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Jodi Ferrari


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Jodi Ferrari, Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre. #coolexhibition: New Ways of Thinking About Our Young Audiences presentation at Opening Doors: 2019 Museums & Galleries Queensland Conference.

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Jodi Ferrari

  1. 1. #coolexhibition: New Ways of Thinking About Our Young Audiences Jodi Ferrari
  2. 2. #coolexhibition IMAGE: Nastya Nudnik
  3. 3. #coolexhibition IMAGE: iHeart I Street Art
  4. 4. #coolexhibition    
  5. 5. #coolexhibition
  6. 6. #coolexhibition
  7. 7. #coolexhibition Science Gallery Melbourne is looking for young and curious people to join Sci Curious – an advisory group that will help inform and shape the future of our exhibitions, public events and programs. We’re keen to talk to 15 to 25-year-olds who are passionate about art, science, design, technology and innovation, and who are keen to meet other like-minded, self-confessed (and proud) nerds and contribute to the Gallery’s planning and projects, keeping young voices front and centre. We welcome all young people, and strongly encourage applications from people who are Indigenous, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and people with disabilities. Sci Curious members will receive a small payment in exchange for their time. w.
  8. 8. #coolexhibition
  9. 9. #coolexhibition
  10. 10. #coolexhibition IMAGES: Harry Cox, secondary school student, Gold Coast
  11. 11. #coolexhibition IMAGE: Michelle Hamer tapestry
  12. 12. #coolexhibition IMAGE: Natasha Bieniek
  13. 13. #coolexhibition Shaun Gladwell Pacific Undertow Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  14. 14. #coolexhibition Shaun Gladwell Pacific Undertow Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  15. 15. #coolexhibition Shaun Gladwell Pacific Undertow Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  16. 16. #coolexhibition Shaun Gladwell Pacific Undertow Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
  17. 17. #coolexhibition Experimenta Makes Sense International Triennial of Media Art at TRG
  18. 18. #coolexhibition Experimenta Makes Sense International Triennial of Media Art at TRG
  19. 19. #coolexhibition Margaret Olley Art Centre iPad area
  20. 20. #coolexhibition NGA app ‘Siren Discovers ‘Art Deco’ Visitors can loan a plush toy and a mini iPad from the Gallery Desk upon arrival for children under 5 to engage with the exhibition ‘The world turns Modern: Art Deco from the National Collection’.
  21. 21. #coolexhibition
  22. 22. #coolexhibition
  23. 23. #coolexhibition
  24. 24. #coolexhibition
  25. 25. #coolexhibition NGV Friday Nights
  26. 26. #coolexhibition NGV Friday Nights
  27. 27. #coolexhibition
  28. 28. #coolexhibition Auckland Art Gallery
  29. 29. #coolexhibition IDEA The best way to make young people acquainted with art is to get real works of art in their hands. Normally the cost of artwork is forbidding for young people, muka offers a solution! MUKA PRINTS • Original lithographs by prominent artists • To be seen • To be appreciated • To be bought eventually • To be owned • Exclusively for people under 19 NO ADULTS ALLOWED • The magic value of art • Cannot be expressed in money • It’s all about connecting • Ideally at a young age
  30. 30. #coolexhibition RULES • A number of well-known artists from around the world are invited to produce a set of small (100 x 200mm) original lithographs • The works reflect the normal style and concerns of the artists, there is no patronising or ‘talking down’ to children • The lithographs will eventually be sold to young people aged 5-18 inclusive • Visitors to the show can buy a maximum of three lithographs and only for themselves, not for adults • All works sold at a uniform price set according to specific costs in every county • Names and signatures of the artists are covered up during the shows, muka wants young art collectors to look to look at the works, not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain • Adults are not allowed in the exhibitions • Visitors can enter the exhibition space only once • Mobile phones and camera are not allowed in the exhibition space
  31. 31. #coolexhibition SUMMARY OF IDEAS TO EXPLORE How does technology support or enhance the experience of young visitors to your gallery or museum? EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY BUT FOCUS ON EXPERIENCE How many fans/followers does your institution’s social media have in the elusive demographic of young people? CREATIVELY ENGAGE YOUNG PEOPLE WITH YOUR CONTENT ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS How does your promotional material reflect or inspire engagement young people’s engagement with your gallery or museum? EMBED YOUNG PEOPLE Are you displaying the ‘right’ art and objects to connect with young audiences? THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX ABOUT CONTENT TO ATTRACT YOUNG AUDIENCES Are you embracing the language of young people ? LEARN THE LINGO - EMBRACE HASHTAGS AND EMOJIS What do millennials want? DJS, MIXED DRINKS AND DATING OPTIONS (?)
  32. 32. #coolexhibition So, what do we offer in the social and digital age? Your friendly reminder… The Gallery offers my students an authentic experience rather than a mediated one. I use the mediated imagery prior to arrival in the Gallery to educate the students on the intensity and integrity of a primary viewing that digital presentation does not offer. Whilst some galleries in the world make available on their sites exceptionally high resolution imagery - allowing you to look at the strokes of the paint brush for example, they do not allow for the wider sensory engagement that can lead to the aesthetic experience and deeper understanding of the feel for a work. - Secondary Visual Arts teacher
  33. 33. #coolexhibition DISCUSSION / QUESTIONS