Hankenes annual report 2013


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Hanken Entrepreneurship society is a society which aims to make Hanken Swedish School of Economics the most entrepreneurial university in Finland.

The annual report summarizes HES year 2013. It presents the society and also reveals the most relevant projects and events the society organized during the year.

HES is continuously looking for new members to their team, so if you are interested in participating do not hesitate to contact the new board.

More information on Hanken Entrepreneurship Society can be found at www.hankenes.com and all inquiries can be sent to hankenes@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading the report!

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Hankenes annual report 2013

  1. 1. Annual report 2013
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The year 2013 confronted Hankenes with a big challenger. All the founding members have stepped aside from their active positions in Hankenes and new members were needed. Fortunately, through the create foundation laid by the founders, the new board was easily summited. This year, Hankenes has grown again through new events and new people. The visibility of entrepreneurship has increased among students and the community of persons interested in entrepreneurship has increased. This year, we arranged more than 15 events, of which 3 events hosted more than 100 people. Our main event, Banking 2.0, hosted approximately 200 attendees. Other highlight from the year was our trip to Stockholm startup day, Hankenes pitching Competition and Hanken Network day. Our vision is to develop a community at Hanken that will enable Hanken students to found competitive start-ups and make Hanken a fully integrated part of the Finnish start-up ecosystem. During 2013, we have sought to further our vision by events targeted to our students, by doing excursions and study trips and to increase the level of cooperation with other universities and organisations who share our vision for a more entrepreneurial Finland. A side the events, Hankenes has worked hard with internal projects, such as mapping the possibility for a physical location for entrepreneurship at Hanken. Also, great effort has been made to effective the marketing of the society. A good example of the results from these efforts is the highly successful Hankenes blogg. Partly due to the blogg, Hankenes has been able to dubbel its follower on facebook from 500 to a whooping 1000 persons. Kim Lehmusvuori Hankenes president 2013
  3. 3. VISION To make Hanken the most entrepreneurial university in Finland MISSION To strengthen the entrepreneurship community at Hanken by arranging events, workshops and trips for Hanken student and tie contacts between students and successful entrepreneurs. THE BOARD 2013 Kim Lehmusvuori (President) Christian Lardot (Vice-president) Sonja Schalin (Treasurer) Michaela Andersson (Marketing coordinator) Anssi Rantanene (Marketing coordinator) Mia Nyfors (Universities relationship coordinator) Andreas af Enehielm (Business relationship coordinator) Mika Bäckman (Event coordinator)
  4. 4. JANUARY HES annual meeting HES goes to Startup Sauna, first board meeting HES at student union fair HES kick-off FEBRUARY HES blogg is launched HES goes to Kungen MARCH HES goes to Kiosked HES meetup: Teambuilding HES goes to speed dating at Hub helsinki HES & Aaltoes dinner at Hanken APRIL HES goes to Kiosked HES trip to the startup conference Startup Day in Stockholm HES meetup: Pitching workshop with Mike Bradshaw MAY HES & Aaltoes breakfast with Simpli HES Startup Sisters
  5. 5. JUNE HES spring wrap-up JULY HES Meetup: Summer BBQ AUGUST SEPTEMBER HES goes student union fair Hanken Network Day: Entrepreneurship and Career fair HES goes freshmen recruitment evening OCTOBER HES pitching competition HES&Aaltoes dinner at Startup Sauna NOVEMBER HES Banking 2.0 DECEMBER HES wrap-up of the year
  6. 6. Some highlighted events HES GOES TO KUNGEN HES invites 70 entrepreneurship-minded to join us at the pre-premier for the theater play Kungen. A big thank to Lilla Teatern who sponsored us with the tickets! STOCKHOLM STARTUP DAY TRIP Startup Day is an annual conference about entrepreneurship and innovation arranged by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. HES organized the trip for 14 students from Hanken. Thanks to funding from the foundation Tre Smeder we could offer sponsored trip & tickets to the participants.
