Media induction 2014


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Media induction 2014

  1. 1. Welcome to Media Studies Understand what it is Try out what we do Know what we expect of you
  2. 2. Opening Titles Napoleon Dynamite Which production company was NOT listed 1.A. Fox Searchlight Pictures 2.B. MTV Films 3.C. Paramount Pictures 4.D. Universal Pictures
  3. 3. Opening Titles Napoleon Dynamite What is the Production Designers name written on? 1.A. A hamburger 2.B. A hotdog 3.C. A chapstick 4.D. A drawing
  4. 4. Opening Titles Napoleon Dynamite Where is the High School this is set in? A. Preston, Massachusetts B. Preston, Idaho C. Preston, Washington D. Preston, Texas
  5. 5. Requirements  A Portable Harddrive  A Mini DV Tape  1 x blog entry per week (min)  Being up to date with LTA blog (how work is graded, tasks set)  Time outside of class (shoots, editing after school, watching films/tv drama)  Parity  Dexter
  6. 6. Boot Camp Your place is decided by your ability to: 1.Meet a Deadline 2.Be Creative 3.Learn Independently 4.Take responsibility for your learning Due by September enrollment
  7. 7. Try it out show me what you can do for your passports… • To categorise a Media Text into Genre • To analyse significant ‘clues’ & infer meaning (suggest what is going on & why) • To create a title sequence
  8. 8. What is going on & why? Detective work – what is happening in this clip Frenzy? Why? What is telling you this? What genre – type of film? Look at course guide – what relevance is this?
  9. 9. Analyse & infer meaning Film opening – Title sequences: How many names? What roles come first? What genre? What can you tell about the film? Dawn of the Dead Origins: Wolverine
  10. 10. Create High School Apocalypse Never Let Go The Man Who Talked Too Much 10 mins: Create a concept – what type of film is it? Pitch it: what will we see, how will it set up the film?
  11. 11. Groups of 3 1. Editor – edits the shots together & add the titles (write these out for 12 job roles needed on screen) 2. Camera Op – shoot & plan out the shots (min 12) 3. Director – keeps an eye on the time, finds location & directs the actors & crew 4. Sound – selects and downloads a suitable track All will act in it
  12. 12. Create 10 mins: Plan out your opening – where, who, what, how? 20 mins – shoot on your smart phone, need 12 shots minimum 20 mins – upload & add Titles & music Screen your work for audience feedback
  13. 13. Why should I do it?  Creative Skills – entertainment industry booms in a recession. What you learn will Earn!  Opportunities/routes to get employment in the Industry– work experience  You will work with professional Filmmakers & produce work for real clients  Enjoy Films, TV, Facebook, Games, Music deeper appreciation  Wake up to think for yourself & challenge what you've been conditioned to think is true, normal or real
  14. 14. Why should I do it? Have the highest standards, producing work online to global audience Media Students form very close friendships & loyalty to each other Exam is written – BUT, coursework rewards Directors Commentaries & Creative Technical Skills You learn on Industry standard software & professional HD video production equipment Euro Disney!
  15. 15. The course 2 hr Exam 50% Section A: Representation in TV Drama (unseen clip) Section B: The Music Industry Coursework 50% Foundation Portfolio in Media (Blog) Group Video Production Opening 2 min Thriller
  16. 16. Expectations at A Level Homework – 4 hours per week (shooting, completing edit, evaluating classwork, blog, watching Thrillers, location research, group meetings) Shooting on location – London, not school or home or the park 1 piece assessed work (video production project, mock exam, directors commentary) ever Module & self evaluation how you have improved All work submitted via Blog format
  17. 17. Any questions
  18. 18. Thanks