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Ologie: Social Media & Higher Education


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Slides from the Making Digital Connections webinar

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Ologie: Social Media & Higher Education

  1. presents making digital connections in higher education Four proven models For connecting with people
  2. social media: defined What is social media anyway? tools trend how people use decentralized, people-based networks to get the things they need from each other. Bottom Line: social media isn’t just a list of destinations. it’s a new standard of expectiations.
  3. it’s part of how our expectations — our very culture — is shifting. People are taking a new “tac”: the vast majority of people report the opinion they trust t trust most is one from “someone like me.” For the first time in our history, peers have bested the wisdom of experts. no matter how unusual, or obscure the topic, we want — we a access expect — to be able to find information on it. and not just information, but details, perspectives, and context. it’s all about how we enter that decision-making situation. c confidence We are unwilling to go unarmed, to be at the mercy of the expert on the other side of the table.
  4. today’s 16- to 24-year-olds have even higher demands. growing up online has shaped how teens and young adults receive, process, and act on information. they expect communication to be: Brief they send one billion text messages each day. instant they don’t even remember B.g. (Before google) always on there are no office hours when you’re always connected.
  5. hoW PeoPle are using social media
  6. how We use it the ways people use social media today fall into three key categories: CONTENT Works like: Blogs Wikis Twitter YouTube RECOMMENDATIONS CONNECTIONS Works like: digg Google Works like: Facebook
  7. how We use it 1 create content • Publish a blog or website • Upload video or pictures CONTENT • Create music or mashups Works like: Blogs • Write articles or commentary Wikis Twitter YouTube RECOMMENDATIONS CONNECTIONS Works like: digg Google Works like: Facebook
  8. how We use it 2 make connections • Create online profiles • Interact with friends CONTENT • Seek out new connections Works like: Blogs Wikis Twitter YouTube RECOMMENDATIONS CONNECTIONS Works like: digg Google Works like: Facebook
  9. how We use it 3 make recommendations • Post a rating or review • Make a comment CONTENT • Tag or rank content Works like: Blogs • Contribute to articles or wikis Wikis Twitter • Vote YouTube RECOMMENDATIONS CONNECTIONS Works like: digg Google Works like: Facebook
  10. how We use it 21% of people create content 69% 37% review 35% join + are “spectators” who read and use the ideas, reviews, and content and comment and participate they find in social 19% tag networking and collect
  11. how We use it Social media has reached critical mass • 206 million Americans used the social web in 2008 • the most popular Youtube videos have a wider audience than the most-watched Super Bowls It’s not just for communicating with potential students • 75% of college students use the social web, but so do 60% of the wired wealthy • Facebook’s fastest-growing population is 50+, followed closely by the 41–45 age group • the average twitter user is 31
  12. hoW colleges use social media todaY
  13. colleges and universities have been early adopters of social media. For example, americas colleges out-blog the business world: 2007 2008 Fortune 500 companies 8% 13% inc. 500 companies 19% 39% colleges and universities 32% 41%
  14. they use a broad range of tools and tactics 85% of college admissions offices report they use at least one form of social media: 61% Social networking 48% Video blogging 41% Blogging 36% Message boards 16% Podcasts 10% Wikis What else: Private schools have been much faster to adopt social communications than public schools. (umass, 2009)
  15. students are “fans” of the effort. average number of Fans (per collegiate Facebook page) april 1 1,493 may 1 1,814 June 1 2,042 July 1 2,335 0 600 1,200 1,800 2,400 (Blue Fuego, 2009)
  16. students are “fans” of the effort. largest number of Fans (as of 7/9/2009, 11:15am est*) lousiana state university 55,686 university of kansas 45,820 texas a&m 42,898 ohio state university 39,456 stanford university 37,812 indiana university 35,107 university of missouri 31,526 michigan state university 28,287 university of Florida 21,189 West Virginia University 20,994 0 15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 n= 1,035 *active university-owned accounts only (Blue Fuego, 2009)
