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Samasource 2011 Annual Report


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This annual report outlines the key accomplishments and milestones Samasource achieved in 2011 with the generous support of our funders, donors, partners and clients. For more information, please visit

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Samasource 2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2011 ANNUAL
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT US Letter from Leila 2011 Key Accomplishments Who We Are How We Work OUR IMPACT Our Formula Global Worker Pro!le Impact Survey Results Worker StoriesKEY FINANCIAL & ORGANIZATIONAL DATA Key Organizational Data 2011 Financials Press OUR PARTNERS Give Work Gala Fundraiser Clients Donors Supporters 3
  4. 4. ABOUT US 4
  5. 5. LETTER FROM CEO & FOUNDER, LEILA JANAHDear Friends & Supporters,We have a bold vision: to build a model that gives work to millions ofpoor women and youth around the world. We realize that we are inthe infancy of executing on this vision.2011 was a year of tremendous growth and learning for Samasource.We opened an office in Kenya to test new training and recruitingmethods, we launched our first system-wide impact survey and datacollection effort, and, most importantly, we gave work to over 1,000women and youth by increasing our earned income to over $1M. Weforged new customer partnerships with leading companies includingLinkedIn, Navteq, and ETS, gaining an excellent reputation for qualityand customer service. That we have become known for realbusiness value is critical -- Samasource is the only non-profit dataservices vendor to these new customers.We have much to be grateful for. This year, we dramatically increasedour donated revenue in a grant round led by andincluding the Cisco, eBay, and Ford Foundations. The foundationawarded Samasource a landmark $1.25M grant in September,allowing us to make critical investments in our sales, operations, andengineering teams. We plan to double our worker impact, sales andcapacity to deliver next year with this new funding in place. Thank you for making our vision of giving work a reality. 5
  6. 6. 2011 KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1 Connected 1,060 new workers across 6 countries to paying work. Developed and launched the 2 SamaHub, our proprietary online work platform that transformed the way we distribute work. 3 Opened our !rst !eld o"ce in Nairobi, Kenya. Launched the SamaLab, a center in Nairobi that tests 4 processes, training and technology to ensure the success of the women and Samasource workers in Southern India youth we recruit. 6
  7. 7. WHO WE ARE Four billion people live on less than $3 per day. Samasource aims to connect them to digital work. Most workers in developing countries are employed in informal sector. Lacking the opportunity to make a living wage or advance in their careers, these workers are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Samasource was founded in 2008 to fight poverty with an alternative model that focuses on giving work instead of giving aid.   Our model directs income to thousands of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional aid programs by equipping women and youth with paying work. Our vision is to pay and train over 20,000 women and youth to dignified work by 2017, directly moving over 100,000 people out of poverty.A Samasource worker in West Bengal, India, with his father. Watch his story: Source: 7
  8. 8. HOW WE WORK 8
  9. 9. HOW WE WORK 9
  10. 10. HOW WE USE THE SAMAHUB FOR OUR BUSINESS CLIENTS 1 DESIGNAccount Manager in SF setsup project on the SamaHuband trains local teams. 2 STAFF 3 WORK 4 QA 5 REVIEWTasks are loaded into Workers complete Local teams leads Samasource completesthe SamaHub, and sent tasks, known as conduct QA on the a final quality delivery centers in a microwork, with full SamaHub.web interface. project management from the head office. 6 DELIVER We return answers to clients via API or as CSV, with real time or batch delivery. 10 7
  11. 11. OUR IMPACT Samasource worker, Jackline Nakisige pictured with local children outside of Nairobi, Kenya 11
  12. 12. 2011 IMPACT TO DATE CUMULATIVE WORKERS TRAINED & PAIDWe’ve paid $900,000 800over $1.5MM in wagesto over 1,800 workersin 6 countries. $675,000 600 CUMULATIVE $450,000 400 WORKERS $225,000 200 $0 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 Wages Paid Kenya India Other 12
