Shelter Box Impact Report 2011


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ShelterBox 2011 Report

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Shelter Box Impact Report 2011

  2. 2. FOREWORDBy ShelterBox PresidentHRH The Duchess of Cornwall
  3. 3. SHELTERBOX Every year hundreds of thousands of families across We rely on public donations and could not operate Our vision: Speed: Our fleetness of foot lets us operate in the dust the world lose everything when disasters strike. without the generosity of people the world over. Our Is of a world where everyone affected by disaster has and debris of a disaster. We act fast and we strive to Through no fault of their own and often with no supporters constantly go the extra mile to help make a access to the shelter and basic equipment they need to reach families in the shortest time possible. Our speed warning, families lose their homes, their possessions difference to the lives of families who survive disasters. survive and live in dignity and safety. is mirrored in our responsiveness to our supporters and and their livelihoods. Every day they are faced with a We have had fundraisers climb Mount Kilimanjaro, row partners. Our mission: battle for survival and this is where we come in. the Atlantic Ocean, cross India in a Tuk Tuk and even Is to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of equipment Collaboration: Collaboration is key to continued cycle 10,000 miles on a tandem. Every box we deliver We provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for and materials that provide shelter, warmth and dignity development and the effective delivery of aid. We work bears its own unique number so our donors can see families around the world who are affected by disasters, to people affected by natural or manmade disasters collaboratively with local, national and international where their box has gone. at the time when they need it the most. Our Founder, Tom worldwide. partners to maximize our impact. We encourage Henderson OBE, saw the humanitarian response in most We are now firmly established at the forefront of disaster participation in our work especially from the families and Our goal: disasters was in the form of food and medicine. Little or relief and our work constantly earns the respect of communities we help following disasters. Is to help 50,000 families who lose everything in a no assistance was being given in terms of safe, secure outside agencies. If there is one thing we have learnt, it is disaster every year. Accountability: We are dedicated to delivering a quality shelter to help families survive the first days, weeks and that the next disaster is just around the corner. We need aid package that represents value for money while being months as they tried to rebuild their lives. ShelterBox was to ensure we are always ready to respond, no matter the Our Values: accountable to our supporters, partners and to every created to fill this void. disaster, no matter the location. With your help, we will be Innovation: We are creative in finding effective solutions person who receives support from ShelterBox. ready. and are always improving the quality of our work to make Since our inception in 2000, we have responded to sure we deliver the best aid package possible for families earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, affected by disasters. landslides, typhoons and conflict, delivering emergency humanitarian aid to families in need on every continent. From the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, we have responded to some of the largest disasters the modern world has ever known. Alongside this, we have also helped many thousands of people affected by disasters that are not featured in the media. Simply put, if there is an unmet need for emergency shelter, we will do everything we can to meet it. The ShelterBox solution in disaster response is as simple as it is effective. We deliver the essentials a family needs to survive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an Photograph : Andy Green Chile extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items. ‘I never thought I would lose my house. Thanks to ShelterBox I have a place now to spend the winter We pride ourselves on our ability to respond instantly to that is coming. I have 7 grandchildren that I look after disasters and to do this we rely on a global network of and now having these two tents means we will be volunteers. ShelterBoxes are delivered by highly trained, safe. Shelterbox is the first aid we have seen since volunteer ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members. the earthquake. We are so happy we have not been These men and women, from all walks of life, give their forgotten.’ time freely to help make the difference to the lives of Sara Norambvena, 70 others. Their passion, dedication and belief allow us to Aid recipient from Chile bring hope to countless families in need every year.04 Photograph : Mark Pearson Pakistan
