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Intercast - Expandable Video Ad Unit is here!


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Intercast is a distribution, interactivity, and data tool for video content. We increase the value of content by increasing views and creating engagement and call to action around it. Helping you engage deeper increase interactivity and sell more!

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Intercast - Expandable Video Ad Unit is here!

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Intercast Network, Inc. Patent Pending Distribution. Interactivity. Data.
  2. 2. What if you can take any type of video content or ad and direct it to a targeted audience, with an integrated social media component and demographic gathering that provides real data. And, what if you could monitor and change it on the fly? Now you can with Intercast Instantly deliver captivating ad experiences across your widest reach Create immersive, socially interactive experiences Aggregate an arsenal of real-time data and insight into campaign performance
  3. 3. Seamlessly integrate Applications Across All Digital Assets and Platforms 1 – Website/Microsite 4 - Social Media 2 – PR Widget 5 - Ad Unit (Expands into overlay on top of publisher) 3 – Mobile Ads
  4. 4. Engage with Your Method of Choice Sell product directly in unit through built-in commerce component On demand video playlist promotes content discovery and encourages additional audience engagement Chat unites consumers in their native languages around a single piece of content Polling gathers audience feedback for real-time adjustment of broadcast and better ad targeting Q&A feature allows for intimate engagement with audience Make content viral through social media integration Capture audience demo data through RSVPs, newsletters, and log-ins Dynamically adjust campaign visuals on the fly to correlate with narrative of content
  5. 5. Need Data? Real-Time, Fully Integrated Dashboard Monitors All Key Metrics !   Collect demographic and psychographic data from users’ social network connections !   Run sentiment analyses from chat topic groupings, providing virtual focus groups throughout the campaign !   Customize reporting per campaign through client-facing, simple-to-use reporting application !   Capture user engagement around a piece of content and monitor its movement throughout the web !   Implement polls dynamically throughout campaign, creating instant calls-to-action !   Monitor and interact with viewers one- on-one through Q & A !   Track sales performance and in- coming traffic in real-time
  6. 6. Create and Activate Campaigns in Minutes !   WYSIWYG banner creator !   Video playlist manager !   Integration with DFP for video ad management !   Widget display selection !   Control over CSS for developers !   Full featured asset management !   Multi-language campaign support !   Sharing and SEO control !   Automated and manual chat and user moderation !   Import functionality for tweets and hashtags to populate chat !   E-commerce management
  7. 7. Case Study: AOL Live !   Challenge: With less than two weeks until the launch of Live! from AOL, AOL sought a turn-key video platform that would support both e-commerce and multiple interactive features. !   Solution: Intercast quickly configured its platform to integrate into AOL's existing infrastructure and support their AOL On video player, and provide live chat functionality, polling, e-commerce and audience analytics. !   Results: Over 11 minutes average time spent per interaction, 25% returning viewers day over day, 4% average interactivity rate.
  8. 8. Proven Engagement, Proven Brands average minutes engagement 8+ average expansion rate 2% average interactivity rate 12%
  9. 9. Engage in all these Verticals TV/FilmIndustries Politics Brand
  10. 10. Want to See More? 1 - Microsite:  h#p://     2 - Banner ad (online kars):  h#p://     3 - Banner ad (under armour): h#p://     4 - Facebook app:  h#ps://     5 - Widget for articles/blogs: h#p://­‐series-­‐of-­‐fighJng-­‐2-­‐worldwide-­‐prelims-­‐streaming-­‐on-­‐saturday-­‐main-­‐card-­‐ for-­‐non-­‐u-­‐s Call today for a live demonstration 949-330-9238 Lorena Leggett By email: