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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 这是吴晓明和张志两位好手根据一个老外写的帖子而设计的一份 PPT 形象而逼真,但不失为一份传播 PPT 艺术设计理念的精彩 PPT 作品。网上是以文章显示 ,雷某特此把该帖转换成 PPT 形式以共大家欣赏。 2010 年 5 月 23 日
  2. 3. 1. It may look basically similar, but you should NEVER confuse it with the Real Thing 它也许看起来很象,但你千万不要把它和真的东西搞混--不要以为看起来大(漂亮),就以为内容也好!
  3. 4. 2. You can borrow or steal someone else's, but it will never fit like your own 你可以借或窃取别人的,但它永远不会适合你自己的(东东)
  4. 5. 3. Given confidence, you will often make a bigger impact without one 只要有信心,你经常会制造更大的影响,即使没有它们
  5. 6. 4. People think they need the support, but forget it's a restriction too 人们以为他们需要支持,但忘记了它们也是限制
  6. 7. 5. People usually try to fit too much inside** 人们总是想往里面装太多的东西--绝!图表中数据不要太多
  7. 8. 6. It's certainly pretty, but do you really want someone else's design to cover up your uniqueness? 它是很漂亮,但你真想让别人的设计来掩盖你的唯一性吗
  8. 9. 7. Too much decoration can distract from content 太多的装饰可能导致分心-- PPT 如此,图表尤其如此
  9. 10. 8. Technical troubles will occur at the most embarassing moments 技术问题总是出现在最尴尬的时刻--绝!想想明星们在红地毯上掉胸罩的样子
  10. 11. 9. It's possible to send one by mail, but it is empty and lifeless, so why bother? 可以邮寄一个,但它是空的、无生气的,要它有何用?
  11. 12. 10. It is often used out of habit or insecurity - but there are plenty of situations where it only gets in the way 它们经常是出于习惯或无把握而被使用-但很多情形下它们只是障碍而已
  12. 13. 我知道你现在很想要,不知道你是想欣赏这个 PPT 还是胸罩? 另一个女老外写了个更无聊的反驳贴子: PPT 不象胸罩的 32 个理由