  4. 4. THE ‘The ShelterBox tents really do stand out as the Rolls Royce of tents amid the myriad of tents and tarps that are still peppering Haiti. I spoke with one of the SHELTERBOX camp residents who told me how proud she was of her ShelterBox tent, which she proclaimed were easily the best in any of the camps.’ Paul Clammer SOLUTION Lonely Planet writer Tom Henderson OBE asked himself one question Protection when ShelterBox was still the seed of an idea: One of the most pressing issues in disaster zones ‘What would my family need to survive if we lost around the world is access to clean water. Clean water is everything?’ imperative to survival and contaminated water supplies are life-threatening. With damaged infrastructure and Tom made a list of everything he thought he would sanitation systems, a regular feature of disasters, we need and then set about filling a box with all the provide families with the means to purify their own water. items on the list. A decade of evolution later and the Time and again our water purification solutions have result is the ShelterBox Solution we see today. We saved lives. keep a broad range of equipment in stock so we can adapt the contents of aid we deliver depending Dignity on the nature and location of the disaster. We work We believe no corners should be cut when it comes to to the needs relayed back to us from the field and the business of saving lives. To this end we take great we are able to send specific stand-alone items care sourcing every item to ensure it is robust enough to should they be requested. The contents of the box be of lasting value. Every item is durable, practical and may vary but each box typically contains: brand new. Even the box itself has many uses, from a water container to a cot for a newborn baby. Shelter At the heart of every ShelterBox is a disaster relief tent Stability for a large family. The tent has been custom designed The rebuilding process is fundamental to a family’s and made for us by one of the world’s leading tent survival. Our boxes contain the tools a family needs to manufacturers. We believe it is the best disaster relief take the first steps on the road to recovery. The tool kit tent in the world. It is designed to withstand extreme we provide contains a hammer, axe, saw, hoe head, pliers temperatures, intense UV light, high winds and heavy and wire cutters. These items enable a family to improve rainfall. Our tents have partitions that allow families to their immediate environment and, when possible, begin divide the space in a way that suits them best. Our tents repairing and rebuilding the home they were forced to become more than simple shelter; they become homes. leave. Warmth Hope A key piece of equipment we deliver is either a wood or Children affected by disasters have often been subjected multi-fuel burning stove. We want shelters to become to high levels of trauma. Their worlds are turned upside homes and a stove is integral to any home. It is where down and their day-to-day lives changed irrevocably. water is boiled, food is cooked and families gather. Our boxes contain small gifts for children to help restore Alongside the stove we provide pots, pans, cooking a sense of normality. The children’s activity packs we utensils, bowls and mugs. provide contain drawing books, crayons and pens. For children who have lost all their possessions, these simple Comfort items become treasures. A shelter becomes a home when families can live with a degree of comfort. We provide fleece blankets and insulating groundsheets; simple ShelterBox solutions that make a tent much more than just a shelter. Photograph Sharkfin Media06 07
  5. 5. HOW WE DO IT Our work is only possible because of people around locations so we can instantly respond on a large scale the world who give generously to ShelterBox. There anywhere in the world. are countless supporters and volunteers who make Once the aid arrives in-country SRTs face the task of everything we do possible. It is their commitment delivering it to the families in most need. We often work to our cause that enables us to provide homes for in remote regions and transporting boxes to these areas countless families who survive disasters. is full of obstacles. In these inaccessible areas there is An enthusiastic team of volunteers performs the essential usually a desperate need but it can often be overlooked. task of packing every ShelterBox that leaves our However, we use all the means available to get the job warehouse in the UK. The strength of our volunteers is done. After the Indonesian tsunami in 2010, boxes were beyond measure. transported across the Mentawai Strait on a surf-charter boat before being distributed by smaller boats to some ShelterBoxes are then delivered to families in need by of the most remote islands in the world. Boxes have been volunteers: our incredible ShelterBox Response TeamsPhotograph: Andy Green Chile delivered by helicopters, tuk tuks, donkey trains and even (SRTs). To become an SRT member is no easy feat and on the backs of camels. each individual has to undertake rigorous training before they are qualified to deliver emergency disaster relief. Delivering Aid These ordinary people who do extraordinary things drop SRT members will use every available resource to gather everything at a moments notice to head into disaster information about those most affected by disaster so zones. Our worldwide network of SRT members is a emergency aid can be channeled according to the key component in our ability to respond immediately to greatest need. We aim to prioritise the most vulnerable disasters. and deliver aid to them first. In the immediate aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake there was an enormous Rapid Response number of people injured. We worked with the French We aim to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving Red Cross and local hospitals to provide a safe supplies to families as soon as possible after a disaster. environment for surgeons to operate, for midwives to The ShelterBox Operations Team monitor disasters deliver babies and to provide a post-operative area for constantly and are ready to respond immediately. patients to recover away from the debris, dust and harsh Every disaster is different and so is every ShelterBox conditions. One doctor told us that he and his team were deployment. Sometimes we respond to disasters treating up to 600 patients a day in our tents, dealing with independently, other times it is on requests for assistance amputations, infected wounds, and children in conditions from other aid agencies or government authorities. The of extreme dehydration. common thread is ensuring the response is as rapid as possible. Post-Disaster We are committed to measuring and evaluating the Logistics impact of our aid to facilitate further research and We have a multi-skilled logistics team who constantly development into ways we can improve the quality and work to overcome a range of challenges. We always effectiveness of our aid. In order to improve our work, it is endeavor to deliver boxes into disaster zones in the vital that we listen to the needs of the people that we are most efficient and effective way possible. This can be helping. When it is suitable, we will send teams on post- by road, sea, air or a mixture of all three. We can pack deployment monitoring missions to assess how effective and dispatch hundreds of ShelterBoxes a day from our the ShelterBoxes are and to work with the recipients of Headquarters in Cornwall, UK and can also call upon a the aid to find out ways we can improve our equipment stock of prepositioned ShelterBoxes that are stored in and service. strategic locations across the globe. We are constantly increasing the number of boxes we have in prepositioned Photograph: Thomas Lay UK 09
  7. 7. SHELTERBOX RESPONSE TEAMS ShelterBox Response Teams are deployed at a moment’s notice to remote corners of the globe. They are highly trained volunteers from all walks of life and they work tirelessly to deliver on-the-ground aid to families who have been hit by disasters. We deployed our first four SRT members after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Since then people from all around the world have undergone extensive training and we now have more than 160 individuals who will drop everything when they receive the call to deploy. Being sent with our aid into remote and chaotic environments is not for the faint-hearted. Our SRT ‘Seeing families move into ShelterBox Photograph : Becky Maynard Indonesia members bring with them a wealth of knowledge from tents filled me with a pride I’ve not felt their different backgrounds, knowledge that is essential before. Not of personal achievement when operating in disaster zones. We have teachers and or altruistic gain, but of being part of a construction workers, business owners and firefighters, charity where the difference they make is doctors and photographers; all volunteers who are now tangible.’ specialists in disaster response. Laura Dale (UK) – Journalist Conditions in the field can be very basic and our SRT ‘Of all the happenings in my life, apart from members may be operating within days of a disaster. the joy of my family, nothing has come Apart from the human tragedy, the infrastructure of close to the pride I felt at being selected the area may be in ruins and communications severely following training to become a ShelterBox limited. We make sure all our Response Teams are Response Team member.’ capable of being self-sufficient and can operate fully David Hatcher (UK) – Former Police without adding to the burden of the people we are Superintendent there to help. All of our SRT members are exceptional ‘I feel honoured that I am able to individuals who are fit, hard working, resourceful, good contribute and to be part of this great communicators and, most importantly, capable of making organisation. So many people have Photograph : Mark Pearson Haiti the right decisions under pressure. helped me on the way and to make All of our SRT members have their own inspiring stories ShelterBox what it is.’ to tell. They bring personality and passion to delivering Elke Kruger (DE) - Doctor humanitarian aid. Featured right are four of our SRT members, people from our worldwide network who not ‘After returning from my first deployment, only believe they can make a difference to the lives of I was hit by an enormous sense of calm, others, but constantly do. relief and exhaustion. I began to realise Our incredible SRT members are an inspiration to all who the magnitude of what ShelterBox does. meet them. They are the foundation that our strength as The sense of emotions came barreling an organisation is built on. For the passion they have, the through me, from seeing the sheer joy commitment they show and the sacrifices they make; we on families’ faces when they received a thank them. ShelterBox.’ Casey Robinson (US) – Office Manager12 Photograph : Thomas Lay Brazil Photograph : Thomas Lay Colombia
