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Social Media Marketing 101 -Time to Get in the Game


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This short presentation is for people and businesses new to the social media game. You'll learn the benefits of social marketing, the values that it embodies as well as basics steps to get yourself started. I hope you enjoy it!

And of course, if there is any way I can help support your transition into the social media game, please feel free to call me (Leif Hansen) at 206-428-7626 or visit

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Social Media Marketing 101 -Time to Get in the Game

  1. 1. Leif Hansen Social Media Marketing101 Understanding the Basics of the "Social Media Revolution" Isn’t It Time to Get in the Game?
  2. 2. So. Where to start?What IS “Social Media”?
  3. 3. Social media is...(interactive) media "channels" • Blogs / MicroBlogs (Twitter) • Wikis (Wikipedia) • Social & business networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Biznik) • Content communities, media sharing sites (Flickr, YouTube) • Much much more...
  4. 4. Social media is...well...socialTime selected “You” as Time selected Markperson of the year due to Zuckerberg as person ofthe massive shift towards the year due to massiveuser generated content influence of Facebook • Focus is on relationship building • It’s interactive / bi-directional • It’s collaboratively produced • Values count (more later)2006 2010
  5. 5. Web 2.0 Timeline 1.0 - brochure ware e-commerce 2.0 - social media (read only) (input $) (read - write)
  6. 6. Top 10 Benefits of Social Marketing Okay, so you’re starting to get what this is all about, but what exactly are thebennys for YOU? Besides the fact that you don’t really have an option (sorry, the revolution is well under way), what makes social marketing worth your while?1. Find & build business relationships directly with Sales new customers & clients Customer Satisfaction2. Empower your customers to become advocates Value Contribution and free sales representatives3. Improve product/service development through customer feedback4. Become the expert in your niche... before your competitors do5. Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty6. Respond to & prevent negative branding7. Real-time market research: Get to know your market niches interests & wants.8. Radically increase your online presence & SEO9. Reduce customer service calls10. Avoid Irrelevancy. Consumers have been expecting you to be here since around 2005. Why wait any longer?
  7. 7. The Numbers•People Online in N. America: 255 million •Half (47%) of internet users ages•Active Facebook Users: 500 million (=3rd largest “country”) 50-64 and one-in-four (26%)•Twitter Accounts: 200 million users ages 65 and older now use social networking sites. (‘10)•% of US Citizens on Facebook 42% (‘10)•% of US Citizens using Social Networks: 66%•Social Sites Ranked Activity: 3-4th (more than email) •Average social networker goes to social sites five days a week•Youtube Videos Watched Daily: 2 billion and checks in about four times a•Blogs on the internet 2009: 126 million day for an hour each day. (’09)    
  8. 8. Reality Check•78% of Internet users conduct product research online.•Average social networker goes to social sites five days a week and checks in about four times aday for an hour each day. (2009!)•57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog.•Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter alone!•While 14% of people trust ads, 76% of people trust consumer recommendations.•41% of B2B companies and 67% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook.•The number of marketers who say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business hasincreased 83% in just 2 years.•Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic. Stats from
  9. 9. The Problem: Marketing doesn’t work like it used to. Increasingly, people listen to recommendations from peers rather than marketing from companies. “Trust in brands has dropped from 52% to 25% in the last 10 years” -John Gerzema, The Brand Bubble Click here for my interview with John Gerzema + a dozen other nationally known business authors
  10. 10. The Solution? It’s about relationshipsCreating relationships is the first step to getting & keeping customers. Have you read Covey’s book? It’s currently the #1 book read by CEO’s & the point is the same. Work with me & I’ll send you a free copy. People want to know and trust those they’re buying from Participation = Good Marketing
  11. 11. The heart of social media is... 1. Listening. Where are the people you want to reach? Where are they already "hanging out" online? Remember: two ears, one mouth. 2. Engaging. Join existing conversations and post comments -always remember the real people behind the screens. 3. Adding value. Create new social ‘channels’ and contribute content that would be considered helpful, interesting or valuable. Your business goal here is to establish & maintain enough trust to connect potential customers to offers that you know would be considered relevant and valuable to them. (Rinse & Repeat.)
  12. 12. Very important Web 2.0 values: • Honesty • Transparency • Authenticity
  13. 13. Feeling Resistant? It’s okay, there’s always a tough nut to crack :) Think about these ideas Vader (just kiddin’)...• Trying to connect to & trust a business which is not reflecting these values is like trying to connect to & trust a dishonest, guarded or inauthentic person. Our now highly trained BS- detectors can only handle so much stinky.• Trust has always been the beating heart behind good, lasting business. Besides, remember that 1st quote about trust in big brands rapidly decreasing?• The Social Web hides no secrets and no experience of poor service or crappy product will escape public commentary. Do you really want to be on ‘the dark side’? Of course not.• And anyway, why not participate in participation?