  17. But are slow to get involved Pages With most Fan Posts – June 2009 lousiana state university 347 sunY Plattsburgh 150 kent state university 144 ucla 106 sunY oswego 104 university of new haven 100 Penn college of technology 92 savannah college of art & design 87 university of missouri 75 university of central Florida 68 0 100 200 300 400 (Blue Fuego, 2009)
  18. the Problem: colleges — and, most businesses — are quick to test tactics, but aren’t taking a larger strategic view • so most are doomed to underperform • or worse: cnet estimated that 50% of social media campaigns launched by Fortune 100 companies this year will fail
  19. deFining Your strategY
  20. Why do colleges and universities invest in social media? For many of the same reasons they invest in more traditional marketing and advertising: create encourage inspire create awareness connection loyalty ambassadors • Recruit best-fit students • Build powerful relationships with alumni • Create stronger reputations
  21. how should you use social media? ah, the big question. there’s really just one essential thing to keep in mind: It should provide value ValUe To ValUe To to the customer and to the brand. college audience looking at it another way, the circles could read: • true to the core of your brand effeCTIVe SoCIal MedIa STRaTegy • new or unexpected
  22. start with an honest appraisal What you can CONTROL What you can ! web ! private ! blogs communities INFLUENCE Where you can PARTICIPATE ! targeted applications ! user-generated content ! licensed tools ! social networks ! peer-to-peer LESS RISK MORE RISK
  23. set a strategy start with who get to know what your audience does on the you want to talk PeoPle social web to, not what technology define what you want to oBJeCTIVeS accomplish you’ll use. tools decide which social technologies to use Your Social Media Strategy
  24. foUR PRoVeN models
  25. 1 Build a Community let your audience support and connect with each other. Pros: • Very authentic way to use the social web • inexpensive to operate and can reduce costs Cons: • takes a lot of work to seed and build • the crowd can turn on you if you’re unresponsive Make sure you: • set expectations: What does success look like?
  26. 1 Build a Community: Best Buy’s Blue shirt nation • connects tens of thousands of employees • in a forum to talk to and support one another • Where they can solve problems, share ideas, archive solutions, build a whole new kind of interconnected culture • and just be people — who make jokes, have complaints, dig new things Who else is doing it: • TiVo customers solve each other’s technical problems • Victoria’s Secret Pink fans on facebook vote and chat together • doylestown hospital connects its mobile workforce of 360 independent physicians via an iPhone application to provide a highly responsive healing environment for thousands of patients
  27. 1 Build a Community: sunY new Paltz • started with a defined goal: increase the academic quality of the incoming fall class • created a tiered invitation system: First build relationships with the students we want most; then open it up to the entire class • dedicated two people to act as hosts and update content • delivered results: increased the percent of their “highest selectivity” group that made deposits from 30% to 37% • gave accepted students compelling reasons to spend time on the site. an average visit: nearly 14 minutes.
  28. 1 Build a Community: executing the strategy execution must-have: Make it easy • Be as creative with technology as you are with strategy • leverage the tools your audience already uses • don’t ask people to do more than they need to
  29. 2 Energize Passionate People it’s about inspiring individuals to carry your message into the places they talk, connect, and create. Pros: • Builds relationships with influencers • gets real people talking one-to-one Cons: • scale is limited to personal networks • more difficult to listen to the conversation about your brand because it is widely dispersed Make sure you: • encourage fans to be transparent about any direct contact they have with you, samples they receive, and so on
  30. 2 Energize Passionate People it takes a new way of thinking. What’s wrong with this picture?