  8. 8. DEPLOYMENT KEY HISTORY ACHIEVEMENTS ‘The support and help from ShelterBox (in Pakistan) has been incredible. They have done a remarkable job in reaching out to the families affected and truly demonstrated their rapid response capabilities. Rotary is proud to have such a connection with ShelterBox.’ Raja Saboo Rotary International Past President14 15
  9. 9. SHELTERBOX‘This constant ambition to always make it the best aid package is about recognising the people you’re going to help deserve it; it’s not their fault they’re in a disaster. INTERNATIONAL Most people are just ordinary people going around their business trying to look after themselves and their families.’Tom Henderson OBEShelterBox Founder and CEO Our vision is to see a world where everyone affected invaluable support in a range of different areas. SRT by disasters has access to the shelter and lifesaving selection courses are now delivered in Canada, USA, supplies they need to survive and live in dignity Australia and New Zealand where the latest batches of and safety. We have an ever-growing number of SRT candidates are put through their paces. Our Affiliates International Affiliates who share this vision with us in Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines have provided and are helping us spread our mission further than it essential support in our deployments to their respective has ever reached before. countries over the past year. This has included everything from assisting with clearing aid through customs to In Europe, North America, South America, Africa, arranging accommodation for our Response Teams. Australasia and Asia we have talented teams in place doing everything they can to generate support for Our International Affiliates encapsulate an expanding ShelterBox. They are an integral part of the ShelterBox global passion for our work and their devotion to the family and their work will help propel us to the next level. cause is a fantastic tribute to the organisation. As well as serving as some of our most important fundraisers, our International Affiliates provide us with SHELTERBOX AROUND THE WORLD Norway Denmark Canada Netherlands UK Belgium & Luxembourg (Belux) France Germany Switzerland USA Portugal Taiwan Niger Panama Brazil Malawi Samoa Fiji ShelterBox Af liate South Africa Chile Countries New Zealand Jan 2011 Photograph : Becky Maynard Indonesia 17
  10. 10. Photograph : Thomas Lay St Lucia
  11. 11. GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS Photograph : Thomas Lay Niger Rotary Scouts Aid Agencies The global support from the Rotary network is the We have a strong history of working with Scouts in In order to maximise the timeliness, effectiveness cornerstone that ShelterBox is built on. disaster zones. Scouts have assisted us in setting and appropriateness of our response to humanitarian up and maintaining camps for those who have lost emergencies, we work with a range of leading Rotary has been instrumental in our growth and Rotarians everything in countries such as Kenya, Italy and international relief agencies and non-governmental are the cement that binds us together. Since we were Guatemala. organisations. founded, we have grown from one club’s adopted project to the largest global Rotary club project in the 100-year Within days of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, local Scouts We work in line with the United Nations Cluster history of the organisation. were working with our SRT members to establish a camp approach which aims to strengthen the capacity for the for up to 4,000 people. international humanitarian community to reach more Many thousands of Rotary Clubs worldwide have beneficiaries, with more comprehensive needs-based supported us in a myriad of different ways. From their assistance in the field to their engagement relief and protection, in a more effective and timely with the work we do, Scouts have become an integral The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant manner. Photograph : Mark Pearson Haiti part of the ShelterBox family. proportion of donations received by ShelterBox. Our expertise in emergency shelter and the unique Alongside this, Rotary Clubs provide invaluable logistical In the UK we are an official partner of the Scout ShelterBox Solution often enhances other agencies’ aid support to our field operations. Association, in the USA the Boy Scouts of America are programmes. We provide specialised knowledge and becoming increasingly more involved with the work we Rotarians will often be the people who ensure our aid resources while they can provide us with local knowledge do and throughout Europe more