Selecting a Social Media Platform to be your business landing page


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Selecting a right social media platform is essential for your business.

First as a business owner you need to understand and set clear goals and objective on your social media approach. It is for brand awareness, generating leads or even for personal branding?

Then select the proper landing page to drive the online traffics towards it.

Facebook Page is the most common social media landing page businesses choose, so setting a Likeable Facebook Page will be important as your first step to the social media's world.

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Selecting a Social Media Platform to be your business landing page

  1. 1. Digital  Profit  Club  2014    #2   Planning  and  selec9ng  your  social  media  pla=orm  
  2. 2. About   This   series   is   about   select   and   create  a  Social  Media  Pla=orm  for   your  business.   This Platform is where you create market awareness, get audiences attention and generate followers. It is NEVER about selling.
  3. 3. Create  A  Landing  Page…  
  4. 4. Landing  Page  with  contents  filled  with   ARTICLE,  PHOTO  &  VIDEO  
  5. 5. Best is to have a updated website or
  6. 6. a  BLOG   Should   you   have   the   6me   and   passion   to   write  interes6ng  ar6cle?  
  7. 7. If  not,  what’s  Next?  
  8. 8. Our  focus  for  the  next  couple  of  mee6ngs  
  9. 9. So  let’s  begin  with  ABC…    
  10. 10. Ques9on:   What  is  your  goals  &  objec6ve   on  Facebook?   Example:   •  Professional  –  create  personal  or  industry  branding,  market  awareness  on  what  we   do  and  how  we  can  add  value  to  our  target  audiences.     •  Retail  –  generate  leads  and  traffics  to  our  retails  outlet,  encourage  people  to  talk   about  us.   •  Manufacturer  –  educate  our  target  market  on  company  value  /  culture  for   recruitment  purpose.   Write  yours  and  share!  
  11. 11. Profile, Group & Page.
  12. 12. Personal  Profile  
  13. 13. Remark:   Facebook  Personal  Profile   •  Profile  Photo  –  kindly  used  a  real  image  of  yourself,  no  just  any  photo  of  your  pets,   cartoon  character,  symbol  that  does  not  reflect  your  online  image.     •  Cover  Photo  –  a  photo  /  graphic  to  further  enhance  your  online  iden6ty.   •  About  –  this  is  the  area  where  you  could  include  a  liTle  write  about  yourself.  Also  be   aware   that   you   might   like   to   enclose   too   much   personal   informa6on   like   contact   no#   or  resident  address  for  safety  purpose.   •  Timeline  pos6ng  –  Remember  your  Facebook  pos6ng  /  sharing  is  a  true  reflec6on  on   who   you   are,   so   be   wise   and   careful   on   what   you   write   and   share.   Posi6ve   informa6on  are  the  best.    
  14. 14. Facebook  Group  
  15. 15. Remark:   Facebook  Group   •  In-­‐house   Communica6on   –   a   dedicated   group   for   all   in-­‐house   team   members   to   communicate  and  share  informa6on  (photo,  event,  news  &  etc).     •  Exclusive   VIP   group   –   a   special   and   exclusive   group   and   by   invita6on   only.   This   is   where  you  share  special  informa6on,  discount  &  privilege  to  your  VIP  (customer).   •  Hobby   or   Interest   group   –   gather   people   who   has   the   same   hobby   and   share   informa6on  about  the  par6cular  topic.   •  University   /   College   Alumni   –   gather   all   your   old   school   mates   and   form   a   regular   meet  up  and  discussion  forum..     Facebook  Group  Se;ng:  Open,  Close  &  Secret  
  16. 16. Facebook  Page  
  17. 17. Remark:   Facebook  Business  Page   •  Business  Iden6ty  –  it  separated  between  yourself  and  the  business.     •  Share  admira6on  –  it  allow  unlimited  page’s  admin  to  share  admira6on  with  different   access  levels.   •  Unlimited  fans  follower  –  as  a  business,  you  would  like  to  aTract  as  many  people  to   follow  as  possible.  Who  has  the  most  follower  (LIKE)  on  Facebook?   •  Insight   Data   –   page’s   admin   will   able   to   access   to   the   insight   data   to   view   the   performance   of   the   page   (demographic   of   follower,   the   number   of   view/engagement   per  post  &  others).   •  Facebook   Apps   –   select   and   embed   some   special   Facebook   or   third   party   Apps   into   your  page  (voucher,  survey  form,  shopping  cart,    tes6monial  and  many  more).  
  18. 18. Create  a  Facebook  Page  
  19. 19. When  you  create  a  NEW  Page,  it  may  not  necessary  need  to  be  a  company  or  a  brand;     it  can  be  a  movement,  a  cause,  an  interest  community,  your  personal  branding     or  something  people  would  like  to  talk  about  it.  
  20. 20. 2   1   3   Welcome  to  your  new  page  
  21. 21. hTp://  
  22. 22. •  Facebook  Page  Features   •  Pos6ng  6ming   •  Best  prac6ce  on  crea6ng  contents   •  Ways  to  promote  your  page   •  Create  offers   •  Sample  and  case  study   To  be  conEnue….  
  23. 23. Social Media Coach Leow    LeikHong       TwiTer  @leikhong     Email: