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Michael Wardell


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Michael Wardell, Logan Art Gallery. He kākano āhau (I am a seed) - Logan Art Gallery's recent project with the local Māori Community presentation at Opening Doors: 2019 Museums & Galleries Queensland Conference.

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Michael Wardell

  1. 1. He kākano āhau (I am a seed) Logan Art Gallery 2018
  2. 2. He kākano āhau (I am a seed) - Community consultation - Community involvement
  3. 3. Project Coordinator, Amy Clarke, introducing the artists (l to r): Teraimana Tahiata, Jackie Makarena Hawkins, Onesian (Allen Vili), Cheremene Castle, Mihimai Nikora, Tania Hapai Heta and Merri Randell. (Leona Morete was unable to attend the opening due to family business in New Zealand.)
  4. 4. Mihimai Nikora, Tania Hapai Heta and Leona Morete leading the community weave workshops
  5. 5. Community weave. Ngā tamariki o Uru (The children of Uru-te-ngangana), 2018, woven harakeke (flax Formium tenox).
  6. 6. He kākano āhau (I am a seed) - Exhibition - Public Programs
  7. 7. Poowhiri (Traditional Welcome) before the official opening
  8. 8. Exhibition installation (l to r): Cheremene Castle, Onesian (Allen Vili), Mihimai Nikora, Jackie Makarena Hawkins and Tania Hapai Heta
  9. 9. Cheremene Castle, Ngaruru (to be abundant, prolific, strong in growth, thrive, flourish) 1 to 3 2018
  10. 10. Exhibition installation (l to r): Jackie Hawkins, Te Ata, 2018 and Te Ao, 2018, and Tania Hapai Heta, E kui mā, e koro mā (a formal greeting and acknowledgement of elders), 2018, tukutuku artwork, dowel, bamboo, stain, kangaroo leather, suede.
  11. 11. Teraimana Tahiata, Mana Whenua (The honour from the land) Marlu, Muni (Kangaroo), 2018; Mate kaitiaki (Death of the guardian) Kabul (Carpet snake), 2018; He Parata, 2018; He tohorā (Whale tail) 2018 and He matau (Hook) 2018
  12. 12. Leona Morete, Pinepine te kura (little tiny treasure) 2018 hue (gourd), harakeke (flax Phormium tenax), resin With detail showing smaller gourd that is inside larger gourd
  13. 13. Merri Randell, Touching the Mauri 2018 HD video (with sound) duration: 8 minutes. Soundscape artist: Whaia Whaea.
  14. 14. Teraimana Tahiata, giving talk and demonstration to local school group
  15. 15. Sacred sounds performance with Whaia Whaea, sound artist for installation by Merri Randell
  16. 16. He kākano āhau (I am a seed) - Māori Cultural Fun Day
  17. 17. Māori Cultural Fun Day poster and Māori Elder Uncle Tu speaking at second Poowhiri (Traditional Welcome)
  18. 18. Te Manu Ori Ori, Childrens Māori performing group
  19. 19. Auaha, Māori performing art games
  20. 20. Fashion show by exhibiting artist, Cheremene Castle
  21. 21. Te Manu Rererangi o te Ahi, Adult Māori performing group
  22. 22. Artists’ Talks with (l to r): Merri Randell, Leona Morete and Tania Hapai Heta
  23. 23. Art and craft activities in the Gallery’s workshop