  13. 13. OUR FORMULAIMPACT Our formula for impact is simple: breadth (i.e. total numbers of beneficiaries and dependents) x depth (increase in lifetime earnings, skills attainment, and positive changes in quality of life).= $ $ $ $ $ Total # of beneficiariesBREADTH impacted WORKER + 3 FAMILY MEMBERS OR DEPENDENTS + COMMUNITY Our data indicates that workers Infusion of capital into local have, on average, 2.9 dependents economy stimulates growthx and 5.0 total household members. and access to vital services. $ $ $ $ Level of $ impact $ delivered to eachDEPTH beneficiary LEARNING + EARNING BREAKING THE CYCLE Workers receive training and a Workers join the formal economy, computer-based job at one of our benefitting from an increase in lifetime delivery centers, then earn a living earnings. The average increase in wage and learn critical job skills. monthly income is $167 or by 143%. 13
  14. 14. IMPACT: 2011 GLOBAL WORKER PROFILE AVERAGE WORKER AVERAGE WORKER HOUSEHOLD Age: 26.8 Total Household Size: 5.0 Female: 47% Number of Household Dependents: 2.9 Previously Unemployed: 61.2% Previous Income: $20.40/day Previous Income: $3.94/day (Kenya) $1.90/day (India) Fair Wage: $6.17/day (Kenya) $3.78/day (India) Completed Secondary School: 71.1% Completed Tertiary School*: 56.4%Source: Findings from the official Samasource online baseline survey of all incoming workers in 2011. *College or university schooling. 14
  15. 15. 2011 IMPACT SURVEY RESULTS MEASURING IMPACT:INCOME To achieve our social mission and toAverage $ Increase in Monthly Income ensure that each dollar of donor capital $167 is maximized, an effective system of measuring, monitoring, and reportingAverage % Increase in Monthly Income 143% impact is critical. In 2011, we began leveraging the SamaHub to administer online surveys, systematically collectingHEALTH detailed data on all our workers for the first time.% who reported same or better physical health 92% HIGHLIGHTS:% who reported better overall happiness 90% • Differentiated impacts:female workers have a higher % change inOUTLOOK income than male workers% who reported new learning • Assessment tests will capture 96% changes in skills (English ongoing, ICT forthcoming)% who reported ability to get better job 88% • More detailed information to be collected in our new 2012 follow- up surveys (changes in consumption, lifestyle, expenditure levels, etc) 15
  16. 16. OUR IMPACT Samasource delivery center in East Africa 16
  17. 17. “Empowerment Mamta is an Indian woman in her late twenties is not in books; working at one of our it is in work.” partner centers. She married young and has a Mamta Devi few children.Ranchi, Jharkhand, India Most women from Mamta’s background have never worked in an o!ce before, and the idea of doing skilled work behind a computer is unimaginable. Through her work with Samasource, Mamta has become the primary wage earner in her family. Mamta’s father-in-law now watches her children while she works because he realizes the value of her income. 17
  18. 18. Jackline joined Samasource in 2011 after she could no longer a"ord to pay for her college tuition. With her wages, she is able to live independently as well as support her family, including her single mother and three younger sisters. Jackline has since“[Work] makes me graduated fromproud, it makes me Samasource to pursue a career as an IT specialist,busy... I can help my and now installs andmom, I can help maintains software for a local IT company. Shemyself.” hopes to return to Jackline Nakisige school to study Nairobi, Kenya computer engineering. 18
  19. 19. Neha is the only girl in her communitywith a job. “[Before working atSamasource] I didn’t have theopportunity to attend college or learnabout computers. Regarding college,my parents asked me, ‘Who willmanage the school fees? You can’t.’When I got the job [withSamasource] changed mylife...Now I can help my family. NowI am very happy with my family andthey proud of me and support me inevery moment.”She has also increased her con#denceand skill set. With Samasource, shedeveloped both English pro#ciencyand computer literacy. “...Aftercompleting my training, I am not only “Samasource changed my lifeable to speak in English, but I am also because I am now independent.”able to work in any sector. Now I am Neha Parveenready to accept any challenge.” Kolkata, India 19
