Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for High Availability


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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c provides a complete infrastructure management solution for databases, applications and hardware. Being such a key component in the enterprise naturally leads to concerns about redundancy and high availability. If something does go wrong within the configuration, it should be able to be recovered in the shortest possible time, thus minimizing disruptions to manageability and monitoring of the enterprise infrastructure. It is with these points in mind that Oracle Enterprise Manager has been designed to be able to meet high service and operating levels using different high availability mechanisms.

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  • srvctl add service -d emrepprim -s emrepsrvc -l PRIMARY -q FALSE -e NONE -m NONE -w 0 -z 0
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  • Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for High Availability

    1. 1. Configuring Oracle EnterpriseManager Cloud Control 12c for High Availability Session ID# 326 Leighton L. Nelson Mercy
    2. 2. About Me•Oracle Certified DBA with 10+ yearsexperience•Oracle RAC SIG US Events Chair/IOUG Liaison•Co-Author (Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager12c- Apress)
    3. 3. Agenda•Architecture•HA Overview •Level 1 HA – Single OMS & Repository •Level 2 HA – Active/Passive OMS with Local Data Guard •Level 3 HA – Multiple OMS behind SLB with RAC Data Guard•General Recommendations for HA•Configuration Steps•Backup & Recovery
    4. 4. What is High Availability?99.9999999999999999999999 “Seven Nines” = 3.15 seconds downtime per year
    5. 5. What is HighAvailability?
    6. 6. Architecture
    7. 7. High Availability Levels
    8. 8. Level 1- Single OMS & Repository
    9. 9. Level 1- Single OMS & Repository•Separate servers for OMS & Repository•Keeps resource usage separate •memory_target or sga_size on database repository •Java VM Heap Size - Xmx
    10. 10. Level 1- Single OMS & Repository Pros Cons Simple Setup No redundancy Low cost Scalable
    11. 11. Level 2 – Active/Passive OMS w/ local Data Guard
    12. 12. Level 2 – Active/Passive OMS with local Data GuardOMS binaries installed on shared filesystem NFS/OCFS2Uses virtual hostname Managed by Oracle Clusterware or 3rd party solutionVirtual hostname should resolve to unique IP addressConfigure repository database using local physical standbyw/ Data Guard
    13. 13. Level 2 – Active/Passive OMS with local Data GuardPros ConsProtects against More complexrepository and OMS hostfailureSwitchover time minimal No storage redundancy for OMS Requires additional hardware
    14. 14. Level 3 – Active/Active OMS w/ SLB and RAC Data Guard Repository
    15. 15. Level 3 – Active/Active OMS w/ SLB and RAC Data Guard Repository •Primary OMS with RAC Repository •SLB for multiple OMSs •All access to OMS done via SLB •EM Console •EMCLI •Agents •Standby Database (RAC or Single-Instance)
    16. 16. Level 3 – Active/Active OMS w/ SLB and RAC Data Guard RepositoryPros ConsProtects against Very complexrepository and OMS hostfailureSwitchover time minimal More hardwareProtects against storagefailure
    17. 17. Recommendations for Repository HA•Use dedicated database•Use ASM for database storage•Configure RAC Repository•Configure Standby Database•Configure Fast Start Failover•Review MAA Advisor after OEM installation
    18. 18. Configure DB service for Repository11gR2 methodsrvctl add service -d emrep -s emrepsrvc -lPRIMARY -q FALSE -e NONE -m NONE -w 0 -z 0Pre-11gR2 method•Add service usingDBMS_SERVICE.CREATE_SERVICE•Start Service using DBMS_SERVICE.START SERVICE•Create trigger to start service when in primary role
    19. 19. Recommendations for OMS HA•Configure Multiple OMSs•Configure SLB in Active/Active configuration•Install OMS on separate hosts from repository•Use “Add Management Service” DeploymentProcedure to Add Primary OMS•Use Modified “Add Management Service” Procedureto Add Standby OMSs
    20. 20. Configure OMS HA•Active/Passive configuration uses virtual hostname•Create Application VIP using Clusterware •11gR2 uses appvipcfg command •Pre-11gR2 uses crs_profile command•Clusterware manages failover of virtual hostname•OEM can also be configured as Clusterwareresource
    21. 21. Configure OMS HA•Active/Active configuration requires SLB•SLB requirements •Virtual Servers •Persistence (Stickiness) • Health Monitoring•Register virtual hostname and IP in DNS
