Database-as-a-Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle Database 12c


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RMOUG Tech Days 2014 Presenation

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Database-as-a-Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle Database 12c

  1. 1. Database-as-a-Service with #EM12c and #DB12c Leighton L. Nelson
  2. 2. About Me Oracle DBA Oracle ACE Oracle Certified Expert RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator 11gR2 Co-Author Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (Apress 2013) Speaker at IOUG Collaborate, KScope, Oracle OpenWorld Blogs, Social Media RAC Attack Ninja
  3. 3. Agenda What is Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Why DBaaS? Why EM12c? Self-Service Portal Pluggable DBaaS Metering and Chargeback Rapid Cloud Setup
  4. 4. What is Database as a Service (DBaaS)? The ability to provide rapid on-demand database provisioning using a consolidated platform to reduce cost and increase resource utilization.
  5. 5. Why #DBaaS? Self-Service Automation Fast Provisioning Reduces Database/VM Sprawl Standardization & Automation
  6. 6. DBaaS Providers
  7. 7. Why #EM12c? Central Database Management Tool Complete Lifecycle Management Quota, Role-based Access REST API Access Single Pane of Glass
  8. 8. Why #DB12c? Database Consolidation (Containers) “Manage Many as One” Backups, Upgrades & Patching Fast Provisioning via Plug and Unplug Isolation Security
  9. 9. Use Cases Copies of Prod for QA & Test Provision Development Environments for new projects Create DR Testing Environment Reporting Databases Migration from 11g to 12c
  10. 10. Requirements: Plug-ins Oracle Database oracle.sysman.db Oracle Consolidation Planning and Chargeback oracle.sysman.emct Oracle Storage Management Framework oracle.sysman.smf Oracle Cloud Application oracle.sysman.ssa Oracle Virtualization oracle.sysman.vt Oracle Exadata oracle.sysman.xa VMware vSphere bm.vmware.vsph
  11. 11. Requirements: Licenses Oracle Database12c Multitenant Option Cloud Management Pack for Database Database Lifecycle Management Pack Storage Licenses if Necessary
  12. 12. EM12c DBaaS Options DBCA Template RMAN SnapClone Schema-as-a-Service Pluggable DBaaS (Multitenant)
  13. 13. DBaaS Setup Create Roles and Users Setup Privilege Delegation Add Hosts Configure Software Library Create PaaS Infrastructure Zone Setup Software Pools Setup Quotas Create Provisioning Profiles Create Service Templates
  14. 14. Users and Roles Super Administrator EM_CLOUD_ADMINISTRATOR EM_SSA_ADMINISTRATOR EM_SSA_USER Database Administrator
  15. 15. Self-Service Portal
  16. 16. Database Cloud Topology Zones Hosts hostA hostB Software Pools PDB Pool RAC Pool
  17. 17. Database Request Dashboard
  18. 18. Database Cloud Home
  19. 19. PDBaaS Databases for PDB as a Service should be Container Databases All CDBs should be of a same version All CDBs should be either single instance or RAC
  20. 20. PDBaaS Pool Setup $ emcli create_pool -name="Pluggable DB Pool" -target_type="pdbaas_pool" paas_zone="DBA_Test_Zone" -members="orclcdb" -description="Oracle Database 12c Pool for Pluggable Databases" member_constraints="PLATFORM_CDB=226,TARGET_TYPE_CDB=oracle_database,VERSION_CDB="! Software Pool "Pluggable DB Pool" created successfully.! ! $ emcli get_pool_detail -name="Pluggable DB Pool" -target_type=pdbaas_pool! ! Name Target Type Description Paas Infrastructure Zone Number of Members Placement Constraints! Member Constraints Instance! Pluggable DB Pool! pdbaas_pool! Oracle Database 12c Pool for Pluggable Databases! DBA_Test_Zone! 1! PLATFORM_CDB : Linux x86-64 , TARGET_TYPE_CDB : Database , VERSION_CDB :!
  21. 21. PDBaaS Service Template PDB provisioned with or without data RAC or Single Instance PDB Specify Workloads $ emcli create_service_template -name="Demo PDB" service_family=DBAAS -service_type="PDB" -software_pools="Pluggable DB Pool" -pool_target_type=pdbaas_pool -roles=CLOUD_DBA,CLOUD_DEV description="Oracle 12c Pluggable Database"!
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. PDBaaS CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE pdb_000 ADMIN USER pdbadmin IDENTIFIED BY * ROLES=(CONNECT) file_name_convert=NONE CREATE TABLESPACE EM_PDBAAS_TBSP1 DATAFILE size 10485K AUTOEXTEND ON CREATES DATABASE SERVICE $ srvctl status service -db racdb Service Mypdb_000 is running on instance(s) racdb1,racdb2
  24. 24. PDBaaS Management Resource Manager Plan Created at Container Level Backup Container + PDBs Patch Container + PDBs Monitor All PDBs together
  25. 25. Metering & Chargeback Pay-for-what-you-use (CPU, memory, storage) Measure value of I.T. investments to business Control costs
  26. 26. Chargeback Requirements Oracle Chargeback and Capacity Planning plug-in (oracle.sysman.emct) Cloud Management Pack for Database/Middleware Chargeback privileges granted (EM_CBA_ADMIN)
  27. 27. Chargeback Setup
  28. 28. Chargeback: SSA Administrator
  29. 29. Chargeback: SSA Administrator
  30. 30. Chargeback: SSA User
  31. 31. Rapid Cloud Setup Multiple Steps Required for DBaaS setup click, click, click… EMCLI Rapid Start Kit ORACLE_HOME/bin/emcli -pdbaas db_list=pdb Blue Medora Plug-in for VMware
  32. 32. Thank You LinkedIn @leight0nn