Refugee Work Program 7/13/09


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An overview of Samasource's new project in the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya

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Refugee Work Program 7/13/09

  1. 1. Samasource in Dadaab Refugee Camps Livelihood Development Through Remote Work
  2. 2. Mission: Develop the livelihoods of refugees, particularly women and youth
  3. 3. Dadaab: Ifo, Hagadera and Dagahaley 3 camps built to accommodate 90,000 refugees now host 250,000 refugees 94,000 of these are youth aged 16 - 34 years Refugee Act of 2006 prohibits free movement of refugees to other parts of the country Many traditional jobs must compete with basic needs for resources
  4. 4. Dadaab’s Need: Marketable, technology-based skills that consume fewer resources, increase current income and future earning potential in the camps, and make use of prior education
  5. 5. Partner: CARE International Currently operating two Information and Communication and Technology (ICT) centers in Ifo and Dagahaley Established computing infrastructure & internet bandwidth Employs 22 school-aged refugees (50% female) and 12 management committee members Photo
  6. 6. Project Objectives 1) Increase future earning potential for refugees through ICT training in marketable skills 2) Increase immediate income of refugees by helping teams identify and complete paying projects
  7. 7. Phase 1: Four Weeks : on location to train the 12 existing ICT committee members as Team Leaders, who will manage youth trainees CARE: assist in recruiting 180 youth to participate in Phase 2 and CARE: assess and upgrade the software available in each ICT center
  8. 8. Phase 2: Four Weeks : assist Team Leaders in training 15 youth each (180 total) Every trainee: take and pass a skills proficiency test at the end of Phase 2
  9. 9. Phase 3: Eight Weeks Small teams of trainees: complete paying projects for clients : identify paying projects; assist Team Leaders in selecting youth to participate and CARE: visit centers to ensure projects are going well, coach Team Leaders, and collect raw inputs for developing marketing collateral
  10. 10. longer program and additional funding for equipping the ICT centers to handle larger volumes of work. Implementation Plan Phases 1 and 2 will support the first core objective of the project, to increase future earning potential through skills-training, while Phase 3 will focus on the second objective, to increase immediate income via completion of revenue-generating projects. In Phase 1, lasting approximately four weeks, Samasource’s Program Manager and Trainer will be on location to provide intensive training to the 12 existing ICT committee members from IFO and Dagahaley, building their skills as Team Leaders capable of managing youth trainees in completing work. The core curriculum includes skills required in managing teams to complete remote work, based on Samasource’s
  11. 11. Outputs 1) Upgrade software in the two existing ICT centers 2) Train 180 refugee youth and 12 team leaders in marketable skills 3) Successful negotiation of at least three paying projects
  12. 12. Current Status: Pilot Successfully Completed 1) Identified 16 refugee youth (9 female) with basic knowledge of computing and internet usage and interest in additional income 2) Trained the youth to perform 2-3 types of basic web-based tasks 3) Enabled the youth to continue testing for 1-2 weeks post-training
  13. 13. Team Leila Chirayath Janah Jess McCarter Founder and CEO VP of Sales Former Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Founder. Sagebit Consultant, Katzenbach Partners Founder, RideBit World Bank Development Research Group Consultant, BA, Harvard University (African BA, Dartmouth University Development Studies) Expertise: Start-ups, 10 years in software Expertise: Remote work, social sales and development enterprise, development Alex Onsager Kate Brennan Marketing and Sales MBA Intern Tech Lead Investment Banking, JPMorgan Developer, Send Hotness and Graffiti Private Equity, Shamrock Capital Advisors (leading Facebook applications) BBA & BA, University of Iowa Co-founder, Demigo pursuing MBA, Stanford Graduate School of BS, Stanford Business Expertise: Web application Expertise: Media, entertainment and development, product management technology investing Advisory Board Ken Banks Darren Berkowitz Katherine Barr Bruce Cahan Developer of Frontline Founder & CEO, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures Founder, Urban Logic SMS Mohamoud Jibrell Robert Hockett Premal Shah Emeka Okafor CIO, Ford Foundation Professor, Cornell Law School President, Director, TED Global Melissa Lau Joy Sun Associate, Revolution Ventures Director, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative