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Research proposal by_leidy_aquino


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Research proposal by_leidy_aquino

  1. 1. English-Spanish translation of the chapter “The Development of Comprehension” RESEARCH PROPOSAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMME Leidy Stephany Aquino Pérez 08-09274 General Line of Research: Applied linguistics Nature of Research: Documentary research (Translation)
  2. 2. Abstract  Description of reading comprehension and the understanding of this field in students from all scholar levels will be found in this translation. This is from a chapter entitled “the development of comprehension” which is a theme of the book “Handbook of Reading research”. The aim of this translation project is to provide important informations about the theme of his chapter which talks about the process of reading comprehension in students and, also, about some theories that can help teachers to enhance this ability on them.  A detailed theoretical analysis of applied techniques, procedures and strategies are involved in the translation process that is provided. A translation requires of certain procedures such as understanding the text, writing a first and a second draft, and revising the text and the techniques so that it will give the final work.
  3. 3. Objectives to translate faithfully and clearest way, the chapter “reading comprehension of the Handbook of Reading Research Volume IV,” a topic related to education to thoroughly describe the translation process, including explanations and descriptions of the translation difficulties encountered during the process and the techniques used to solve them. 
  4. 4. Background  In the content of the text it will be found the importance of the listening and reading comprehension process in children, adolescents, and young adults, also it will be found some studies which reveal or help teachers and educator to understand student s capacity of comprehension depending of theirs age and level of study Kamil, Pearson, Moje, Afflerbach, (2011.) Moreover the text explains how teachers and educators can foster this ability in children because for some time students in the preschool and early elementary school classroom have been suffered of a lack of attention in this abilities. It is as a result of a deficiency in the teaching in order to understand children’s language learning and, also, having limited ideas about what to do inside the classroom to foster their language development.
  5. 5. Review of Literature  In this traslation monograph will be found techniques proposed by JeanPaul and Jean Dalbernet in 1958 and some compiled by Alessio Zanier in 2011 . These direct and oblique translation are listed bellow:  Borrowing  Calque  Literal translation  Transposition  Modulation  Equivalence  Adaptation  Addition or amplification  Reduction or omission
  6. 6. Methodology Procedures be used to carry out this translation monograph, such as: An in-depth understanding Look for unknown words First draft Looking for a better version Contrasting the translation with original version
  7. 7. Methodology tools will be used to carry out this translation monograph, such as: Dictionaries on-line and printed Articles Experts in translation
  8. 8. References  Englund B. (2005). Expertise and Explicitation in the Translation Process. Philadephia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.  Venuti L. (2003). The translation Studies Reader. London and New York: Taylor & Francis e-Library.  Zanier A. (2011). Apuntes sobre técnicas de traducción. Chetumal  Nida Eugene and Taber. (1969). The Theory and Practice of translation. Leiden: E. J. Brill.   Catford J. C. (1995). A Linguistic Theory of Translation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.  Namit Bhatia. (1992). The Oxford Companion to the English Language.   De Valenzuela, Julia Scherba. (1992). American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA): Guidelines for Meeting the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities.   Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary copyright © 2013 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated   Kamil M, Pearson p, Moje E, Afflerbach P. (2011). Handbook of Reading Research Volume IV. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis e-Library.