    22. 22. Configure OMS HA
    23. 23. Configure OMS HA1 Create Pools • Group of servers receiving on same port • One pool per service1 Create Virtual Servers • Redirects requests to servers in pool • Clients access virtual hostname and IP1 Create Health Monitors • Checks health of services at an interval
    24. 24. Configure OMS HA•Secure OMS with SLB $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl secure oms -sysman_pass -reg_pwd regpass -host -secure_port 4904 -slb_port 4904 -slb_console_port 443 -reset -console -lock_console
    25. 25. Configure OMS HA•Re-secure Agents with SLB •emctl secure agent –emdWalletSrcUrl•Re-configure EMCLI •emcli setup –url= – username=sysman
    26. 26. Configure OMS HA•Configure OMS to use SCAN name in 11gR2 orVIPs in pre-11gR2 for RAC emctl config oms -store_repos_details -repos_conndesc " (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP) ( ) (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVER=DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = emrep)))" -repos_user sysman
    27. 27. Configure OMS HA•Configure OMS to use service name whendatabase role changes in 11gR2 emctl config oms -store_repos_details -repos_conndesc (DESCRIPTION=(FAILOVER=ON) (ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=oemhost1) (PORT=1521))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=oemhost2) (PORT=1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=( (FAILOVER_MODE=(TYPE=select)(METHOD=basic))) -repos_user sysman
    28. 28. Configure OMS HAAdd Management Service
    29. 29. Configure OMS HA
    30. 30. Recommendations for Agent HA•Configure to start automatically on boot•Install on redundant storage•Configure restart environment variables forwatchdog daemon •EM_MAX_RETRIES •EM_RETRY_WINDOW
    31. 31. Recommendations for Software Library•Replicate to secondary system •Storage based replication •rsync
    32. 32. Backup & Recovery•Repository•OMS•Agent•Software Library
    33. 33. Backup & Recovery•Enable Archivelog mode•Backup database using RMAN•Enable Flashback database•Enable Flash/Fast Recovery Area
    34. 34. Backup & RecoveryRepository Recovery•Stop OMS•Restore and Recover database using RMAN•Reconfigure OMS if DB restored to diff host•Complete Repos Resync if Incomplete Recovery•Restart Admin Server and OMS
    35. 35. Backup & Recovery•Backup OMS filesystem and instance home:•Export static configuration$OMS_HOME/bin/emctl exportconfig oms-sysman_pwd oracle12c -dir/mnt/backup
    36. 36. Backup & RecoveryOMS Recovery•Restore OMS HOME from backup•Software-Only install•Re-install plug-ins using•$OMS_HOME/bin/omsca recover –as –ms -nostart–backup_file <exportconfig file>•Restart OMS
    37. 37. Backup & Recovery Agent Backup•No special considerations•Maintain reference image
    38. 38. Backup & Recovery Agent RecoveryReinstall Agent Software from Reference Image
    39. 39. Summary HA Level should match business needs Complexity increases costHA for Enterprise Manager consists of HA for all components
    40. 40. Who are we?•Sixth largest Catholic health care system in the U.S.•Serves more than 3 million people annually.•Highly integrated organization that includes 32 hospitals, 300 outpatient locations, 39,000 co-workers and 1,700 integrated physicians in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.•Among 10 percent of health care organizations nationwide to have a comprehensive,integrated electric health record that provides real-time, paperless access to patient information•MyMercy, a free service, allows patients to connect online with their doctors, plus see medicalinformation, view test results, renew prescriptions an schedule appointments using a personalcomputer or smart phone•Health Information and Management Systems Society, a global leader in health caretechnology, designated Mercy a stage six of a seven-stage process, joining the ranks of healthcare leaders such as Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic•$60 million data center provides fail-safe protection and power. When an EF5 tornado struckMercys Joplin facility in 2011, patient records electronically backed up at offsite data centerwere immediately available•Mercy SafeWatch, the largest electronic ICU in the nation, provides 24-hour vigilance tocritically ill patients. Alongside on-site medical teams, high-definition cameras and sophisticatedtechnology allow specialized ICU physicians and nurses in a central command center to expandeach patients care team
    41. 41. Questions?Comments?
    42. 42. THANK