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Things you can do to help your organisation make better services for users


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Four things you can do to start shifting the culture of your organisation so that it is more able to make better services for your users, based on experience at the Government Digital Service.

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Things you can do to help your organisation make better services for users

  1. 1. Leisa Reichelt Head of User Research, Government Digital Service GDS
  2. 2. hola. @leisa GDS
  3. 3. Government Digital Service ‘revolution not evolution’ October 2010 @leisa GDS
  4. 4. GOV.UK @leisa GDS
  5. 5. Transformation
  6. 6. Transformation GDS 25 of the most important transactions in government
  7. 7. Identity
  8. 8. Our aim is to make services so good, people prefer to use them @leisa GDS
  9. 9. GDS Change the product-making DNA of the organisation
  10. 10. GDS 1. Show don’t tell
  11. 11. GDS
  12. 12. @leisa GDS
  13. 13. GDS Making the thing makes the impossible seem possible. Making the thing makes scary things feel exciting and achievable. @leisa
  14. 14. You can now build working software in less time than it takes to have the meeting to describe it - Simon Willison
  15. 15. GDS Note: Wireframes don’t count. @leisa
  16. 16. GDS 2. Ask for less
  17. 17. Human nature prefers to delay big, brave decisions rather than make them.
  18. 18. Ask for things that are harder to say no to. Simplify.
  19. 19. Ask for an alpha.
  20. 20. Ask for small (but important) behaviour changes.
  21. 21. ‘do user research in every sprint’ 5 people in a lab for one on one interview + usability
  22. 22.
  23. 23. ‘get your exposure hours: 2hrs / 6wks’
  24. 24. this is what real people do.
  25. 25. @leisa GDS
  26. 26. BURN YOUR SELECT TAGS - Alice Bartlett @leisa GDS
  27. 27. ‘have a researcher embedded in the team at least 3 days a week’
  28. 28. (this is not just about user research. what behaviours do YOU want to change?)
  29. 29. 3. Change the language of the organisation GDS
  30. 30. Language is the medium through which culture is enacted – Gill Ereaut
  31. 31. Liam Maxwell, Chief Technology Officer HM GovernmGeDnSt
  32. 32.
  33. 33. @leisa
  34. 34. Leisa GDS
  35. 35. UX UCD
  36. 36. Leisa User Research Ben Design User Centred Design
  37. 37. you can’t interface away bad policy
  38. 38. User experience is the responsibility of the entire team
  39. 39. The words you use tell you what you care about.
  40. 40. GDS 4. Make your job mostly about communications.
  41. 41. If no one knows what you are planning and doing, it’s like it is not happening
  42. 42. what would happen if you just improved communications to the most dysfunctional parts of your organisation?
  43. 43.
  44. 44. ‘We’ve discovered that our user researchers are actually researching about 30% of their time.’
  45. 45. Reportage (Empathy) Product improvement (stories) Shiny Things (durable assets) User Research Internal Comms Strategy
  46. 46. empathy
  47. 47. empathy
  48. 48.
  49. 49.
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Make a plan to communicate better with each other.
  52. 52. Show don’t tell Ask for less, simplify. Change the language Plan to do more comms GDS
  53. 53. The strategy is delivery.
  54. 54. thank you. @leisa
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