  31. 2 Energize Passionate People it wasn’t built to be easy to pass on. • Bold • succinct • action oriented
  32. 2 Energize Passionate People: Zappos customer service • Built its social media strategy on a core tenet of the brand: We’re a customer service organization that happens to sell shoes • hundreds of associates and executives use social media to connect one-on-one with customers • they answer questions, give advice, solve problems, build relationships • to create brand ambassadors who cannot stop telling “i ♥ Zappos” stories Who else is doing it: • Ford Fiesta is offering a six-month test drive • dell won big with free laptops • iBm supports its bloggers and alumni • aurora health and others are “tweeting” cutting-edge surgeries
  33. 2 Energize Passionate People: Wittenberg university’s Witt nation • started with a defined goal: Build stronger relationships and reach out to like minds • attached the campaign to the core of the brand: a unique time, unique people • 13 talk leaders traveled 8,000 miles to host events in 27 cities • met more than 1,000 passionate fans • integrated the “on the road” experience with an online community • collected stories that will live on beyond the road trip
  34. 2 Energize Passionate People: executing the strategy execution must-have: Use a personal voice • social media rewards casual interactions • authentic brands are uniquely well-positioned to succeed • Voice is the single most important element
  35. 3 Find a Good Idea imagine if you could get the very best development or marketing ideas you’d never thought of from people who actually use your product. Pros: • connects you to the best ideas inside your own company and in your larger community • often very cost effective, leveraging resources you already have Cons: • can generate overwhelming content • can take your brand in inauthentic directions Make sure you: • have a very savvy filter for the input
  36. 3 Find a Good Idea: exxon • leveraged a idea crowdsourcing engine called innocentive that connects problems to solvers • took on a sticky problem: how to separate frozen oil from water • connected with an unlikely “expert”: an illinois chemist from the concrete industry • got an almost immediate solution to a 20-year-old problem Who else is doing it: • Bell canada’s employees share ideas and vote the best ones to the top for executive review • mini listened to what its customers were saying online to target its marketing • P&g gets fresh ideas from pet owners who log in to share insights
  37. 3 Find a Good Idea: sXsW over the years, many of the most compelling panels and presentations for the sXsW interactive Festival have come directly from the online community. their social strategy harnesses the power of those crowd- sourced ideas both to bring the best content to the conference and to build reputation and attendance. • Built an application that accepts and categorizes panel ideas from the industry • in 2009, 100 of the 150 sessions were created and selected by the community • tens of thousands of attendees and supporters vote • hundreds of thousands read about the panels on blogs and in other social media
  38. 3 Find a Good Idea: mayo medical school • inspired by testing various social media tactics • Found that Facebook groups were more effective than their traditional orientation efforts • earned 100% participation with right content, right experience • noticed better teamwork and integration in incoming classes • refocused staff time and cost savings on curriculum “We used to worry about learning their names because we didn’t want them to feel isolated. Well, now they know everybody by the time they get here.” — Barbara Porter, assistant dean for academic and student affairs
  39. 3 Find a Good Idea it takes a new way of thinking. What could go wrong with this video? “Motrin Moms”
  40. 3 Find a Good Idea talking to your audience makes all the difference. • resonance • authenticity • accuracy
  41. 3 Find a Good Idea: executing the strategy execution must-have: Prepare People • test and roll • have a response and crisis plan • Prepare internal stakeholders for what to expect and how you’ll interact
  42. 4 Meet a Need to Make a Connection the toughest way to use social media is also one of the best: give people something they need. Pros: • creates significant conversation • Builds brand perceptions and attachments Cons: • hard to do • tends to be a long-term commitment Make sure you: • test the concept with users of social media before you go live
  43. 4 Meet a Need to Make a Connection: Fedex • needed a relevant way to participate in social media • scanned the various tools and networks people use, looking for a gap • Found a limitation on Facebook: members can send email-like messages, but can’t add attachments • Built a branded app that filled the gap — winning 100,000 installs in the first 48 hours, #1 most active page, and lots of repeat users Who else is doing it: • american express is offering tools for small business • Brooklyn museum gave new photographers an exhibit curated by a social community • goodwill of Washington dc is selling hand-me-down fashion
  44. 4 Meet a Need to Make a Connection: university of minnesota • carlson mBa program needed to make direct connections with more potential students • overcame the barriers of communicating with non-traditional students • answered questions in real time and created a searchable archive • increased the number of applications for the incoming class
  45. 4 Meet a Need to Make a Connection: executing the strategy execution must-have: Seed the Destination • “if you build it they will come” no longer works • sometimes your best audience is inside your organization • social tools help propel your growth with transparent choice
  46. case studY
  47. The Rebrand it was the ideal time to evolve Capital’s brand for three key reasons: new LeaDerShiP Changing STraTegiC aPProaCh ShifTS in The markeTPLaCe Since President Denvy Bowman in recent decades, Capital’s Trends in demographics, student took office in march 2007, strategic focus started to swing preference and even institutional his vision and dedication have away from classical learning to commitment are changing what played an important role in more professional pursuits. now it takes to be an in-demand guiding the school from a that pendulum is moving back, university. period of controversy to one of emphasizing the liberal arts core opportunity and alignment. while supporting selected professional programs. The BoTTom Line Capital needed to define what it stood for so it could thrive in the future.
