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Ann Kreger


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Ann Kreger, Cairns and District Chinese Association Inc. Walking and Talking: Chinese Culture in Cairns presentation at Opening Doors: 2019 Museums & Galleries Queensland Conference.

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Ann Kreger

  1. 1. Walking and Talking Chinese Heritage Ann Kreger Heritage Group Cairns & District Chinese Association Inc
  2. 2. Context  Culturally diverse region with significant tourist visitation  CADCAI  Custodianship of the nationally significant Lit Sung Goong collection  limited knowledge about Northern Australia’s Chinese history Pre demolition Lit Sung Goong 1960’s Chinatown Precinct 2019 – Tour volunteer
  3. 3.  donated temporary premises in a storage shed in Cairns Chinatown precinct  Lit Sung Goong Collection in storage  250 + temple objects
  4. 4. CADCAI Museum & Cultural Centre CCC-01 Chinese Cultural Centre November 2018 Museum Entry Cairns Cultural Precinct Opposite Chinese Gardens
  5. 5. Partnerships Central to public exhibitions and development of community awareness of Chinese history in NQ Individual artists and/or heritage, arts and performance organisations – local, national & overseas Regional Art Gallery 2006 William Yang & Kick Arts 2016
  6. 6. Community Engagement  Active festival, heritage, arts and performance program  Heritage: exhibitions, Chinatown Tours, family history contemporary and historic perspectives  Festivals: Cairns, Mareeba Multicultural, CNY, Cooktown Discovery Lion dancers Heritage Stall-Street Festival CNY Street Festival
  7. 7.  Chinese history organisations & conferences  University & academic collaborations  Visits by appointment: stakeholders, schools, families, interested community  Visiting artist & cultural exchange programs  Weekly activities
  8. 8. Developing interpretations  Broad and regular engagement, informal and formal feedback Engage with different audiences  Iterative processes  Access community expertise
  9. 9. Developing interpretations  research: temple, people & LSG symbolism Reflective workshops oral history, tour rehearsals
  10. 10. Case Study – Deep Roots Cairns Museum  Planning & evolution Museum curator & MDO Researchers In depth opportunities Evaluation: Guides and formal feedback
  11. 11. Case study- Chinatown Tours  Cairns Museum approach to CADCAI  interest in acting  Scripts, workshops & rehearsals 3 x 1 ½ hour events reenactments -events and characters LSG collection tour Informal Evaluation
  12. 12. Response to CADCAI Heritage engagement increasing interest & engagement Expressed interest in learning more Sharing their memories of people & experiences Organisations seeking collaborations Support for CADCAI Centre and more exhibitions
  13. 13. Next? • 2020 CNY Collaboration with Cairns Museum contemporary social history using oral history and photography • Virtual/on line exhibition?