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Week 2 modernism & post modernism


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Week 2 modernism & post modernism

  1. 1. No set meaning Popularist choices Capitalism What is it? End of History Fordism Death of the Grand-Narrative Education = social mobility Belief in progress Consumerism Class & High/Low Culture Style over substance Communism Mass production End of History Approaches to Po-Mo Irony/Play/Nostalgia Psychoanalysis Science & Technology Media saturation Nuclear Family Evolution Realism Blurring of boudaries Globalization Society of the spectacle Instant Gratification
  2. 2. What is it? after modernism contra (against/anti) modernism equivalent to "late capitalism" the historical era following the modern artistic and stylistic eclecticism
  3. 3. Objectives    To connect the features of Post-modern Style to Jamesons' concept To develop analysis of the Historical approach to Post-modernism Media To understand the difference & relationship between Modernism & Post-Modernism
  4. 4. Recap Postmodern Media & Jameson     Look over your case studies you did over half term, share your examples of Jameson's (1991) postmodern features (Intertextuality, Bricolage, Parody & Pastiche, Retro) What did Jameson say the purpose of these feature were? Share your paragraph opinions – to what extent can you apply this/agree with Jameson? Build a intertextual mood board demonstrating how your group examples demonstrates this 'cultural recycling' with
  5. 5. There are 3 approaches to Post-Modernism  Historical  Stylistic – done this!  Theoretical
  6. 6. The Historical Approach  Research the powerpoint slides to give you an idea of Modernism & Post-Modernism  What does the 'Post' mean?  How are the 2 linked/connected    How is Post-Modernism a response to Modernism? How do the 3 theorists define the 'Post-modern' era? What role has Media had in this?
  7. 7. Post = After After modernism comes postmodernism; the historical era following the modern contra (against) modernism Modernism = early capitalism PoMo = consumer capitalism End of ideas/meaning & Collapsing structures =
  8. 8. Modernism Key Beliefs/Philosophies Structure and Order Science and technology The Belief in progress
  9. 9. What events do you think caused the shift into Postmodernism between the 30s-50s? Why would our trust in science and technology be questioned?
  10. 10. Key Points - Modernism Inspired by technology and science Applied mathematical and scientific logic to all human process's Sought to make thing efficient and productive Science and technology seen as essential components in human evolution Design based around need and function BELEIF IN IDEAS, MEANING & TRUTH &
  11. 11. Plenary      What is the relationship between style & postmodernism as 'anti' or 'after' Modernism? Why is it PoMo? How does the pessimism & lack of structure/belief in PoMo reflected in its style? What barriers/structures is Nostalgia & Retro collapsing in its audience? Why do we have to culturally recycle & use intertextual references to create anything new?
  12. 12. Death of the Grand-Narrative  The Beatles – Bigger than Jesus