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Shanna Muston


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Shanna Muston, Banana Shire Council / Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery. A Tribute to Modern Pioneers presentation at Opening Doors: 2019 Museums & Galleries Queensland Conference.

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Shanna Muston

  1. 1. Curating in Regional Communities A Tribute to Modern Pioneers
  2. 2. BSRAG Main Gallery
  3. 3. Exhibition Publication Community Engagement
  4. 4. WHO IS A MODERN PIONEER? So much of our history is recorded and celebrated after the fact. A Tribute to Modern Pioneers aimed to capture contemporary, regional Queensland stories while the person can tell their story in their own words. Trail blazers Innovators Creating Change
  5. 5. STORY SELECTION Call Out Process Community directly suggest the content (within a suggested framework) Criteria 1. Local relevance 2. Unique story 3. Ongoing legacy 4. Be willing to work with the photographer
  6. 6. MYLES BREITKREUTZ Recreational Flyer Aircraft Builder Industry Advocate
  7. 7. DEBBIE ELLIOT Rural and Regional Health Advocate
  8. 8. FIONA HAYWARD Landowner Rights Advocate Modern Grazier Cultural Achiever
  9. 9. BURNETT AND LOUISE JOYCE Cattle Genetics Sustainable Property Management Distance Education
  10. 10. AUDA MACLEAN Artist
  11. 11. HAZEL MANN Artist
  12. 12. JANE PARKER Agricultural Researcher Developer of Herb Industry in Banana Shire
  13. 13. DAVID TREVILYAN Machinery Inventor World Record Holder
  14. 14. “I am inspired by incredible locations, culture, community, adventure, and passionate individuals. I love to work with anyone who creates, innovates, or has a story to tell. Integrity is undoubtedly the most photogenic quality.” RACHAEL BASKERVILLE
  15. 15. WORKING WITH THE RIGHT ARTIST • Local or Visitor? • Clearly outline what you want the artist to deliver • Share the opportunity • Fair decision making process • Previous work • Key words that align with goals Shanna Muston and Rachael Baskerville
  16. 16. WORKING WITH AN URBAN ARTIST • Fresh perspective • Allow time • Multiple visits – building relationships • Capacity building • Careful planning • Higher costs
  17. 17. BRIEF • 10 Portraits • Publication • Local Tour ALLOW A PROJECT TO EVOLVE REALITY • 9 Portraits • 19 Supplementary photos • Suite of additional photos • Loaned objects • Publication • Behind the scenes video • Original song • Public programs
  21. 21. BE RESOURCEFUL • Use other professions where possible • Consider future projects – spend wisely • Work to capabilities
  22. 22. COMMUNITY COLLABORATION • Nominating content • As content • Making content • Audience • Participants • Collection Legacy
  23. 23. LEARNINGS • Local content • Clear process and plans • Make informed and justified decisions – bring in others • Focus on content and quality • Set reasonable deadlines • Use other professionals and delegate • Go with the flow – allow a project to evolve beyond your idea