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Facebook Developer Garage Uganda


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Presentation to developers in Kampala, Uganda at Facebook Developer Garage Uganda, held on December 13th, 2008 at Makerere University.

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Facebook Developer Garage Uganda

  1. 1. Facebook for Development Leila Chirayath | 13 December 2008 | Makerere University brought to you by:
  2. 2. Why Facebook? One of the most trafficked social networks Excellent tools for third-party developers Allows outside developers to own 100% of advertising revenue Other social networks: Hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo
  3. 3. Social Networks and Development 1 Opportunity for developers anywhere to earn money by creating applications 2 Opportunity to create more locally-relevant tools and content
  4. 4. The Opportunity Growth More than 130 million active users Facebook is the 5th most-trafficked website in the world (comScore) Demographics The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older Maintain 85 percent market share of 4-year U.S. universities Applications Over 30,000 applications have been built on Facebook Platform 140 new applications added per day
  5. 5. Success Stories - Young Developers quot;I love what I'm doing. Do you know how it feels to go from 1 user to 6 million? These past 6 months have been amazing...quot; Wayne Mak, Developer of Nicknames Stanford Class Offered by BJ Fogg and Dave McClure in Fall Quarter ’07, part of Dr. Fogg’s Persuasive Technology Lab Course resulted in 25+ apps Some students went on to launch their own application companies
  6. 6. Success Stories - Apps with a Social Mission (Lil) Green Patch Shows a running count of the number of square feet of rainforest saved by every user as they use the application. Causes Lets you start and join the causes you care about. Donations to causes can benefit over a million registered 501(c) (3) nonprofits.
  7. 7. The Marketplace Elance oDesk Rentacoder Facebook Marketplace Conferences New players
  8. 8. Wage differentials BPO and IT jobs can increase incomes in Sub-Saharan Africa by as much as 90 percent hourly average wage on oDesk daily official minimum wage $20 $15 $10 $5 $0 Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Niger Indonesia Pakistan Vietnam Sri Lanka
  9. 9. oDesk’s oConomy Kenyan growth: from 12 to 283 providers in <1 year
  10. 10. What we do at Mission to create knowledge jobs for skilled, economically disadvantaged people to create business value for US enterprises through low-cost, high-quality business process and IT outsourcing services Method a new socially responsible outsourcing concept among Defining and promoting US enterprises small- and medium-sized outsourcing firms (SMOs) Training and freelancers in economically disadvantaged regions Connecting SMOs to a global marketplace for services
  11. 11. How we brand our service Foreign capital Small firms Talented Individuals $$$ a small slice of the $160B services poor people with outsourcing industry micro-, small- and untapped talent mid-sized businesses Socially responsible outsourcing promotes economic development and reduces poverty
  12. 12. Sales Strategy Website • < $5K contracts • Cross-platform distribution with oDesk, Elance, other partners • Traffic driven through video marketing, FB site, free ad campaigns Sales Team 2 salespeople brought on (commission- • $10K-$100K contracts only basis) • RFPs and word of mouth 1 offshore sales admin/RFP searcher • Web-based RFP searches, Basecamp + Salesforce coordination conferences, personal connections (e.g., Benetech)
  13. 13. Results to date Services offered include data entry, digitization, transcription, website and software development $5K 5 3 contracts signed: Website development 1-4 plus industry knowledge, BarCampAfrica, hourly web development 4 Client-facing processes 3 Decision-making and problem-solving processes $12K 2 contracts signed: software testing (750 Industries); fact-checking (Google) 2 Several proposals underway: fact-checking Specific rule-based processes services for academics $58K 3 contracts signed: validation of books 1 (Benetech) Data entry, transfer and conversion tasks
  14. 14. March 2008 December 2008
  15. 15. Tools for locally-relevant content 1 Opportunity for developers anywhere to earn money by creating applications 2 Opportunity to create more locally-relevant tools and content
  16. 16. Applying the “Social Graph” to Development: Babajob Source: Sean Blagsveldt, CEO, Babajob
  17. 17. Applying the “Social Graph” to Development: Babajob quot;Seeking to bring the social-networking revolution to the world's poorquot; Source: Sean Blagsveldt, CEO, Babajob
  18. 18. Common Facebook Tools Facebook Tool Examples Groups Clusters of FB users around an organization, idea, or theme. Pages Clusters of FB users around an organization, product or person, designed for companies Events Dedicated event page with features to invite users and add content
  19. 19. Groups vs. Pages • Designed for common interest user clusters • Some customization tools • No analytics • No profile-like functionality
  20. 20. Groups vs. Pages • Group type enables secret groups and other social functions • Admins/officers listed on page • Related groups listed on main page
  21. 21. Using Groups for Local Content African Languages Group Over 1,000 members Finding ways to create content in Africa’s ~2,000 languages
  22. 22. Using Groups for Local Content Kenyan Groups Top groups after post- election violence have 5-7,000 users used to monitor violence
  23. 23. Groups vs. Pages • Designed for companies & products • Rich customization/ integration tools • Analytics • Integrated advertising
  24. 24. Groups vs. Pages • Customization includes blog importing, video • Applications function as on user profiles • No listing of admins
  25. 25. Other Tools: Events Feb 4, 2008 Colombian protest against FARC rebel group up to 2 million people attended
  26. 26. Questions?