and more Scouts are can be delivered into a country by acting as consignees. and help us identify the most vulnerable families who learning about ShelterBox. We have launched a series of These essential acts mean we can deliver aid to people need our assistance. innovative and inspiring activities for Scouts of all ages in need as quickly as possible. More often than not, it will that aim to inform, educate and entertain Scout groups. Some of the agencies we have worked with include be Rotarians who are the first point of contact for the SRT the United Nations, UNHCR, UNICEF, the International members when they arrive in a country that has been Our global relationship with the Scout network gives Federation of Red Cross and Red Societies, Save devastated by a disaster and they provide everything us the opportunity to engage Scouts in worldwide the Children, Oxfam, World Vision, ACTED and the from logistical support, translators, local knowledge to a issues such as natural disasters, manmade conflict and International Organisation for Migration. In addition we bed to sleep in. humanitarian aid; contributions from Scout groups have work with numerous local and regional agencies to jointly significantly increased the number of people we can help. The global Rotary network has been key in our contribute to the alleviation of suffering, for example, the international growth. At present, all of our International National Rural Support Program in Pakistan. Photograph : Thomas Lay Colombia Affiliates have been set up by Rotarians or Rotaracters This sharing of knowledge and resources has enabled us and the growth has been phenomenal. to distribute aid efficiently and cost-effectively in many Rotarians around the world are now engaging with emergencies. ShelterBox on an unprecedented scale. The benefits As signatories of the Code of Conduct for the to our efforts and, in turn, to Rotary, are enormous. We International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement receive incredible support from Rotary and, equally, we and NGOs in Disaster Relief, we are committed to are acting as a catalyst in encouraging more people the providing humanitarian assistance based on need alone – world over to become involved with their local Rotary not nationality, race, religion, or political point of view. Club. Our formalisation of partnerships with key agencies over The relationship between ShelterBox and Rotary is the next year will serve to further increase our response beyond value. capacity in the field. Photograph : Mark Pearson Kenya20 21
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL HELPINGACADEMY FOR YOUNG PEOPLEDISASTER UNDERSTANDRELIEF Our SRT members have to be trained to the highest DISASTERS ShelterBox launched its first schools activities in standards to ensure our aid is delivered in the most 2006, helping young people understand how disasters effective way possible. happen and the impact they have on individuals and communities around the globe. Over the next two We take individuals from all walks of life and train them years the support and enthusiasm demonstrated by to be experts in delivering emergency disaster relief. All children was remarkable and the project grew. our training is now run from the ShelterBox International Academy for Disaster Relief. In 2009 we launched our first Young ShelterBox programme. By sharing what we have discovered Anyone who applies to become an SRT member goes about the world through our work, young people can through a comprehensive recruitment and assessment better understand the effects of disasters. By learning process. The competition to become part of this elite about why these events happen and their devastating band of volunteers is tough. For every twenty people who consequences, young people are challenged to perceive apply to become an SRT member, only one will make it something beyond their own lives. through the assessment process. Photograph : Thomas Lay UK Working with education specialists and youth leaders Our experience of delivering aid in the most difficult Photograph : Dan Pryor UK to harness the rich source of materials behind our work, circumstances, alongside our training provision for we created online resources for teachers, Scout and our SRT members, puts us in an ideal position to help other youth leaders. These creative and challenging advance learning and development in the international activities are being used successfully both in and out of disaster management community and ensure the world’s the classroom and young people are gaining a greater most vulnerable people receive the most effective help understanding about citizenship, the world they live in when they need it the most. and how they can make a positive difference. Our Academy works with people from a number of different sectors - from businesses to higher education, journalists to humanitarian agencies, the Scouts to our SRT members - to share skills, training and expertise, boosting knowledge and capabilities. Our Academy is constantly developing and forging ahead with its mission to deliver world-class disaster relief training and to inspire community