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Get More of the right students reading your content


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Storylift allows you to expose your content to your audience with more precision than you ever thought possible. It goes beyond demographics and behaviors to give you the ability to target attitudinally based on how people think and feel.

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Get More of the right students reading your content

  1. 1. Get more of the right students reading your content. STORYLIFT
  2. 2. ABOUT STORYLIFT StoryLift is the world’s most targeted content distribution platform. Helping colleges, universities, career and trade schools tell their story is what we do. Every Storylift campaign is based on objective, research-based targeting that goes beyond demographics to let you reach students based on how they think, feel and behave. We have collected over 10 million survey responses and billions of opt-in data points that enable our targeting capabilities become precise. Storylift campaigns are served on major social media networks and have the ability to reach potential students wherever they consume content. Finally, every college and university can ensure the right student is being exposed to your content on your terms.
  3. 3. New College of Business wants potential students to read about their business school. HOW IT WORKS 2 They’re looking for students that meet the following criteria: Wants a degree – location most important Choosing a college is important Believe it will better their life if they have a degree StoryLift is able to match and locate 1.5M students who share the same sentiment and closest look-a-likes to the criteria in #2 3 1 STORYLIFT
  4. 4. StoryLift suggests the story to these 1.5M potential students by running sponsored content advertisements wherever they are consuming social media across all devices. 4 Amazingly Precise Targeting 5 When your students click, they are taken directly to the website or mobile experience to read the story. Take the first step towards a brighter future Bottom-line: In a head-to-head controlled tests, this targeting data has outperformed every alternative by an average of 61% STORYLIFT
  5. 5. StoryLift can lift most any content. The types of content most effectively lifted include: TYPE OF CONTENT 1. Press Coverage 2.  Blog Posts and Similar Content 3. Sponsored Content 4. YouTube and other videos STORYLIFT
  6. 6. The sales and ROI impact of content marketing and earned media is widely understood. Now you can leverage your stories like never before by putting every piece of content in front of the right student, exactly where they are consuming media. Best of all, StoryLift does all the work. It’s as close to autopilot as it gets. STORYLIFT
  7. 7. Many schools have turned to StoryLift because they are: • Increasing enrollment • Dramatically decreasing acquisition costs Call Lorena Leggett to explore the technology behind StoryLift 949.330.9238 CST STORYLIFT