to success? Effective mmunication & onstructive Feedback
  14. 14. JOINT HEALTH COMMAND Summary “Vini” - Where it all began “Vidi” - Developments “Vici” – Opportunity Knocks
  15. 15. JOINT HEALTH COMMAND Looking orward to working with everyone o make it happen