  48. The Process DiSCoVer Define CreaTe eXTenD observe organize visualize execute listen align verbalize implement question plan conceptualize document
  49. The Outcome what we deliver the taNgible beNeFit The a relevant liberal arts core and deep professional focused students ready to begin purposeful careers and programs that are taught in a demanding, hands-on lead meaningful lives. offer environment by internationally renowned leaders who care about just one thing: engaging students. what we aSPire tO The ViSion Transforming lives for the common good. what we StaNd FOr The eSSenCe Critical thinking, critically applied.
  50. gIVINg The Brand Back to the students
  52. Youtube embed
  53. Facebook integration
  54. Facebook Page
  55. Flickr Feed
  56. Flickr tagged search
  57. customized Backgrounds
  58. the seeding strategY
  59. sidewalk chalk
  60. url on chalkboards
  61. Flyers
  62. desktop Backgrounds
  63. eXtending the strategY to admissions
  64. extending the strategy THE CHALLENGE: convince accepted students to com- mit to capital for the coming academic year • 5 admission counselors • 5,000 accepted students • 600 student commitment goal • 1-month timeframe
  65. Postcards STeP inTo oUr STUDenTS’ ShoeS SearCh The CiTY (on YoUr TermS) Short North Gallery Hop / Columbus Blue Jackets / Easton Town Center North Market / South Campus Gateway / Huntington Park Promo West / Drexel Theatre / Hocking Hills / ComFest / Jeni’s Ice Cream What will PreSorTeD firST CLaSS U.S. PoSTage you do? PAID CoLUmBUS oh PermiT no. 944 Something interesting is happening all across campus. admission office our students are sharing their career goals and lifelong 1 College and main Columbus, oh 43209-9987 aspirations (as well as what they’re up to Saturday night). Turns out, they’re a pretty focused bunch. Take a look at it’s for our students, but we want you to be a part of it, too. (we’d love it if you mentioned you’re coming to Capital.) DeCiSionS. DeCiSionS. name May 1 is the national deadline to submit a deposit aDDreSS CiTY, STaTe ZiPCoDe and choose the college you’ll attend. if you haven’t sent a deposit yet, you can submit it online at
  66. the social approach FACEBOOK COMMUNICATIONS PLAN: • counselor invitation • share capital Facebook page • event invitation for “college choice day”
  67. the tools subject: hi, i’m your capital university counselor. hey ______, QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. my name is __________, and i’m your admissions counselor at capital university. any question you have about capital (seriously, anything) i’m here to answer. i’m sending this email to remind you that the national deadline for enrollment is just around the corner — may 1. don’t forget to submit a deposit. You can submit yours to capital online here: also, the students on our campus just got involved in something i think is pretty cool (even the university administration got involved!) see it at if you have any questions for me, the best place to reach me is on Facebook. add me as a friend here: <link> hope you’re having a great end to high school. let me know what i can do to make your college choice an easy one. -_________ if you’d rather not get an email from me, i understand. Just reply to this message and type “no thanks” in the subject line. (that way i’ll find it easily.)
  68. results
  69. admissions capital was able to exceed target enrollment — in a 100%+ year when most private schools were forced to accept lower numbers.
  70. traffic 120,000 total unique visits to microsite in 3 months.
  71. engagement in less than a day, the campaign’s #1 in Facebook page gained more fans than any other capital 24 hours page, and our Facebook presence was second only to capital’s alumni group.
  72. engagement 350 300 250 Total Fans 200 150 100 50 0 18-Mar 25-Mar 1-Apr 8-Apr 15-Apr 22-Apr 29-Apr Date
  73. Participation of students wrote 6% “Will You” statements on the Facebook page
  74. Building brands. With purpose.