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Managing Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c with Oracle Clusterware


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Managing Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c with Oracle Clusterware

  1. 1. Managing Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c with Oracle Clusterware Session ID#UGF9794 Leighton L. Nelson Mercy
  2. 2. About Me • Oracle DBA for 10+ years • Oracle ACE • Oracle Certified Expert: RAC and Grid Infrastructure 11gR2 • Co-Author Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c – Apress 2013 • Oracle RAC SIG US Events Chair/IOUG Liaison
  3. 3. Agenda • OEM 12c Architecture Overview • OEM High Availability • Level 2 HA Configuration • Oracle Clusterware Setup • OEM Installation • OEM Failover • Management Repository Configuration
  4. 4. OEM 12c Architecture Overview
  5. 5. OEM High Availability Levels Level Description Load Balancer Required Cost 1 OMS and Repository on separate hosts. No redundancy. No $ 2 OMS installed on shared storage with VIP used in active/passive failover. Repository Database using local Data Guard. No $$ 3 Multiple OMSs in active/active configuration. Repository using RAC Database with local Data Guard Yes, At primary site $$$ 4 Primary OMS in active/active configuration with RAC Repository database. Standby OMS at DR site in active/active configuration. Standby RAC database at DR site Yes. At pimary and standby sites $$$$
  6. 6. Level 2 – Active/Passive HA • A minimum of 2 Servers Required • OMS binaries installed on shared filesystem • NFS/OCFS2/DBFS/ACFS • OMS can run on one node in cluster at any given time • Data Guard for Management Repository
  7. 7. Level 2 – Active/Passive OMS
  8. 8. Level 2 – Active/Passive OMS
  9. 9. Oracle Clusterware Setup • Clusterware can be used to create/manage VIP • 11.2+ uses appvipcfg for VIP <GRID_HOME>/bin/appvipcfg create -network=1 -ip= -vipname=omsvip -user=root • VIP can be created on non-default network • In Oracle 12c Flex Clusters app vips can be create on leaf nodes • Allow Oracle Grid Infrastructure software owner (e.g. grid) to run the script to start the VIP. <GRID_HOME>/bin/crsctl setperm resource omsvip -u user:grid:r-x
  10. 10. Oracle Clusterware Setup • Start the VIP as the GI owner e.g. grid <GRID_HOME>/bin/crsctl start resource omsvip • Check the status of the VIP <GRID_HOME>/bin/crsctl status resource omsvip The status of the output should be similar to the following: NAME=omsvip TYPE=app.appvip_net1.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on oms1
  11. 11. Oracle Clusterware Setup • Check if virtual hostname and VIP are resolvable nslookup <omsvip> • Also do a reverse lookup of the IP address. nslookup <virtual IP address> • Verify that the IP address returned from the nslookup output is running on the OMS host. ifconfig –a | grep <virtual IP address>
  12. 12. OEM Installation • Create ORACLE_HOME for the OMS on the shared storage on all nodes in the cluster mkdir –p /u01/app/oms_share • Create Oracle Inventory directory under ORACLE_HOME for the OMS on all nodes mkdir /u01/app/oms_share/oraInventory • Create the inventory pointer in the oraInventory directory vi oraInst.loc inventory loc=/u01/app/oracle/oms_share/oraInventory inst_group=oinstall
  13. 13. OEM Installation • Install OEM by setting ORACLE_HOSTNAME environment variable runInstaller -invPtrloc /u01/app/oms_share/oraInst.loc –debug
  14. 14. OEM Failover • To manually relocate the VIP to another host in the cluster issue the following command. $crsctl relocate res omsvip CRS-2673: Attempting to stop 'omsvip' on 'oms1' CRS-2677: Stop of 'omsvip' on 'oms1' succeeded CRS-2672: Attempting to start 'omsvip' on 'oms2' CRS-2676: Start of 'omsvip' on 'oms2' succeeded • Check if the IP address associated with the VIP is running on the relocated host. ifconfig –a|grep <vip>
  15. 15. OEM Failover • Establish IP on failover server (done through Clusterware) • Start listener (if part of same failover group) • Start database (if required) • Set the ORACLE_HOSTNAME environment variable to the virtual hostname. Continuing with our example we use the command below. export • Start the OMS on the new node $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start oms
  16. 16. Add OEM Clusterware resource • OEM can be added as Clusterware resource • Administrator managed (static, 2 – nodes) • Policy managed (dynamic, > 2 nodes) • Handled through Agent Framework • C/C++ • Create Action Script • Store on shared storage • Specify START/STOP/CHECK/ABORT routines
  17. 17. Example $ crsctl add server pool oem_sp -attr "PARENT_POOLS=Generic, SERVER_NAMES=oms1 oms2” $ crsctl add resource oem -type cluster_resource -attr "ACTION_SCRIPT=/opt/cluster/scripts/oem12c.scr, PLACEMENT='restricted', SERVER_POOLS=oem_sp, CHECK_INTERVAL='30', RESTART_ATTEMPTS='2', START_DEPENDENCIES='hard(omsvip)', STOP_DEPENDENCIES='hard(omssvip)'"
  18. 18. Clusterware resource • Oracle 12c introduced a new generic_application resource type crsctl add resource oem -type generic_application -attr "START_PROGRAM='$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start oms', STOP_PROGRAM='$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl stop oms', CLEAN_PROGRAM='$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl stop oms –all -force', CHECK_PROGRAM='$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl status oms'
  19. 19. Management Repository • Can be configured using Data Guard with Fast-Failover • Also can be configured with RAC/RAC One Node • Storage becomes SPOF • Listeners should be reachable from all nodes in cluster • Database should be started before starting OEM
  20. 20. Configure OEM with Data Guard Repo Create database service for fast failover.
  21. 21. Configure OEM with Data Guard Repo emctl config oms -store_repos_details -repos_conndesc '"(DESCRIPTION=(FAILOVER=ON) (ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP) (HOST=repo1)(PORT=1521)) (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=repo2) (PORT=1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=emrep)) (FAILOVER_MODE=(TYPE=select)(METHOD=basic)))"' -repos_user sysman
  22. 22. Configure OEM with RAC/RAC One Node Repo emctl config oms -store_repos_details -repos_conndesc " (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP) ( ) (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVER=DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = emrep)))" -repos_user sysman
  23. 23. References • How to Configure Grid Control OMS in Active/Passive CFC Environments failover / HA (Doc ID 405642.1) • How to Configure the OMS Connect String when Repository is in a Dataguard setup [ID 1328768.1] • Oracle® Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide12c Release 1
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