resilience. Photograph : Thomas Lay UK Photograph : Thomas Lay UK As it continues to grow our Academy will ultimately provide: college and university courses, international ‘This has been a wonderful experience for the school. youth development programmes, corporate team and The children have really taken this to their hearts. It leadership development, adventure training programmes, has enabled them to gain an appreciation of the fieldwork and research projects, post-disaster analysis, impact disasters can have on communities and also product development and research and continued practically what they can to do help.’ professional development for our SRT members. Headteacher, New Machar School, Aberdeenshire To find out more, and to see all the courses on offer from our Academy, please visit ‘Your Scout activities are so well organised and thought out that introducing the concepts was easy. I can’t wait to do the exercises with my group.’ Scout Leader, Marcia Bettich Photograph : Thomas Lay UK Photograph : Thomas Lay Colombia
  13. 13. SHELTERWARMTHDIGNITY Photograph : Andy Green Colombia
  14. 14. SUPPORTERS: GIVING THE GIFT OF SHELTER Tom Henderson’s message is simple: ‘Don’t do provides a tangible difference in disaster zones around nothing, do something. We can all make a difference the world. There are many ways companies can support no matter what we give.’ We are fortunate enough to our work and every donation makes a lasting difference. have amazing supporters, volunteers and donors all The generosity of businesses who support us holds the across the world. power to save people’s lives. Day in and day out, these people make a real, tangible Strong Foundations and lifesaving difference to the families in disaster zones Grants from trusts and foundations make a huge who have lost everything. Everyone has something to difference to our capacity to reach disaster survivors give and there are many ways you can help support worldwide and also support our training and education ShelterBox. work. We are extremely grateful to all the trusts and foundations whose support helps us to respond instantly Ways of Giving to disasters around the world. From small local family Financial donations are the lifeblood of any charity andPhotograph : Thomas Lay Colombia trusts to large national foundations, every grant makes a there are many ways you can support our work. We have difference. Grants from trusts help us to prepare for the a range of ways people can make donations to us, from next disaster, to train volunteer SRTs and provide them our legacies programme, to monthly giving, to picking with equipment, teach young people about disasters, up the phone and calling us or donating online. You can expand our work with Scouts and support other essential sponsor a ShelterBox and find out where in the world it aspects of our work. has gone or you can donate to the ShelterBox Disaster Fund to help us prepare for when the next big disaster strikes. Every donation, be it of time or money, will make the difference to a family’s life. Our Commitment to You We are acutely aware that the work we do would not be possible without the many thousands of donors who so generously support ShelterBox. As a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) we have made a public promise to adhere to best practice, honesty, transparency, clarity and accountability in all fundraising activities, enabling you to give with confidence. Lasting Value We are a lean organisation that benefits from the tireless efforts of a strong and extensive support base of volunteers. This is key in enabling us to keep our overheads as low as possible, sometimes it is the same volunteers who pack the boxes that deliver them in the field. We make every donation count and ensure it helps ‘We feel a great sense of achievement in being able to make the difference when disaster strikes. make a difference to families around the world who The Power of Generosity desperately need help. The simple gift of shelter makes Corporate partners make a crucial contribution to our a huge difference to people’s lives.’ work. We receive invaluable support from a range of John Thompson businesses. This support supplements our mission and ShelterBox Supporter and Volunteer Photograph : Thomas Lay Haiti 27
  15. 15. TOTAL BOXES In our first year of operation we delivered 243 boxes. Since 2001 we have grown steadily although the demands on the organisation can vary significantly each year. Our goal is to be in a position to deliver aid for 50,000 families a year by 2013. In 2010 the tragic earthquake in Haiti and the further 19 disasters that we responded to saw more than 45,000 boxes delivered around the world. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 ‘ShelterBox is so efficient and quick. They get the job done and their SRT members are amazing. They respond so much quicker to the need of the people.’ Chris Hudson Distribution Programme Manager for ACTED28 Photograph : Thomas Lay Brazil Photograph : Becky Maynard Indonesia
