Strategic User Experience (ConfabUK 2013)


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If you get a seat at the strategy table, bring a prototype

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Strategic User Experience (ConfabUK 2013)

  1. Strategic User Experience @leisa
  2. Strategic User Experience @leisa
  3. ‘everyone has a plan,until they getpunched in the face’- Mike Tyson, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
  4. Top Down designing better environments for doing better UX Bottom Up delivering strategy through execution
  5. ?what is stopping you from doing your best work for your organisation
  6. org chart budgets & accounting KPIs & targets leadershippriorities methodologyincentives culture vision power environment communications technology
  7. The Golden Circle - Simon Sinek‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’
  8. a customer doesn’t buy a drill...
  9. everyone has their face toward the CEO andtheir ass toward the customer - Jack Welch -
  10. ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’
  11. what are you trying to achieve? 1. vision (business purpose) what’s the plan? 2. business strategy value proposition target audience business model customer experience strategy 3. what tools keep customer the organisation customer journey map experience (CX) aligned? framework personas design principles KPIs and metrics how do weexecute the plan? 4. strategy driven tactical execution cross-disciplinary workflow prototyping in code evidence driven decisions agile, iterative methodology
  12. Business ModelYes! you need to understand it No! you don’t need an MBA (unless you want one) Make sure you understand and care about where the money comes in and goes out (both costs or customers lost).
  13. CustomerExperience
  14. Customer Journey Mapping
  15. A team that has a shared missionthat is importantdoes not get thrown offby a bad quarter or a badpress report.- Gary Hemel
  16. prototyping strategy creating strategy through execution
  17. the olden days
  18. design is not linear
  19. problem solving is squiggly
  20. How I work now... - get a multidisciplinary team quickly. - sketch to HTML, stay out of photoshop - real content, prototype/testing content- multiple prototypes (test lots of ideas, don’t commit) - quickly test both qualitative and ‘active’ use - let stakeholders ‘touch’ your ideas - iterate, the more quickly to learn more. - only document what you really need to.
  21. prototyping beats abstraction
  22. Be making,not documenting what does it feel like?
  23. Don’t work alone a small, co-located team is best -you (UX/IA)- 1 or 2 FE Developers (UX Developers?) - Content Prototyper - BA / Project Mgr - Visual/Graphic Designer - 1 or two Back End Dev
  24. Prototype in Code say no to Axure.
  25. Don’t Present .psd Files spend as little time as possible in photoshop only present to stakeholders in HTML
  26. Experiment Immediately embrace experimentation make evidence based decisions
  27. Prototype Change make new things less scary
  28. How to Break the Mould? prototyping new strategies into existence
  29. customer journey map informed by one on one interviews the massive impact that a connection with someone at Surrey (staff or current student) can have on this decision the stress (and prospectus as souvenir in opportunity for us) ofsubject first, then university early stage of journey the ‘intellectual’ and very the highly emotional ‘cultural the personal statement online process of making the fit’ process of choosing your first shortlist ‘dream university’
  30. true on current website intent survey
  31. search keyword analysisinternal site search terms
  32. Hardcoded Prototypebuilt on Bootstrap framework
  33. and it’s responsive!
  34. Show, don’t tella design principle and a way of working
  35. Make Decisions with Evidence embrace experimentation make evidence based decisions
  36. card sorting will people find courses they want in the subject groupings we propose?
  37. super early click testingPROTOTYPE CURRENT WEBSITE
  38. Content Prototyping content is crucial. experiment with content
  39. At which of these two universities would you prefer to study?
  40. Prototypes arePersuasiveexcite your stakeholders
  41. Strategy lives in delivery not in meetings
  42. if you get a seat at the strategy table...bring a prototype
  43. thank you! @leisa