  7. 7. HES BLOGG HES launches our new blogg as an initiative to increase the awareness of entrepreneurs in Finland. During the year, once a week, a entrepreneurship profile was posted. The profiles were a huge success. HES goes to Kiosked HES is invited to help Kiosked with their visual layout, and 5 lucky students visit Kiosked on two different occasions.
  8. 8. SUMMER BBQ AT FREDIS During this annual summer meet-up we met at Fredis to talk about business ideas, plan for the fall, eat ribs and go to Sauna. STARTUP SISTERS Startup Sisters is a network and movement for female entrepreneurs in Finland started at Boost Turku. HES contributed to the movement by arranging a seminar with Catharina Stackelberg, founder of Marketing Clinic, and Maaretta Tukiainen co-founder of Vojo. The seminar attracted 40 visitors and was very appreciated. Thanks to the seminar we attracted several new female members to HES.
  9. 9. HANKEN NETWORK DAY HES was the main organizer of the annual Hanken Network day. This year, the event was transformed to a career and entrepreneurship fair. Ten startups presented their products and their carrier opportunities. During the day, more than 100 open positions were exhibited and more than 300 students networked with professionals. A big special thanks to Katrin Ahlbäck, an active HES member, who was the main organizer from HES side.
  10. 10. HES PITCHING COMPETITION HES organized our annual pitching competition. This year participating companies were me2we Finland Oy, MeetAt12or6, SuprView, Mewo and StartHQ. StartHQ, who won the pitching competition, was also present at Slush were they also won. The event attracted an audience of around 100 people.
  11. 11. BANKING 2.0 – THE FUTURE OF MONEY HES organized its annual Banking 2.0 event. This year, we invited Casimir Ehrnrooth (Klarna), Pärtel Tomberg (Isepankur) and Mikko Teerenhovi (Holvi) to share their thoughts on how technology is changing the to change the way we pay our bills, manage our money and do business? The event attracted more than 200 participants from the student body and professionals. Special thanks for Hartwall who sponsored the event, and to HES former chairman, Erik Johansson, who was the main organizer of the event.
  12. 12. MOST IMPORTANT INTERNAL PROJECTS Cooperations with other Entrepreneruship societys Introducing marketing assistants Introducing HES members Introducing HES blogg Introducing HES entrepreneuship profiles Introducing HES monthly newsletter Planning HES alumni network Planning an entrepreneurship advisory board Planning physical location for entrepreneurship
  13. 13. THANKS TO OUR FINANCIERS & SPONSORS Stiftelsen Tre Smeder Hartwall
  14. 14. AND THANKS TO OUR s SPEAKERS, PROJECT MANAGERS, PARTNERS… Torkel Tallqvist (Artefaktum) Lena Ljungell (Hanken) Jan Sten (Hanken) Ola Sundell (Hub Helsinki) Mike Bradshaw (Startup Sauna) Elina Uuttela (AaltoES) Marcus Lampinen (Crowd valley) Tom Lahti (Hanken) Maura Rosqvist (Hanken) Max Edin (ArcadaES) Milk+Chocolate Lilla teatern Startup Sauna Aaltoes crew ArcadaES crew Boost Turku crew (continues…)
  15. 15. Anne Berner (Vallila Interior) Michael Paqvalén (Kiosked), Catharina Stackelberg-Hammarén (Marketing Clinic) William Wolfram (DealDash) Niklas Schröder (Milk+chocolate) Mikaela Meurman (DreamBroker), Sebastian Schroderus (Rovio) Kenneth Salonius (Framgo) Jaan Siitonen (DreamBroker) Chi Nguyen (Dealdash) David O'Weger (Dealdash) Shaun van den Dobbelsteen (Dealdash) Tommi Lehtinen (Footbalance System) Peishan Wu (Grand Cru) Nora Stenius (Grand Cru) Fredi Teir (Greenstep) Michael Biaudet (Kiosked) Niko Karstikko (SportSetter) Arto Voipio (SportSetter) Matti Vaininen (SportSetter)
  16. 16. s AND, ESPECIALLY, OUR ACTIVE MEMBERS! Rasmus Sinnemaa Katrin Ahlbäck Fangting Xie-Shelley Hsin-Yen Chang Peter Hänninen Katrin Ahlbäck Anders Baarman Anna Wallgren Carl Victor von Essen Hanna Lumiluonto Gustaf Borenius Max Hasselblatt Pia-Maria Nickström
  17. 17. JULY Hankenes summer meet-up and barbeque at Fredis AUGUSTI SEPTEMBER Hankenes at student union fair Hankenes at the freshmens recruiting evening Hanken Network day: Career and entrepreneurship fair Thank you for the awesome year, OCTOBER the next let´s make competition year event HES Pitching HES&Aaltoes dinner at Startup Sauna better! NOVEMBER HES Banking 2.0 HES goes to Slush DECEMBER