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PR Newswire Emerging Media Presentation


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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PR Newswire Emerging Media Presentation

  1. 1. Leif Clarke – Account ManagerMichael Seghieri – Divisional Vice President, MultiVu Brad Heinrich – New Business
  2. 2. • Questions• Trends• Content• Case Studies• If we have time… Todays SEO Tips
  3. 3. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations toconnect and engage with their target audiences worldwide.
  4. 4. SILOS in Corporations are Old and Crumbling
  5. 5. Communications Comes Into FocusCompanies want: Marketing Public• Direct access to consumers Relations• Opportunities to engage with audiences• Continuous Messaging that is easy to share• Analytics, ROIThey want to communicate in away that combines PR, Marketing Advertisingand Advertising.
  6. 6. Communications Channel Complexity Social Web sites Search Mobile Videosharing CONTENT Blogs Microblogs Print Broadcast
  7. 7. Engage Opportunity with all key audiences Investors The MediaDecision Bloggers Makers CONTENT Influencers Consumers Shareholders
  8. 8. Traditional Public Relations ModelThe model has changed....
  9. 9. +Reach Paid Owned - - + Control
  10. 10. + EarnedReach Paid Owned - - + Control
  11. 11. Your story’s potential reach Traditional Social media media Your Content Web coverage
  12. 12. Palo Alto Networks:Services Ordered:• Multimedia News Release (MNR) • research
  13. 13. MGM Resorts International:Las Vegas - Titanic 100th Anniversary Project from Luxor Las Vegas Titanic ExhibitServices Ordered:• Satellite Media Tour (full crew, sat truck, producers, etc. for on-site SMT): • 30 stations were set up for back-to-back-to-back (etc.) interviews from the exhibit with the curator of RMS Titanic, Inc. • broadcast media alert + email distribution to our proprietary database of thousands of TV newsrooms• Multimedia News Release / B-Roll Broadcast Distribution Package •• National News and Online SEO Distribution / Releases to supplement launch
  14. 14. Microsoft Office:Services Ordered:• Multimedia News Release (MNR) • todays-always-on-world
  15. 15. ClosetMaid:Services Ordered:• ARC (Access Reach Connect) •
  16. 16. Launch Demo35
  17. 17. Integration with Digital Ad Campaigns ARC also features a 300x250 unit to extend your Integration with Your Digital Ad Campaigns 36