  16. 16. THE FUTURE If there is one thing we have learned through a We are fortunate enough to have a network of supporters decade of delivering disaster relief, it is that the next who do not stop until the job is done. There will always big disaster could be just around the corner. be disasters, always be families in need and we will always be there to help. We will respond to all disasters where there are families in need of emergency shelter and we need your help to be Our vision is of a world where everyone affected by ready to respond. We are constantly working to increase disaster has access to the shelter and basic equipment our capacity to store and distribute ShelterBoxes so they need to survive and live in dignity and safety. when the next catastrophic disaster happens we can Our mission is to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of respond instantly with large consignments of aid. equipment and materials that provide shelter, warmth The ShelterBox Disaster Fund has been established to and dignity to people affected by natural or manmade facilitate this and will allow us to support the thousands disasters worldwide. of families who will need our help when the next disaster Our goal is to help 50,000 families who lose everything in occurs. a disaster every year and with your help we will achieve this goal.Photograph : Andy Green Colombia Photograph : Thomas Lay Haiti
  17. 17. THANK YOUMessage from Tom Henderson OBEFounder and CEOThe last year has seen ShelterBox face some of its None of our work would be possible without the supportbiggest challenges and we have proved, yet again, we receive. We’re always amazed by people, theirthe absolute need for good quality emergency shelter generosity and the support they give us. The reflectionto protect the hundreds of thousands of lives that are is that people trust us to do the best job we can. Peoplethreatened every year following disasters of all types are discerning about who they give to and rightly so.and magnitudes. For us, the support we receive is an endorsement of our work. People tell us: “We like what you do, we’ve seenWe’ve demonstrated, certainly over the last five years, what you’ve done consistently and we’re here to help andthat delivering a quality aid package of shelter, warmth, continue to support.”comfort and this intangible dignity, is delivering asolution. Part of that solution is the people, the process As ever it is hard to put into words our appreciation forand the timing; it’s all encompassing. our biggest partnership - the support of Rotary clubs and Rotarians around the world. Although the awareness ofWe can do all of that in a short time frame and one of ShelterBox amongst the general public grows at a rapidour great strengths is our fleetness of foot. We have a rate, Rotary support still contributes a very significantwillingness to accept the fact that everything’s been percentage of donations. But their support reachesoverwhelmed and if you accept that, as we do here, much further than the financial. Rotary clubs continue toyou’ve really got to think on your feet with the willingness launch our new International Affiliates in countries aroundto change almost minute by minute, hour by hour and the globe; Rotarians continue to volunteer their timeovercome the challenges in front of you. We provide to deliver aid on the ground and Rotarians, who manyquality equipment that takes care of a family, delivered by of us have never met, act as our eyes and ears on thequality people and our timely arrival allows us to operate ground, supporting our deployments, providing criticalin the dust and the debris of a disaster. information on areas of need, acting as consignees forIt’s all about delivering a package; that’s why it’s the deliveries of aid and providing logistics; and critically theyShelterBox Solution. What we want is to be recognised offer both practical and emotional support to our teamsas leading by example as individuals and as an in the field. Support from the Rotary organisation and allorganisation. For us it’s about dignity and delivering the those committed Rotarians and Rotary clubs that havebest package we can. If we’re going to deliver a tent, we engaged and supported us all around the world makes uswant to deliver the best tent in the world. At the end of a truly global project.the day we’re trying to save people’s lives and change Thank you never seems to be enough; it’s a simple thingpeople’s lives. This constant ambition to always make to say thank you and we would like to extend a personal,it the best is about recognising the people you’re going heartfelt thank you to every individual around the worldto help deserve to be helped; it’s not their fault they’re who has contributed to our huge aid efforts that havein a disaster. Most people are just ordinary people going saved and protected hundreds of thousands of lives.about their business trying to look after themselves andtheir families. 06 Photograph : Thomas Lay UK
  18. 18. DISASTERRELIEF ShelterBox is a registered charity and a Global Rotary Club Project President Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall Charity no: 1096479ShelterBoxUnit 1A, Water-Ma-Trout, T - +44 (0) 1326 569782Helston, Cornwall, F - +44 (0) 1326 572336TR13 0LW, United Kingdom E -