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The Prairie Initiative - Update


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The Prairie Initiative is a family of projects that aim to make a more supportive environment for people who are new to the community and a more productive environment for our contributors.

Published in: Design, Technology
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The Prairie Initiative - Update

  1. 1. The Prairie Initiative Leisa Reichelt disambiguity.comDrupalcon London 2011
  2. 2. I want to help improve the registration form that comes out of Drupal. Where do I go to offer my time/skills to the community?
  3. 3. where is it? how do I get involved?
  4. 4. maybe I want to get started helping?
  5. 5. maybe this is for me? forums? IRC? (eek!) Community & Support Page
  6. 6. community: this looks like the obviousplace to a more obvious place to start...
  7. 7. where is the Drupal community? not here...
  8. 8. not here either....
  9. 9. eeek!
  10. 10. maybe here? (what am I registering for?)
  11. 11. still don’t know what I’m registering for...
  12. 12. from: info
  13. 13. welcome to the Drupal community... or not.
  14. 14. WTF?
  15. 15. so... this is Drupal right?you’d better get used to it.
  16. 16. this is an (inadvertent)statement of our values
  17. 17. we don’t value theexperience that new contributors have
  18. 18. we don’t value the quality of the products we produceand/or the spaces we inhabit
  19. 19. could we make a crappier ‘onboarding’ experience if we tried?
  20. 20. The term onboarding comes from the field ofhuman resources and the common practice ofnew hire orientation. In that context, the stepsin the process are often referred to asaccommodate, assimilate, and accelerate—all ofwhich apply quite nicely to how new users oughtto be treated in order to bring them into the fold.- Whitney Hess
  21. 21. alternate ‘onboarding’ patterns
  22. 22. how persistent people whoDON’T work for Drupal shopsand join the community must be (desirability, passion?)
  23. 23. tactics//vision
  24. 24. tactics//vision
  25. 25. who do we want in the Drupal community?
  26. 26. how should it feel to join the Drupal community?
  27. 27. how should it feel to stay active the Drupal community?
  28. 28. how much do we care?
  29. 29. as you are, so are your buildings;and as your buildings are, so are you Louis H Sullivan ‘father of skyscrapers’Introducing the Prairie InitiativeLeisa Reichelt,
  30. 30. ‘The behavior you’re seeing is the behavior you’ve designed for’ Joshua Porter
  31. 31. designing for behaviour as a firstclass object... change the context and you get different behaviour - Clay Shirky
  32. 32. backcasting from an ideal state
  33. 33. social architecture project the prairie initiative
  34. 34. prairie schoolorganic architecture
  35. 35. goals:1. to improve the collaboration tools on so that we can do more and better work together and make Drupal better, faster. 2. to grow the pool of contributors by making a better and easier place to become acontributor - to make it less intimidating to people who want to get started contributing
  36. 36. Prairie Initiative is not a project It’s a family of projects with a shared vision
  37. 37. help us to be more effective- allow us to make good decisions, quickly- involve the right people at the right time- encourage us to follow good processes fordesigning and implementing solutions
  38. 38. we need to be more findableand more joined up- how do new people find the issue queue?- you do you find issues you need/want to know about?- why are there three different initiatives going on atonce to solve the same problem (this is ok, except thatthey don’t know about each other)
  39. 39. we need to know about thingseven if we can’t be on IRC or in theissue queue for hours every day- smart notifications!- let me know when I should know something.- don’t bug me all the time...
  40. 40. we need understand & supportmodes of participation better- 1:9:90- easier to be a power user/leader- easier to dip in and add value
  41. 41. we need a better way to planinitiatives together- planning something big is different to gettingwork on a project done- a place to plan complex, multi-stage projects- a place to plan projects that don’t involve code
  42. 42. we need to be more inclusive- a welcoming environment for noobs- a way to efficiently provide friendly support- an environment that supports all disciplines.
  43. 43. be considerate be respectful be collaborativewhen we disagree, we consult otherswhen we are unsure, we ask for help step down considerately
  44. 44. we should behave online like we do inthe hallways at conferences & camps- an environment that encourages friendliness,politeness, constructiveness, proactivity.- a way to channel passion positively- ‘the shadow of the future’?
  45. 45. We don’t have a choice about whether we havea reputation system or not.We need to choose if/how we write it down .- what’s measured matters- a way to show influencewhilst remaining egalitarian- a way to show expertise without beinga show off
  46. 46. a world of inspiration...
  47. 47. what if an issue was more like an Open Ideo challenge?
  48. 48. what if an issue was more like an Open Ideo challenge?
  49. 49. what if an issue was more like an Open Ideo challenge?
  50. 50. what if an issue was more like an Open Ideo challenge?
  51. 51. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  52. 52. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  53. 53. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  54. 54. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  55. 55. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  56. 56. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  57. 57. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  58. 58. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  59. 59. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  60. 60. what if an issue was more like a Quora Q&A?
  61. 61. what if our profile pages were better designed?
  62. 62. what if we had topic pages like Quora?
  63. 63. what if we could see who was most expert in a topic, like on Quora?
  64. 64. what if our dashboard was more like Facebook’s News Feed
  65. 65. What if our Group pages were more like a Ning site?
  66. 66. What if we could see the Drupal community like you can see a Stack Exchange community?
  67. 67. What if the issue queue looked more like Stack Exchange?
  68. 68. what we’ve been working on...
  69. 69.
  70. 70. Notifications Link to topic based activity‘Digest’ emails of relevant activity Improve dashboard
  71. 71. Project/Module incl. Git
  72. 72. we don’t need to scratch an itchwe need a course of medication
  73. 73. Make no little plans.They have no magic to stir men’s blood Daniel Burnham, Chicago architect. (1846-1912)