  20. 20. KEY FINANCIAL &ORGANIZATIONAL DATA Samasource worker, Martha Kerubo Ombwere pictured outside of Nairobi, Kenya 20
  22. 22. Sebastien de Olana Khan LloydBOARD OF DIRECTORS Halleux Co-Founder of SAMASTORY adviser BOARD MEMBERS investor and disruptorLeila Janah Sebastien de Olana Khan Lloyd Taylor Bill Trenchard Bill UngerFounder & CEO Halleux -Board Member at Co-Founder ofCARE, Bootz & adviser and investorCo., World Bank investor and disruptor 22 Bill Trenchard Bill Unger -
  23. 23. 2011 KEY FINANCIAL DATA UNRESTRICTED TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED 2011 2010TOTAL REVENUES & $3,990,810 N/A $3,990,810 $2,691,255SUPPORTEXPENSES Program Services $1,963,100 N/A $3,990,810 $2,691,255 Fundraising $336,190 N/A $336,190 $134,883 Management & Administrative $372,211 N/A $372,211 $250,574Total Expenses $2,671,501 N/A $2,671,501 $1,619,205ASSETS Net Assets, Beginning of Year $621,860 $721,790 $1,343,650 $270,600 Net Assets, End of Year $1,065,464 $1,597,495 $2,662,959 $1,343,650Change in Net Assets $443,604 $875,705 $1,319,309 $1,073,050 If you would like a copy of our audited financials, please email 23
  24. 24. 2011 PRESS Workers of the World, Employed “...just as microfinance demonstrated that poor people are trustworthy borrowers, impact sourcing is demonstrating that Click images to watch people from villages and urban videos featuring slums are reliable knowledge Leila Janah; pictured workers.” - David Bornstein clockwise at Big Omaha, Clinton Global Initiative, TEDxBrussels The 100 Most Creative People in Business Realizing the Economic Power of Women Wealth Creation Samasource: Give Work Not Aid How Online Work Can Save America 24
  25. 25. OUR PARTNERS Leila Janah with Sheryl WuDunn Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle 25
  26. 26. THIRD ANNUAL GIVE WORK GALAOn November 4th, we held our third annualfundraising event, the Give Work Gala. Wewelcomed over 300 attendees at a sold-outMezzanine venue and raised over $376,000to help support our training and technology.Sheryl WuDunn, the first Asian-American towin a Pulitzer Prize and author of “Half theSky: Turning Oppression into Opportunityfor Women Worldwide,” drove home theimportance of employment for womenwhen she addressed the crowd as theGala’s Honorary Chair.Guests bid on live-auction items includingCartier jewelry and a trip to Paris fashionweek. Musical act Les Nubians broughtdown the house and DJ Atish spun live untilmidnight. 26
  27. 27. OUR CLIENTSIn 2011, we recognized $1,025,669 in earned income revenue through our client contracts,a 28.6% increase over 2010. 27
  28. 28. PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSIn 2011, we raised $2.3 million in funding from institutional partners including:, CiscoSystems, The MCJ Amelior Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Mulago Foundation, and The eBayFoundation. This represented an increase by over $1 million since 2010. 28
  29. 29. 2011 SUPPORTERSINSTITUTIONAL CORPORATE Cartier Bill TrenchardRockefeller Foundation StumbleUpon Howie LiuSchmidt Family Foundation Betts Recruiting Michael CheungPeery Foundation Bonhams & Butterfields Sebastien de HalleuxCisco Foundation Eventbrite Richard TituseBay Foundation Modelwalk Lloyd TaylorFord Foundation Facebook Richard TitusMulago Foundation Corporate Kids Events Inc Katie ZacarianDavid Weekley Foundation Global Gourmet CateringFlora Family Foundation Warby Parker EyewareSatter Foundation Organic EventsThe Hand Foundation BluePrint StudiosTarsadia Foundation CuyanaThe Buffin Foundation Natural Henna ArtTides Foundation BonobosThe San Francisco Foundation MezzanineThe Szor Family Foundation AOLThe California Endowment 29
  30. 30. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISITWWW.SAMASOURCE.ORG Confidential - For Internal Use Only
  31. 31. CONTACT INFORMATIONHeadquartersINFO@SAMASOURCE.ORG Foundations & Partnerships DONATE@SAMASOURCE.ORGwww.samasource.orgNorth America Join the Conversation2017 Mission Street FOLLOW USSuite 301San Francisco, CA 94110 800 521 6717 AfricaSamasource Kenya Ltd.P.O. Box 17726-00100, Kenya+254 20 209 2870 Press & Media Contact PR@SAMASOURCE.ORG Sales CLIENTSERVICES@SAMASOURCE.ORG