  14. 14. The Passion Principle• Imagine going to a car dealership (or yoga class, restaurant or whatever) & talking with a salesman who you could tell really didnt believe in the car she was selling, nor did she really like her job. How much are you going to enjoy the transaction? How much would you trust her recommendations? How motivated would you be to buy that car?• If youre going to be involved in whatever business youre From my copy, and I only had involved in, you might as well find a way to get genuinely just met him :) passionate about it & care about the people you are serving. And if you cant, then go find a new job for goodness sake, stop wasting the majority of your life! Love ya, but c’mon folks, we might only live once :) Why else is passion important?• People will enjoy & trust working with you more.• Youll have more of an impact in all you do.• Youll enjoy your work & have more fun!
  15. 15. Before you Dive In...1. If youre not already clear about your business & marketing goals, your market niche, where they hang out online & what youre competition is doing about it, youll want to start with that research. Heres a free assessment tool to help you get started.2. Youll then need to decide whether you have the time, money, energy & expertise to handle doing social marketing in-house. If you dont, of course we at Spark Social Media would be happy to help with everything from an initial consultation to full time social media management.3. If youre ready to go at it on your own, youll want to begin with the 1-2-3 of Listen, Engage & Add Value that we talked about earlier.4. In addition to adding value on existing channels, youll need to create your own channels. Facebook Business Pages, Twitter & LinkedIn are good, free channels for a business to start with, and they require minimal content creation, but of course there are many more possibilities.5. Lastly, youll want to strongly consider whether a rich media channel or other more content-heavy channel -a blog, a series of videos tutorials, a podcast, a customer service platform, etc. -will serve your customers and help you improve your business.
  16. 16. Thank you!• Thanks for giving your time & attention. In this "attention economy", where so much competes for your ears & eyes, I want to acknowledge the valuable resources you’ve already invested. May you enjoy the process of playing in this strange new social ‘game’.• Please feel free to call (206-428-7626) or email me with any questions, Ill be happy to help you with any of your social media marketing needs. You might want to start with our free online assessment tool and/or Leif Hansen, Spark Social a free 30 minute consultation. Media Founder & "SparkGuy"• For those who are interested in learning About Leif: more about Spark Social Media’s services, continue on to the following slides... About Spark Social Media:
  17. 17. Leif Hansen Spark Social Media Expand & Enrich Your Online Conversation
  18. 18. About Spark Social MediaWe support businesses relatively new to the socialmedia game. Our mission is to help them to:1.Understand the radical shift the current "social media revolution" has introduced to the world of marketing and client/customer engagement.2.Affordably & sustainably make the transition of adopting these new technologies.3.Effectively engage their market by sharing their brand & offerings using a variety of new/social media “channels”, establishing themselves as niche experts and "adding value to the conversation”.4.Be empowered & equipped to continue engaging their market as creatively, authentically & effectively as possible, either independently or through our own social media management services & tools.
  19. 19. Social Marketing Services Consulting & Training (Strategy, Implementation) Account/Profile/Channel Set-up & Optimization Content Creation & Distribution ‘Channel’ Moderation & Response Social Metrics, Reporting & Optimization
  20. 20. Social Media ChannelsThere are literally thousands of online social media channels & services, and the list grows daily. We’vecategorized these services & focused on the most effective channels to help establish your online presence: Facebook Profiles, Business Pages, Groups, Friend Seeding, Ads Twitter Profiles, Custom Background, Follower Seeding Business Networking (LinkedIn, Biznik, etc.) Media Sharing Sites (Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare, etc.) Blogs / Podcasts (Wordpress, etc.) Live Audio/Video (Internet Radio, Video Conf., etc.) Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.) Online Communities (External or Internal: Ning, etc.) Customer Service Platforms (GetSatisfaction, UserVoice) Social Ads (Facebooks Ads, Google Adsense) Newsletters (Email Campaigns; A/B Testing; Social Sharing; etc.)
  21. 21. In Case You Didn’t Pay Attention Earlier... Social Marketing Helps You:1. Find & build business relationships directly with new customers & clients Sales2. Empower your customers to become advocates free sales agents Customer Satisfaction3. Improve product/service development through customer feedback Value Contribution4. Become the expert in your niche... before your competitors do5. Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty6. Respond to & prevent negative branding7. Real-time market research: Get to know your market niches interests & wants.8. Radically increase your online presence & SEO9. Reduce customer service calls10. Avoid Irrelevancy. Consumers have been expecting you to be here since around 2005. Why wait any longer?
  22. 22. What’s the Investment?Choose the pricing structure that best fits your budget& needs. Ongoing Social Media Management Packages (Best for those who are new to the world of social marketing, and who want someone else to manage channel creation, content distribution, moderation, metrics, etc.) Ongoing Social Media Management, By Retainer (Best for those who already know their social marketing needs, yet who want someone else to manage channel creation, content distribution, moderation, metrics, etc.) Individualized, Single-Session Support (Best for those who plan on eventually handling their social marketing needs independently, in-house.)
  23. 23. Social Media Management Packages
  24. 24. Package Feature Descriptions
  25. 25. Leif Hansen To receive an additional 10% off all set-up fees, call now & mention that you saw this presentation. Call Leif @ 206-428-7626 Thank You! May You “Expand & Enrich Your Online Conversation”