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Wifi For the Commodore 64 (ECCC 2013)


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A single slide with some details on my C64 Wifi interface.

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Wifi For the Commodore 64 (ECCC 2013)

  1. 1. • RN-XV from Roving Networks is a pin-compatible replacement for the popular XBee serial radios from Digi, giving you 802.11 Wifi instead. • UART to Wifi bridge aka “Wifly” • Gives a raw TCP connection to any IP address (also incoming) • Trivial to interface to C64 user port @ 2400 baud • To watch out for: • Needs 5V/3.3v conversion (Adafruit makes a board) • RxD on User Port needs both pins B+C connected! • ASCII only Photo Credit: Mark Martin Wifi for the Commodore 64