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Ultimate Modded Commodore 64


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The Ultimate Commodore 64 with Stereo sound, four joystick ports, joystick/mouse switcher, four selectable Kernals, reset switch, IDE, Compact Flash, 20GB hard drive, CD-ROM, USB, Ethernet, and uses a Commodore 128 power supply. But still runs at 1 MHz and has 64K RAM!

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Ultimate Modded Commodore 64

  1. 1. The Ultimate Modded 64C Leif Bloomquist World of Commodore 2011
  2. 2. Ultimate Modded 64C• Goal: Maximize convenience, capability and fun when using the 64, using real hardware and without sacrificing the overall experience.• Modifications • Blue Paint Job • Stereo SID Sound • Multiple Kernals • Reset Button • C128 Power Supply• Peripherals • Four Joystick Ports • Port Switcher • IDE64 v4 with RR-Net (Ethernet, USB, 20GB HD, CDROM)• Alternatives
  3. 3. In the Beginning…. (~1986)
  4. 4. Modifications
  5. 5. Blue Paint Job• Original paint job was done in 2003 with “Krylon Fusion” • Began to chip and wear after a couple of years.• New paint job is with “Vinyl Dye” in aerosol form • Used for car interior detailing, etc. • Forms a chemical bond with the ABS plastic that the case is made of • In theory, will never chip or wear (bonds with plastic) • We shall see!• $20 Canadian• Source:
  6. 6. Stereo SID SoundDualSID board by Tomi MalinenFeatures• Second SID can be either 8580 or 6581 with any C64 board assembly• Second SID address is selectable from: $D400, $D420, $D500, $DE00, $DF00• Small PCB, only 40mm x 50mm• Game compatibility• Even non-stereo SIDs and games sound better! (different filters on left/right)Pricing• PCB Only 5€• PCB + Components Kits 10€• PCB + Components Assembled 15€Source:
  7. 7. Multiple Kernals• 27C512 (64KByte) EPROM• Room for 4x 8KB ROMs• Switches on two highest address pins to select1. Original C64 Kernal2. JiffyDOS (from Jim Brain, )3. Custom Kernal (name and colors)4. Blank Possibilities: Autoboot ROM, Japanese C64 ROM, …
  8. 8. Reset Button• Momentary pushbutton that grounds the junction of capacitor C43, the anode of diode CR5, and pin 5 of IC U23.
  9. 9. Case Badge• Taken from a non-functional Commodore PC 10-III found on eBay for $5.
  10. 10. C128 Power Supply• Bought a C128-style power plug from Click Here software back in 2002.• Simple adaptor box to switch to C64 style plug.
  11. 11. Peripherals
  12. 12. Four Joystick Ports• User port joystick adaptor• Two additional ports on back of C64• About a dozen games support the interface (original or modified)• 15 € (schematic is online for free)Source: or
  13. 13. Joystick Port Switcher• Switches Port 1 and Port 2 with press of a button• Saves wear&tear on ports• Works with joysticks, paddles, mice, and lightpens• No software changes required• $35 Australian (~$38 CDN)• Source:
  14. 14. IDE64 v4• “Kitchen Sink” of C64 Peripherals • IDE (Hard Drives and CD-ROMs) • Compact Flash • Ethernet (Amiga Clock Port for RR-Net) • USB (for PC Virtual Drive “PCLink”)• Software Enhancements • BASIC Extension (CD, DIR, CDOPEN, MKDIR, HDINIT, many more) • Machine-language monitor • PC-style “BIOS” for configuration • Split-screen file manager
  15. 15. IDE64 v4 (Page 2)• Compatibility • Cassette port still available • Works great with JiffyDOS • All single-file games work as-is • Multi-file games need to precisely match the CBM-DOS specification (most don’t) • Hundreds of games have been “Fixed” to be IDE64 compatible. • Most common issue: Drive 8 hard-coded• Raw Speed • Over 100 times faster than a 1541 floppy drive • Most games load in a fraction of a second• 99 €• Source:
  16. 16. Photo Gallery
  17. 17. Painting
  18. 18. Left SideStereo Output Kernal Switches 2nd SID Address Select (Rotary)
  19. 19. Right Side Reset Button
  20. 20. Under the Hood Stereo Output Reset Button 27C512 DualSID KernalSwitches 5V and Ground Connections 2nd SID Address Select (Rotary)
  21. 21. All Done!
  22. 22. Alternatives
  23. 23. Alternatives to IDE641541 Ultimate• Re-implementation of a 1541 in an FPGA• Use D64 or PRG files on a USB stick or SD Card• Compatibility • Virtually 100% - *is* a 1541 • Appears on IEC bus • …but runs at original 1541 speeds• Other • Two drives can be simulated • Even outputs the audio from the simulated drive (head motion, etc)• 129€• Source:
  24. 24. Alternatives to IDE64uIEC• Compact Flash or SD Card reader• Uses IEC bus, leaves cartridge port free• Works great with JiffyDOS!• $50 USD (plus extras as needed)• Source:• Available from Jim Brain, right here at WoC
  25. 25. 64NIC+ (Alternative to RR-Net)• Standalone cartridge• RR-Net compatible• $50 USD• Source:• Available from Jim Brain, right here at WoC
  26. 26. Alternatives to DualSIDInternal Stereo SID• Similar to DualSID with extra features: • More addressing options: Any 32-byte range between $D420-$D4E0 and $DE00 to $DFE0 • Bus noise cancellation• PCB only $5.95• PCB+kit $29.95• Assembled $39.95• Source: http://www.digitalaudioconcepts.comStereoInSID• Similar to other options, but added “digi-fix” for 8580 SIDs• Can mix and match and SID types• More complicated installationSource: (or buy mine!)
  27. 27. Alternatives for Multiple Kernal ROMs Zzyzx • Select a Kernal at startup using the 64’s keyboard (F1-F7) • $35 Australian Source: ROM-el ROMEliminator • 128KB Flash-based EPROM alternative • 24 or 28 pins • $10 US Source: (Jim Brain) EasyFlash 3 • Stay tuned….
  28. 28. Questions?